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Apps for academics final presentation


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Given at IOLUG's Evolving Librarian conference November 2, 2012

Published in: Technology
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Apps for academics final presentation

  1. 1. How To Vote via TextingTIPS 1. Standard texting rates only (worst case US $0.20) 2. We have no access to your phone number 3. Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spaces and spelling do
  2. 2. AppsForAcademicsCarey SturgeonAndrea BoehmeIndiana State University
  3. 3. iPads at ISU Library5 devices total 4 devices checks out for 1 week 1 device checks out for 4 hours on Reserve Restore after the device is returned Sync to a list of preset apps Check out includes carrying case, charging cord, sync cable, keyboard, and keyboard power adapter + copy of liability agreement Gela Skins purchased for Free Library Advertisement!
  4. 4. Things to Consider Basic collection development considerations How long does your device loan out for? How annoying is it? Are there addons in the app that should be preloaded? Other accounts that you have to sign up for? How does it function in portrait and landscape mode? Does the app require a stylus for best use? Does the app have an easily findable FAQ?
  5. 5. Note TakingAudioNote
  6. 6. ReadingGoodReader iBooks Read 2 Me
  7. 7. Mind MappingMind Meister Total Recall
  8. 8. RecordingAudio Memos QuickVoice
  9. 9. Government
  10. 10. Math Apps Math FormularyFormulasHD Graphingfor Calculus Calculator
  11. 11. Text-to-Speech
  12. 12. Student-Teacher Connections Edmodo Dropbox Blackboard Mobile
  13. 13. Organization
  14. 14. Science Apps Periodic Table Molecules of the Elements Periodic table NASA Now
  15. 15. General Reference SparkNotes
  16. 16. Music Spotify
  17. 17. QUESTIONS? Contact us! Carey Sturgeon Andrea Boehme