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Cimt 687 project ii

  1. 1. Indiana State UniversityProject Management PlanIn partial fulfillment of the requirements for CIMT687: Leading and Managing Technology Resourcesin Educational SettingsSubmitted by: Group 2: Andrea Boehme, Amena Alahmad,Safaa Almohammedsalem, Ohoud Al Radhi, Shaimaa AlHarbi [Year]
  2. 2. 1 Executive Summary Inspired by the idea that learning is most forceful when it is fun, we created a web site.E-Learning is one of the best means of education in modern times because it has many benefitsand it helps to enter the information in the children mind faster and better than any othereducational means. E-learning is diverse areas where it helps to promote education in all schoolsand universities, bringing a feature and a special luster make classroom more useful and fun(Fichter, 2002)1. From this standpoint we designed this site and created two sections for children who areaged 8 to 11 to get them know the Human Body Systems and Water Cycle. In this website, we have added a lot of pictures and videos about the human body so weexpect them to identify a number of body organs and their functions, explain how the respiratorysystem works. Children would be able to identify the first and last part of the digestive system,understanding the circulatory system and its functions and the excretory system and therelationship with undigested foods. Also we recognize the need to prepare the children to learn about water cycle so they willknow the meaning of it, how rain is formed, the type of clouds that contain water in the form ofvapor and how water falls on Earth and what is the source of most earth’s water. Children shouldalso know how evaporation takes place and the causes of evaporation. Understand that althoughwater is critical in the environment, but peoples actions may affect the water cycle.We believe that the early years of children help form their personality, so we need to developbetter ways to protect the education of todays children because they are the voice of tomorrow.1Fichter, D. (2002). Intranets and elearning: A perfect partnership. Online, 26(1), 68-70. Retrieved from
  3. 3. 2 Business Case The creation of this e-book will fulfill a need in American education. As described in theproject charter, STEM education is an aspect of education that we need to improve. By givingkids access to quality materials that engage and excite them, this may bolster their interest inSTEM subjects and cause them to pursue the discipline in their later years. The cost to achieve this for Team 2 is time. Finding and incorporating quality videos andimages and creating the website are the main issues. However the benefits of these mediumshave been proven. Education depends on various resources: reading, writing, listening andvisualization. Each one has its way to send an educational message. The visual sense is reallyeffective in child education, especially, if its correlates with other senses. Generally speaking,pictures and other visuals tools are found to be the most effective, most abundant, and thecheapest way of teaching. Even if the child speaks another language or has disability that makeshis/her communication difficult, we can use image as a way to communicate and convey ourmessage. The main purpose is to encourage and improve the visual perception of children. Butunfortunately, instructors are underutilizing this useful resource. Used relevantly, pictures canget the children’s attention because the colors, or art, can not only demonstrate a topic or theme,but also can help to provide an experience based on what children require in order to make thetopic more interesting, exciting, and enjoyable. In our project, we replaced the old pictures withdifferent pictures that contain attractive colors and drawn in comic like and modern manner.These pictures will be our pathway to touch the children’s minds. Even though these pictureshave advanced topics like respiration, water cycle, and blood circulation; it will be easy for themto remember the topics.
