A pillar in the kingdom part 3


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A pillar in the kingdom part 3

  1. 1. The Foundation of a PillarA PILLAR IN HIS KINGDOM: PART III
  2. 2. A Pillar in His Kingdom RECAP
  3. 3. A PILLAR IN HIS KINGDOM I: QUALITIES OF A PILLAR What, Who, and  Who is leaning on you? Why… a pillar?  What is leaning on you? Qualities of a Pillar  Provide support  Hold up signs  Tell a story  Fixed to what it supports  Stand up straight  Rooted in the Foundation  Under a roof  Evenly spaced out
  4. 4. A PILLAR IN HIS KINGDOM PART II: PILLARS WITHIN A PILLAR The Chief Pillar, Jesus  The Pillar of Character Christ  Being Tested The Pillar of the Holy  Unconditional Obedience Spirit  Sound Judgment  Fruits of the Holy Spirit  Knowing How to Answer  Gifts of the Holy Spirit  The Pillar of fellowship The Pillar of Spiritual Disciplines  The Pillar of Prayer  The Pillar of Praise  The Pillar of the Word
  5. 5. The Foundation of a PillarA PILLAR IN HIS KINGDOM: PART III
  6. 6.  When the foundation is complete, it is a thing of joy because the building will be secure. The building can now begin.
  7. 7.  Christians cannot operate without the foundation, i.e without Christ, and faith in God (I Corinthians 2:1-2: 1When I came to you, brothers, I did not come with eloquence or superior wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God.[a] 2For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.)
  8. 8. Although intended to stand vertically, the tower began leaning to the southeast soon after the onset of construction in 1173 due to a poorly laid foundation and loose substrate that has allowed the foundation to shift direction. The tower currently leans to the southwest. -wikiIF THE FOUNDATIONS BE DESTROYED, WHAT CAN THE RIGHTEOUS DO? –PSALM 11:3The bottoms dropped out of the country; good people dont have achance"?
  9. 9.  Only God can take away your foundation, and He doesnt intend to
  10. 10. You need a foundation because youwill be tested. When the stormcomes, not if... (Luke 6:47-4948*:47 Whoever comes to Me, andhears My sayings and does them, Iwill show you whom he is like: 48He is like a man building a house,who dug deep and laid thefoundation on the rock. And whenthe flood arose, the stream beatvehemently against that house, andcould not shake it, for it wasfounded on the rock.[a] 49 But hewho heard and did nothing is like aman who built a house on the earthwithout a foundation, against whichthe stream beat vehemently; andimmediately it fell.[b] And the ruin ofthat house was great.”)THE STORMS OF LIFE NEVER DISAPPOINT
  11. 11.  Having a deep foundation is a sign of maturity
  12. 12.  We go deeper and deeper in Him the foundation until we become like Him, a foundation
  13. 13.  When we dig deep enough, we become more like him. We eventually become foundations ourselves, which was God’s intended plan
  14. 14.  If we are then going to become like Him, foundations upon which other pillars will be founded upon, we are to be careful what we build with. We are to build with materials that will stand the test of time; materials that won’t just make good pillars, but also solid foundations in the future. This is why many become disqualified in the end, while they made good pillars built on a solid foundation, they didn’t dig deeper, or use materials that can be an extension of Christ. For example, inspirational music with no reference to Christ, motivational-positive-thinking with no reference to Christ (a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof I Timothy 3:5), Prosperity and incomplete teachings