Camino de santiago


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Presentation about Camino de Santiago at Cyclesummit 2011.

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Camino de santiago

  1. 1. The Camino de Santiago more than a pilgrimage… more than a holiday…Javier and Jaime Bartolomé founders of Senderos y Pueblos S.L.L
  2. 2. Camino de Santiago•  Senderos y Pueblos•  Video•  Peculiarities of the Camino•  Questions and discusion
  3. 3. 4•  Founded in 2008.•  We sell cycling and walking holidays in Spain forindividuals and groups.•  Also holidays in Europe to the Spanish market.•  We consider ourselves facilitators of travelingexperiences .•  Our tours: • Unique • Nature is our guide • Away from the crowds • Raw, genuine Spain
  4. 4. Camino de SantiagoEven if our tours have always some uphill andhave a touch of adventure, many or our clientsare in their 60s and they love it.
  5. 5. Camino de SantiagoHistory: People walk the Camino since the 11th century when the body of the Apostle James was discovered in the area. The years when the 25th of July falls on a Sunday is considered to be a “Xacobeo” and there is an increase in pilgrims. (2010 was a xacobeo year and next will be 2021). The amount of people that do the camino has gone up and down through history but the resurgence that started in 1990 is unprecedented.
  6. 6. Camino de SantiagoStatistics:•  In 2009, in data from the Archbishop of Santiago office, 145,877 people were pilgrims (100 kms walking or 200 cycling). Here are only counted the people who got the pilgrim`s pasport.•  79.007 (more than 50%) where not Spanish•  24.892 where cyclists (a 17%).
  7. 7. Camino de Santiago
  8. 8. Camino de SantiagoMore than a pilgrimage, more than a cycling holiday:•  The religious pilgrims take it very seriously but they do not have the exclusivity.•  There is something in it for everyone. –  Nature –  Culture (arquitecture and art but also genuine popular life) –  Relationships (solidarity) –  Spiritual self discovery space.
  9. 9. Camino de SantiagoVery moving to reach Santiago.
  10. 10. Camino de SantiagoThere is a pilgrims passport that people like to use andkeep.
  11. 11. Camino de SantiagoAt the Cruz the Ferropeople leave a rockthey have broughtfrom their homeland.
  12. 12. Camino de SantiagoFood is cheap, varied and very good quality
  13. 13. Camino de Santiago The tour has great comercial potential:•  It is well known. –  The Spanish tourism authorities are promoting it heavily. –  A holywood film released in 2010 (The Way).
  14. 14. Camino de SantiagoThe tour has great comercial potential:•  It is a powerful experience and people talk about it to their friends and family when they go home.•  Many services at good prices are available (luggage transfers, taxis, hotels of all kinds).•  It can be done is several stages of one week and there are many ways to reach Santiago. (eg: French way, Via Plata, the north coast way, the portugal way)
  15. 15. Camino de SantiagoWhat do we offer?: the last 250 km•  8 days/ 7 nights.•  Astorga to Santiago de Compostela.•  Self guided (also groups).•  Road book and maps in English and German.•  Bike rental (mountain bike or hybrids)•  Luggage transfers.Price: 642 €20% commision10% on the bike rental.
  16. 16. Camino de SantiagoTerrain:•  77% on quiet country roads but in Galicia using the walking path 23% is a very good option.Distances and Accumulated climbs: Day 1 49kms 707m climb Day 2 58kms 939m climb Day 3 47kms 258m climb Day 4 46kms 995m climb Day 5 47kms 928m climb Day 6 21kms 490m climb
  17. 17. Some times the way can be rough…
  18. 18. Camino de SantiagoOur bikes:
  19. 19. Suport vehicle
  20. 20. El camino en bici …
  21. 21. centro europeo Thank you! Danke! JAVIER BARTOLOMÉ JAIME BARTOLOMÉ
  22. 22. Camino de Santiago Discussion•  Do you think that the religious origin of this tour is a problem for your clients?•  Are the walkers and the cyclist compatible in the camino?•  Questions or remarks?