  4. 4. 3 Videos also add another benefit. It has been found that students who watch videos“understand concepts more rapidly and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning. Withvideo as one component in a thoughtful lesson plan, students often make new connectionsbetween curriculum topics, and discover links between these topics and the world outside”(NTTI)2. Usually, children enjoy this kind of learning because it is fun and educational at thesame time. Another strength in the use of video is that students must employ two of their fivesenses: hearing and sight. This will better encode the information to help children remember thematerial for a long time. Video is also helpful in instruction because it helps to “illustratecomplex, abstract concepts...that can’t be done in class” (NTTI). We found good videos thatexplain the human body and water cycles simply. We will also add narration to one video wefound to enhance it. Measuring the costs of these media (our time) versus the educational benefits we can seethat this is a useful endeavor.2NTTI. (n.d.) National Teacher Training Institute. Retrieved March 1, 2013, from
  5. 5. 4 Stakeholder AnalysisPerson/Group Description Impact on project Communication Events Communication Method Instructor for the Class. Will have final approval Dr. Boileau will be updated at ISU email, Google Docs of project. And will be all milestone events, and comments Dr Boileau Sponsor ultimate judge the quality when project guidelines are of the work unclear to the team. Safaa, Amena, Shaimaa, Will create all work Each class the group will Amongst group: Gmail, Ohoud, Andrea material. meet to evaluate project Google Docs comments, ISU Responsible for meeting progress, set new goals for email Main creator of material requirements. the week, and clarify Team 2 expectations. Throughout the week informal emails and document comments will be used to create consensus. Target Audience Creating product to meet After the website has been Informal face to face their needs/wants. created we will seek the input conversation during Elementary The our target learners will be Assessments will be used of children who are in our assessment of product by Students students in 5 and 6 grade (k- to change the product if target audience. Amena and Ohoud 5& k-6) needed. Tertiary Client No formal impact. They Formal presentation at the PowerPoint presentation will be observers during end of project. the final presentation. Students in Questions asked duringCIMT 687 Class class time may better inform the group on instructor expectations.
  6. 6. 5 Project Charter This project charter authorizes Team 2 (Shaimaa, Ohoud, Safaa, Amena, Andrea) tocreate a website for Dr. Boileau to meet the requirements of CIMT 687. Contract There is no formal contract for this project. Requirements and expectations for theproject have been stated in the class syllabus and rubrics. Product requirements are set by thegroup and have been described in the product scope description. Statement of Work Project Need Firstly, this project is being created to meet the requirement of CIMT 687 Leading andManaging Educational resources. Secondly, the e-book/website being created is for elementaryaged students (specifically grades 5 and 6) who wish to learn independently about science. Theneed to increase Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education has beenemphasized by President Obama. This was in response to, among other studies, a 2006international assessment of science literacy that ranked The United States 21st out of 30 in theranking of developed countries (Educate to Innovate)3. It is our hope that by creating a fun andinteractive product, we can spark elementary aged student’s interest in STEM disciplines. Project Scope Description In order to meet the need for an interactive science resource, and to meet therequirements of the course, we will create an e-book utilizing Google Sites and the informationfrom the Water Cycle and Human Body Systems sections of3Educate to innovate. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  7. 7. 6 The website will be created for 5th and 6th graders. Tohelp these students engage with the material we will add videos, pictures, and audio content thatwill enhance the content from the K12 website. We will document the project following thecriteria listed in the Semester Project requirements included in the CIMT 687 syllabus providedby the sponsor, Dr. Tim Boileau. Project documents will follow the guidelines set by the ProjectManagement Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) and will attempt to account for every step in theproject management process, whether the strategy is specifically used or not. Product Scope DescriptionWebsite The website will be designed using the Google Sites interface. It will be compatible withInternet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Safari may be excluded later as it is not currentlysupported by Indiana State University.Videos Each subsection of the original content for the Human Body will have a video. TheWater Cycle section will have one video. These videos will be found through internet searcheswith a preference for Creative Commons and Youtube. All videos will be embedded on the pagethrough Google Sites’ functionality. Only videos that have no narration will be considered fornarration to be created by the team. Citations for all videos will be included in APA format aseither a footnote, caption, or entry on work cited page depending on consensus of group. Allcitations will have a consistent method for recognizing the creating authority.Images Each major subsection will have an accompanying image. Original images will be useddepending on group decision. Additional images will be gathered from internet searches, with apreference for Creative Commons images. Citations will be included using the same method as
  8. 8. 7videos. All images will be .jpg format and will be uploaded to the website using Google Sites’functionality.Text All text (with the exception of citations and navigational text) will be transcribed fromthe source document. The only deviation will be to fix grammatical/spelling errors. Formattingwill be done at the group’s discretion as best suits the layout of the website or aids incomprehension of material.Assessments Assessments will be created used the pre-existing multiple choice tests from the sourcedocument. These assessments will be added to the webpage so that children may test theirknowledge. Strategic Plan As this is an ad hoc group created to fulfill a class requirement, there is no overarchingcorporate plan that would inform how this project would fit into a current business model.
