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Nursing History: Why We carry a Lamp

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. NursingHistory:Why carry a Lamp? Lesson PlanMary Boerigter RN, BSN Kaplan University
  2. 2. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp? Courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Could this be an early Simulator Lab?
  3. 3. Nursing History: Why Carry a Lamp? Unit # 1 Course Objective : #1 *Students will develop anunderstanding of theimportant contributionsto the nursing professionof others from the past. Courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania
  4. 4. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp? Course Objective #2 Students will be able to identify 2 historical figures specific to nursing . # 3 Students will understand the Socio/Economic period .#4 Students will understand why these contributions had impact at that time.
  5. 5. Nursing History: Why Carry the Lamp? Learning Objectives for this Course By the end of this course nursingCourtesy of the University of students will be ablePennsylvania to: Not unlike my first Director of Nurses!
  6. 6. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp?1. Identify 2 important figures in nursing history.2. Understand their contribution to the nursing profession.3. Relate the Socio/Economic period.4. Explain why these figures had an important impact on nursing history.
  7. 7. Nursing History: Why Carry a Lamp? 2 noted and valiant women who overcame enormous prejudice one for her color and one her conviction. Mary Seacole and Clara Barton Courtesy of the National Park ServiceCourtesy of the Florence Nightingale Museum
  8. 8. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp?
  9. 9. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp?
  10. 10. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp?Question:How did Mary Seacole contribute to theprofession of nursing?1. Her determination provided a understanding within the British Military2. Her book published in 1857 introduced the idea that all women even women of color have the knowledge, courage and understanding to provide nursing care…. She helped blaze a trail for…
  11. 11. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp?
  12. 12. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp?• What was Clara Barton’s contribution to nursing and to the world?• 1. Humble as it was she helped nurse soldiers in the field with little supplies and little knowledge.• 2. She helped to identify over 13,000 dead.• 3. She instituted and established The American Red Cross.
  13. 13. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp?
  14. 14. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp?Question:Who first demonstrated the use of aPie-like Chart in order to persuadepeople the need for change?
  15. 15. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp?Answer:Nightingale may not have inventedstatistical graphs, but “she may havebeen the first to use them forpersuading people of the need for Nurse. Scrubs.comchange.” ( Hughes) Cohen, 2012)
  16. 16. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp? Where could the Simulator Lab Be ? Maybe Here?
  17. 17. Nursing History: Why carry a Lamp? Assignment:1. Go to my blog called Nursing History from Personal Diaries and read more about these ladies and more from the past. http://www.nursinghistoryfrompersonaldiaries.blogspot. com2. Go to http://www.monkeysurvey and think of 5 things questions you would like to ask of these 2 nurses.3. In class on Wednesday we will exchange questions and by next Wednesday’s class after researching you will be prepared to answer your partner’s 5 questions. Thank You
  18. 18. ReferencesClara Barton: Civil War nurse Founder of the American RedCross. Retrieved from, G. Pie Chart. Retrieved from http:///uncNorth Carolina: A century of caring. Women’s History.Retrieved from http://www.about.comSeacole, M. ( 1857) Wonderful adventures of Mrs Seacole.London, UK: James Blackwood. Retrieved from but equal (2012). Nurseweek.Retrieved from