The portfolio of boluwatife odumosu


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The portfolio of boluwatife odumosu

  1. 1. The Portfolio of Boluwatife Odumosu
  2. 2. Dedicated VesselsYear: 2012Media: PencilDimensions: A3 sizeThis still life drawing is my best drawing so far. Itrepresents commitment and dedication to selfimprovement hence the title ‘Dedicated vessels’.I made 3 copies of this drawing before arrivingat this final piece.
  3. 3. INDIEYear: 2012Media: PencilDimensions: A3 sizeThe hat and the round rimmed shades used tobe a very fundamental part of my dressing.People called me Indie as the two accessoriesmade me stand out. The hat and the roundrimmed shades hence became my symbols ofindividuality.
  4. 4. Year: 2012 FAMILYMedia: PencilDimensions: A3 sizeAt my school, students arebroken into groups knownas advisory families headedby a teacher (advisor). Thisis a figure drawing (portrait)of my advisory sister andthis drawing of hersymbolises how strongfamily ties are. From thepicture, one can see thatshe is injured on her lefthand and is not smiling.This shows that familywould always be there evenin the worst of times.
  5. 5. AYOYear: 2012Media: PencilDimensions: A3 sizeThis portrait is of abeautiful, young, ladywhose life story inspiredme deeply. I titled thedrawing ‘Ayo’ meaning joy.
  6. 6. COOLYear: 2012Media: PencilDimensions: A3 sizeThis self portrait was inspiredmy a member of my Afrik’artteam who thought my Afrowas cool and would not stopcalling me Mr Afro-cool.
  7. 7. Zineb .Z.Year: 2012Media: PencilDimensions: A3 sizeThis is a portrait of young, Arab girl who aspiresto be a political leader in Morocco.
  8. 8. BELKISSYear: 2012Media: PencilDimensions: A3 sizeThis is a portrait of a young, talentedphotographer from Tunisia.
  9. 9. ASTRO AND RETROYear: 2012Media: PencilDimensions: A3 sizeI made this comic in anattempt to help my youngerbrother understand Ecology,a topic in biology. The comicfeatures two aliens, Astroand Retro, on one of theirmany adventures-discovering the wonders ofnature and the ecosystemon planet Earth.
  10. 10. ‘IKU’Year: 2012Media: PencilDimensions: A3 sizeIku is a story about a boy who was banished from his village with his motherbecause he was a twin. Twins were seen as a sign of misfortune and sorrow in theYoruba tradition. Although his brother died in the Dark forest, he survived but hismother sold him off to the evil one, Esu, as she feared he might die as well. Yearslater, Esu came to claim the soul of the young boy and turned him into animmortal, cursed to roam the earth raining judgement on the wicked.My greatest ambition is to transform the image of Africa by producing originallyAfrican movies and animations to International quality hence letting the worldknow that there is more to Africa than what they see in the media. Iku is one ofmy originally African comics centred around the cultural practices and traditionsof the Yoruba people.