  9. 9. 8 Deliverables The list of deliverables has been broken down by project or product. Following the list ofdeliverables, there is a RACI chart that documents who is Accountable (directly responsible formaking sure that tasks are completed), Responsible (responsible for creating some aspect of thedeliverable), Consulting (will be called upon to advise those accountable and responsible onproject requirements), and Informed (have no direct task to complete but may review content forquality). ProjectDeliverable Start date Projected Due Date Completion DateSemester Project Part 1 Jan 28 March 4 March 4Semester Project Part 2 March 5 April 15 April 15Semester Project Part 3 April 8 April 22 ProductDeliverable Start date Projected Due Date Completion DateSetup website Jan 28 February 18 March 19Layout text and page March 1 March 22 Feb 6structureImages March 22 March 26 Feb 12Videos March 22 March 28 March 25Assessments March 1 March 29 April 9Test/Proofread on defined March 18 March 29 April 1browsersTest with children April 1 April 5 April 5Make Changes April 5 April 14 April 15Website delivery April 15 April 15 April 15
  10. 10. 9 RACI Chart Amena Andrea Ohoud Safaa ShaimaaSemester R A R R RProject Part 1Semester R A R R RProject Part 2Semester R A R R AProject Part 3Setup website A I R R RLayout text / A I R R Rpage structureInsert images I I R A RInsert videos C I A R RCreate R C I A IassessmentsTest/Proofread I A,R I I Ion browsersTest with A I R I IchildrenMake Changes A I I I RWebsite A R R R Rdelivery Requesting changes As any changes made to the project requirements will impact all members of CIMT 687we request that the class as a whole approve such deviations after an in-class discussion. Only ifa majority of class agrees and Dr. Boileau consents to the request will such changes be honored. Changes to the product may be requested by any team member. They are required tohave a majority consensus before changes will be made. Changes suggested by Dr. Boileau willalso be implemented per majority rules. Any additions to the project will only be considered upto March 29, and cannot require more than 15 hours to implement. Subtractions will beconsidered until April 10th, and cannot require more than 5 hours to implement.
  11. 11. 10 Constraints Project constraints have been detailed in the SWOT analysis and in the project milestonesdocument. Major constraints of the project concern time frame and proper execution of copyrightrestrictions. Assumptions Assumptions for this project have been outlined in the project scope.
  12. 12. 11 Enterprise Environmental Factors Organizational or Company Culture As this is an ad hoc group there is no pre-existing organizational culture that wouldinfluence the product/project. Governmental or Industry Standards During the creation of the product copyright and fair use restrictions will need to berespected. The team will have to choose resources that have Creative Commons licensing orfollow fair use guidelines. Citations for all materials will be included in the webpage if theresources was used for the product, or in project documentation if resources were referenced inthe project documents. Infrastructure Infrastructure for this project will include the ISU library, which contains researchresources for the project as well as meeting places. There is also the CIMT classroom that willprovide additional meeting areas. All other infrastructure needed will be provided by the teammembers as needed by the project. Existing Human Resources As the majority of the group has worked within the CIMT program we are used tocomplying with standards, and working with a similar project load. Additionally Amena andAndrea have both used Google Sites to create a website and have the skills needed to completethe work. Personnel Administration This team cannot be hired or fired, nor is there a company-wide performance reviewrequirement. Therefore, this section is not applicable.
  13. 13. 12 Project Management Information Systems Open Proj - will be used to chart progress and create documentation for the project Google Docs - will be used to construct preliminary documents and to house all project documents. The comments functionality will also be a form of communication for between team members and Dr. Boileau. Microsoft Office - will be used to create all final drafts of project documentation. Campus Email - will be used for formal communication between group members and Dr. Boileau. Google Email - will be used for informal communication between group members. Blackboard will be used to submit project documents to Dr. Boileau for grading purposes. Organizational Process AssetsOrganizational Standards As this website is not being created for a specific company there are no specificorganizational standards to which we must adhere.Templates There are no preexisting organizational templates that we are required to use.Historical Information We have worked with Google Sites before and have experience working with GoogleSites’ interface; this will make it easier to manage the creation of materials and should cut downon testing the website.
