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Navigated through the ‘cloud’ to singapore


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Cloud Computing Services Companies - Bodhtree and CRM to streamline sales processes, improve forecasts, connect with new customers, and create value proposition to optimizes the leading cloud platform for customers in Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, Financial Services and Retail.

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Navigated through the ‘cloud’ to singapore

  1. 1. Navigated through the ‘Cloud’ to Singapore Having built a strong customer base in India, North America and MENA regions we decided to expand our presence in Singapore and selected the Education industry to test the waters. We are proud to state that wenow on-boarded one of Singapore’s largest and mostrenowned Universities as our customer. Given our limited exposure and relatively lower visibility, it was a challenge to break in to the account. Competition from local players was fierce and Singapore was a relatively newer market for us. However, our strong experience in Salesforce coupled with extensive domain expertise in the Education vertical were critical success factors that contributed towards this win. Though the University’s Business unit had already implemented CRM,they were unable to yieldrequired results due to limited adoption and partial knowledge on implementation best practices. Bodhtree initiated a consulting workshop, analyzed the existing anomalies in the ‘As is’ process and recommendeda ‘To be’ processthat would enable them to yield favorable results. Our workshop was well attended by IT and business users and had helped the University in visualizing the value that they can derive from Salesforce. Needless to say, it helped us gain their confidence and win there-engineering services project. Team Bodhtree did a fantastic job on this implementation and delivered Phase I tothe University leadership team. They were thoroughly impressed with Bodhtree’scompetitive edge and awarded us a largerproject. Looking at ROI from Salesforce, the universityhas plans to automate all their business processes in next 1-2 yrs. This is an important achievement and milestone for us in Singapore as they areconsidering Bodhtree as a single vendor for all their IT needs.
  2. 2. Severalbusiness schools operate under this University’s umbrella and are ready to invest in CRM. With this success we will soon be expanding into other Eastern regions such as Malaysia, Australia, etc.