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Patron conduct handout


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Unofficial handout used to inform patrons library rules

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Patron conduct handout

  1. 1. Cunningham POLICY MemorialIn order to foster a safe and civil envi- Libraryronment for both library patrons andlibrary staff, we have a written policyin place that outlines expectationsand actions of our users. Violations ofany of these guidelines may result inindividuals or groups being asked toleave the library, or in more seriouscases, requesting assistance fromcampus police. Users of the Cunning-ham Memorial Library will be ex-pected to follow the patron conductpolicy including, but not limited to theitems listed in this pamphlet.The library reserves the right to Patron Conductrequire anyone violating the LibraryStandards of Behavior to leave li- Policybrary premises. As determined byfederal, state, or local law, and li-brary policy, misconduct may lead 510 North 6 1/2 Streetto legal action or criminal prosecu- Terre Haute, IN 47809tion. April 2012 Circulation: 812-237-2541 Reference: 812-237-2580
  2. 2. EXPECTATIONS AND ACTIONS Caregiver Responsibil-General Conduct Library Equipment and ity Not engage in any activity in viola- Facilities  Supervise the behavior and safe- tion of Federal, State, local or other ty of minors for which you are applicable law or library policy.  Not sleep at public workstations responsible. Not behave in a disruptive or po-  Use library and library furniture, equip- ment and materials for their intended  Adults who cannot care for them- tentially harmful manner. selves must also be monitored function. Not harass or speak abusively to by their caregivers while on li- other library users or to library  Use restrooms only for their intended brary property. staff. purpose. Bathing and laundering are Not consume or possess alcohol, prohibited. Hygiene and Attire  Not occupy more than one computer illegal drugs or be under the influ-  Maintain acceptable personal ence of drugs or alcohol. workstation at any given time. hygiene. Persons with odor of- Not carry or display weapons.  Not hold computer workstations for fensive enough to constitute a future use by the placement of bags or Not engage in sexual activity of nuisance to others will be asked other personal articles at the work- any kind, or engage in sexual har- to leave the library. station. assment or indecent exposure.  Wear appropriate clothing.  ISU students, staff, and faculty have Not create disruptive noises, use Shoes and shirts must be worn. priority over computer usage or other profanity, yell, or scream. technology. Personal Property Not smoke, chew, or use tobacco  Not tamper with, damage, or destroy  Attend to personal belongings. in the library or in unauthorized library facilities, materials, or equip- The Library is not responsible for areas. ment. belongings left in/on Library Obey the library noise policy. Dis-  Not block walkways, exits, or entranc- property. ruptive patrons will be required to es, leave belongings unattended, or  Items left unattended at comput- move to an appropriate floor, or monopolize library space with excess er workstations for a period long- asked to leave the building. personal belongings. er than fifteen minutes will beInteraction with Library  Not monopolize seating or library spac- placed into safekeeping at theStaff es while not engaged in reading, study- Circulation Desk. If unclaimed, ing, or use of library materials or ser- these items will be sent to cam- Cooperate with staff and allow be- vices. pus Public Safety. longings to be searched in the  Not use library furniture as bedding event that the material detection  Not trespass in nonpublic areas or be Other alarm is activated. in the library without permission of an  Not bring animals and pets into Leave the library at the designated authorized library employee before or the library, with the exception of closing time or upon request from after library operating hours. service animals. library personnel or ISU Public  Refrain from solicitation of any Safety Officers. kind for any purpose without pri- or approval of the Library Dean.