  14. 14. 13 Summary Milestones Below are listed the milestones for the project. Each item is listed with a due date, ashort description of the milestone, a ranking of criticality, and a possible path of recourse if themilestone is not met. Please note for the ranking of criticality it proceeds from 1 being “Notcritical at all” to 5 at “Non-completion not acceptable”. ProjectMilestone Due Date Description RecourseSemester Project March 4 Initial project If due date is not met this will adverselyPart 1 documentation affect our grade enough to signify project failure.Layout text and March 22 The layout of the Project must be halted until all text ispage structure website and the input. Project failure will be imminent information in it. if text is not input.All content April 5 Website is ready If not completed by due date group myinserted for testing. decided by consensus to remove voice over.Semester Project April 15 Finalized project If due date is not met this will adverselyPart 2 documentation affect our grade enough to signify project failure.Semester Project April 22 Presentation If due date is not met this will adverselyPart 3 affect our grade enough to signify project failure.
  15. 15. 14 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Task Start Date End Date Dependent on Resources 1 Find Ebook 1/14/2013 1/18/2013 Andrea Boehme; Amena Alahmad; Safaa Almohammedsalem; Shaimaa AlHarbi; Ohoud Al Radhi Website 1/21/2013 3/29/2013 1 2 choose layout 1/21/2013 1/21/2013 1 Amena Alahmad 3 insert text 2/4/2013 2/6/2013 2 Amena Alahmad; Safaa Almohammedsalem; Shaimaa AlHarbi; Ohoud Al Radhi 4 create page 1/21/2013 1/25/2013 2 Safaa Almohammedsalem structure 5 review layout with 1/21/2013 1/21/2013 9 Andrea Boehme; Amena Alahmad; Safaa Almohammedsalem; Shaimaa AlHarbi; media inserted Ohoud Al Radhi 6 glossary page 3/25/2013 3/29/2013 2 Shaimaa AlHarbi 7 Images 1/15/2013 4/1/2013 3 8 find images 1/21/2013 2/11/2013 1 Ohoud Al Radhi[50%]; Safaa Almohammedsalem[50%] 9 insert into website 2/6/2013 2/12/2013 4 Safaa Almohammedsalem; Amena Alahmad; Ohoud Al Radhi; Shaimaa AlHarbi10 cite images 2/12/2013 4/1/2013 9 Safaa Almohammedsalem[50%] Video 1/14/2013 4/9/2013 111 find video 1/14/2013 2/5/2013 1 Ohoud Al Radhi [20%]; Amena Alahmad[20%]; Safaa Almohammedsalem[20%]12 edit for time 3/18/2013 3/22/2013 11 Amena Alahmad13 insert videos 3/25/2013 3/25/2013 4 Amena Alahmad14 cite videos 3/25/2013 4/9/2013 9 Safaa Almohammedsalem [50%] Testing 1/21/2013 4/12/2013 5 Platforms 4/1/2013 4/5/2013 515 Internet explorer 4/1/2013 4/5/2013 5 Andrea Boehme [20%]16 Firefox 4/1/2013 4/5/2013 5 Andrea Boehme [20%]17 Chome 4/1/2013 4/5/2013 5 Andrea Boehme [20%]18 Fix errors 4/8/2013 4/12/2013 5 Amena Alahmad; Safaa Almohammedsalem; Shaimaa AlHarbi; Ohoud Al Radhi; Andrea Boehme[50%] User testing 1/21/2013 4/12/2013 519 find subjects 1/21/2013 1/21/2013 Amena Alahamad; Ohoud Al Radhi20 get feedback 4/1/2013 4/1/2013 19 Amena Alahmad; Ohoud Al Radhi21 Evaluate 4/8/2013 4/8/2013 20 Andrea Boehme; Amena Alahmad; Safaa Almohammedsalem; Shaimaa AlHarbi; feedback Ohoud Al Radhi22 implement changes 4/9/2013 4/12/2013 21 Amena Alahmad; Safaa Almohammedsalem; Shaimaa AlHarbi; Ohoud Al Radhi
  16. 16. 15 SWOT Analysis Helpful Harmful Internal Strengths Weaknesses (organizational) Have experience creating Slight language gap Google Sites Not Familiar with OpenProj Group Synergy Functionality Large Group (more resources) Classload Familiarity with children Majority of group are 1st The project will be free semester Clear course requirements Lack of experience for some group members External Opportunities Threats (environmental) Emphasis on STEM education Timeframe Rise in societal desire for e- Class load books and other interactive Copyright law media Popularity of the arts steering Freely available project students away from the sciences. resources Project easily scalable upward to improve capabilities DCPIFactor Ranking RationalInternal 2 We seem to understand the requirements of the course and we are working well together to meet those requirements. However, many in the group are anxious about achieving the best grade they can. We can meet this issue by using our class time well and keeping communications open so that we all can be assured of an excellent final project.External 3 The majority of the group has a large course load or other time draws. However, with a sufficient division of labor the project will become more manageable.Technology 3 The majority of the technology we are going to use is familiar to us. The only issue is the OpenProj software. However there is a robust user forum that can help use use it for the limited amount of functions we need it to do.Environmental 2 We will have to make sure that we are using materials that are Creative Commons or fall under fair use. Making sure to correctly attribute our additional media will need to be a priorityTotal 2.5
