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ASSURE plan for CIMT 543

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Andrea boehmecimt543spring2012assure

  1. 1. Running Head: ASSURE Lesson Plan ASSURE Lesson Plan Andrea Boehme CIMT620 Spring 2012 Dr. Ziaeehezarjeribi
  2. 2. Assure Lesson Plan 2 This lesson plan was created to teach distance education students, or those accessinglibrary databases from their personal computer, how to find the full text of an article when thedatabase does not provide it. This lesson focuses on Ebsco Host and ProQuest as they providethe interface for the majority of databases. This is a common question I receive at the Referencedesk. Topic Finding the text of an article Analyze LearnersGeneral Characteristics of the learners are wildly varied. Age, gender, culture,Characteristics interests, and technical capabilities range all spectrums. The constant is that they are college students or staff.Specific entry The ability to operate a keyboard and mousecompetencies A computer with access to the Internet Astudent, faculty, or staff member of Indiana State University (ISU)Learning styles No one learning style is preferred by the students State Standards and ObjectivesStandards National Technology Standards(2007) Research and Information Fluency: students will be using electronic databases to do research Technology Operations and Concepts: students can apply this knowledge to other databases and their own articles ACRL Information Literacy Standards(2000) The information literate student determines the nature and extent of the information needed: not all articles are full text, you may need to use other means The information literate student accesses needed information effectively and efficiently: students are able to use the best article for their research, not just the easiest to obtainObjectives After taking part in the lesson, learners will be able to:
  3. 3. Assure Lesson Plan 3 Locate the link to Serial Solutions in databases provided by Ebsco Host and ProQuest Be able to identify the 3 parts of the Serials Solution page (Search Criteria, Holdings, and Additional options), Using Fusion Plus, locate ISU holdings and call number information Using the Serial Solutions ILL link, fill out an ILL request for an article. Select Strategies, technology, media, and materialsInstructional This will be a teacher centered approach as the information will be directedStrategies at the student and require no other peer interaction.Technology Youtube Video Editing Software Snag it (to create images of what is on the screen)Media Visual Text AudioMaterials (and Using the “Finding Full Text” libguide as “script” a Youtube videorational) will be created. This will give students a choice between text and visuals to in understanding this lesson. EbscoHost or Proquest to find the data as these are two common databases that span most disciplines Student supplied article for practice Utilize technology, media, and materialsPreview Read through the libguide for information relevant to distance education students and that deals with the two databases. Find articles in the databases that provide good examples of common issues.Prepare materials Create the video using video editing software, screenimages.Prepare Post video to Embed video in Libguide.Prepare Learners Learners will be prompted to create a pin to access Fusion, and set up an
  4. 4. Assure Lesson Plan 4 ILL account if they have not done so yet (Appendix A)Provide Learners can watch the presentation, or read the LibGuide.Experience Require Learner ParticipationPractice Learners will be encouraged to work alongside the video with their own article.Feedback Feedback for students will be successfullyreceiving the full text of an article after going through the steps. Evaluate and ReviseAssessment Formal Assessment: A “Test Your Skills” online quiz that students can choose to take. Learners will see in real time if they have learned the material. (Appendix B) Informal assessment: Was the learner successful in getting the article or not?Reflection Assessment of the material can be seen through Youtube and LibGuides comments, interactions with reference staff through phone calls and chat, tracking questions missed on the self-test. There will also be a rating widget on the LibGuide (Appendix C)Revision Analyzing the comments will point out common issues that need to be addressed.
  5. 5. Assure Lesson Plan 5 ReferencesAssociation of College and Research Libraries (2000). Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. Retrieved from State University (2012). Finding Full Text. Retrieved from . Society for Technology in Education. (2011). Standards. Retrieved from, S., Lowther, D., & Russell, J. (2012). Instructional technology and media for learning (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J: Merrill Prentice-Hall
  6. 6. Assure Lesson Plan 6Appendix AWe encourage you to follow along with the video using your own article. This video assumesyou have access to the materials through ISU (library PIN), and that you have an ILL account. Ifyou wish to follow along and do not have these set up, please do so before proceeding. If youneed help please follow the ILL Instructions, or the PIN Instructions. You can also speak withReference staff by calling (812) 237- 2580 or Live Chatwith us between 9am and midnight.
  7. 7. Assure Lesson Plan 7Appendix B - Test your skills 1. The search criteria section of the Serials Solution page contains a. The terms you used to search for your article b. The bibliographic information for your article c. Links to other databases that carry your article Answer: B 2. An ILL can take up to ____ to arrive. a. 2 weeks b. 1 week c. 2 days d. 5-7 days Answer: A 3. To search for a journal in Fusion Plus I should search a. Author: [author of article] and Subject: Journal b. Title: [name of article] and Subject: Periodicals c. Title: [name of journal] and Subject: Periodicals d. Author: [author of article] and Title: [title of journal] Answer: C 4. Journals are located a. On the 3rd floor b. In the basement c. On the Lower Level d. Behind Reference Answer: B 5. The link to get to the Serial Solutions page is a. Listed as “Find Similar Results” b. A green dot with 360 written on it c. Located in the Tools Menu d. Only accessible in the results list Answer: B 6. The quickest link to the full text using Serials Solutions is a. Article b. Journal c. ISU Library Catalog d. ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan) Answer: A
  8. 8. Assure Lesson Plan 8Appendix C – feedback formHow helpful was this video? Not Helpful at all Somewhat Helpful Very HelpfulCommentsThe ISU library thanks you for your comments. We will use these to improve this and futuretutorials.