  17. 17. 16 Risk Assessment Plan Priority Matrix Low Medium HighHigh Training Copyright Law Class loadMedium Sickness Content Creation User opinionLow Google sites Missed criteria As seen in the priority matrix, the majority of our risks fall into the high priority range.To combat these many risks we have planned ways to negate or fix the possible problems. Thefollowing table presents the risks in detail and describes how such risks will be addressed if theyare triggered.
  18. 18. 17 Risk RegisterRisk Probability Impact Trigger ActionsGoogle sites Low High Google decides to discontinue Avoidance/Transfer – If this occurs before March 4th, then an(Technical) Sites and makes the platform eBook will be created using one of the eBook programs freely completely unusable. available on the web. If this occurs after March 4th, all non-critical aspects will be dropped and we will renegotiate the requirements with Dr. Boileau.Sickness Medium Low A member of the team gets Avoidance / Mitigation - in the event that class load becomes too(Organizational) sick and is unable to perform much we will reduce workload by eliminating aspects that the their work team deems non critical. Critical product aspects will have multiple people working on them to assure completion.Creation of Medium High content creation becomes the Transfer - content from the K12 site will be used to reduce timeContent major focus of the project spent creating content.(Organizational)Training High Medium Member does not know how Mitigate - Training on Google sites will come from members of the(Organizational) to use a feature of the team who have worked with it before. Open Project assistance will program. come from the program’s support site.Missed criteria Low High An requirement for the Mitigate - to reduce the chance of missing criteria we will try to(Organizational) assignment was not fulfilled. have open communication with DrBoileau and allow him to review materials so that expectations are met.Class load High Medium Team members become too Avoidance / Mitigation - in the event that class load becomes too(Organizational) overwhelmed with class work much we will reduce workload by eliminating aspects that the to fulfill their section of the team deems non critical. Critical product aspects will have project. multiple people working on them to assure completion.Copyright Law High High The use of information in the Mitigation - preference for CC licensed materials. For materials(External) website that are not CC we will create a reference page and cite the material.User opinion Medium High Users do not like the design Mitigation - We will complete a learner analysis to examine to(User) of the website, or are discover what our users would like. Additionally, we will rely on confused by the content. the knowledge of team members who have children to guide the rest of the team in material use and child appropriate content.
  19. 19. 18 Budgeting As described in the scope resources were chosen that were free to use. There is nooverhead to fund, services or technology to buy, or salaries to pay. Therefore, this budget isbased on hours needed to complete project deliverables. It assumes a “work week” of 5 hoursper person. It does not include weekends or Spring Break. This semester we have a total of 320“budget-able” hours (available days x1 hours per day x5 members of the team). As projectedbelow, we should only need 180hours to complete the project. Many of the steps have alreadybeen completed as of April 15th, and we are on track to complete the project on time and underbudget.Name Estimated Cost (hrs) Actual Cost (hrs) % ChangeWebsite platform 20 22 10Images 15 50 233Videos 15 45 200Text Content 20 25 4Testing 15 20 3Proofreading 15 25 66Project P1 20 20 0Project P2 30 30 0Project P3 30Total 180 237 +31
  20. 20. 19Project Scheduling
  21. 21. 20Critical Path Analysis
  22. 22. 21 Project Quality Checklist WebsiteTechnical 30% Do all the links work? Do all images appear? Do all videos function as intended? Does website function similarly on supported browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome)Aesthetic 30% Is information formatted consistently? Is content presented in a way that viewers would find appealing? Is content presented in a way that does not hinder navigation?Content 40% Is content (videos, images, text) appropriate for the concept? Is content appropriate for the audience? Is information presented accurately and without bias? Are there any grammatical or spelling errors? Is all outside content properly cited? Project Are all sections listed in the syllabus present? Are relevant PMBOK techniques and practices evident in each section? Is information formatted consistently? Is information presented accurately and without bias? Are there any grammatical or spelling errors? Is all outside content properly cited?
  23. 23. 22 Ebook Rubric Criteria 8 6 4 2 0 Is non-text media All media supports content Media helps students Media helps students The majority of media All media detracts appropriate for the and enhances understand concepts, understand concepts, does not enhance from content, does not concept? understanding. with only 1 irrelevant with only 2 irrelevant learning. accurately represent or inaccurate item. or inaccurate items. concepts, or is filler. Is content Content shows that the Some concepts are Audience either The majority of Content is so high over appropriate for the audience is thoroughly inappropriate for the confused or already content is confusing or far below audience? understood, and that audience. familiar with 50% of for the audience or is audience’s level of information has been content. passed over because understanding that it is presented that will they are already not useful. appropriately challenge familiar with it. them. Is information All information is correct There are 1 or 2 minor There a few factual There are several The majority of presented and is presented without factual errors over the errors on some pages. major factual errors. information is blatantly accurately and bias. whole website. - Or- - Or- incorrectContent without bias? - Or- Bias is evident and Bias is evident and -Or- Bias is evident but manipulates manipulates Bias renders the does not affect the information in minor information in major information unusable. information. ways. ways. Are there any There are no spelling or There a no more than 5 There are 5-10 errors There are between 10 The amount of spelling grammatical or grammatical errors present. typos or minor on the website. and 20 errors. or grammatical errors spelling errors? grammatical errors in is numerous enough the content of the that understanding is a website. struggle for the majority of the content. Is all outside All information cited One or 2 references are Many references have The majority of No outside information content properly correctly in the chosen improperly cited. punctuation errors in references have major is cited. Or no citation cited in its citation citation style Errors are in citation format. errors in citation style is evident. style? punctuation. -OR- format. Info. required Some references have Order of info. major errors in citation Punctuation of format. citation Criteria 10 8 5 3 0Technic Do all the links All links connect with the Less than 10% of links Between 10 and 20% Between 20 and 50% More than 50% of al work? correct information. are non-functional. of links are non- of links are non- links are non- functional. functional. functional.
  24. 24. 23 Do all (non-text) Every media element Between 10 and 20% Between 20 and 50% Between 50 and 80% More than 80% of all media items work appears as designed. percent of media is of media is non- of all media is non- media is non- as intended? non-functional. functional. functional. functional. Does website All functions work as The majority of Critical functions are Critical functions are Critical functions are function similarly designed on all supported functions work as unusable on 1 unusable on 2 completely unusable on supported browsers. designed on all supported browser. supported browsers. on all supported browsers supported browsers. browsers. IE Functions that don’t Firefox work are not critical to Chrome its use. Criteria 10 8 5 3 0 Is information Every page within the Within sections/pages Within sections/pages Within sections/pages, No formatting is formatted website uses the same formatting is standard. formatting is standard. formatting changes at evident. consistently? formatting conventions and But across sections But across sections random. The user’s Color schemes this formatting enhances there are minor there are major attention is focused on Font understanding. differences that do not differences. These understanding theAesthetic Page layout impact understanding. differences create layout rather than confusion for the content. reader. Is content The website is visually The website is visually Aesthetic design has There is no aesthetic The website is not presented in a way appealing, draws users in, appealing and been demonstrated but appeal to the website. visually appealing in that viewers would and enhances their enhances the doesn’t enhance the any way and causes find appealing? experience. experience of the website. users to avoid the majority of users. website.