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Drones can haz dance


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June 2011 Hackathon presentation after playing with ideas of how drones might do dance moves. All fingers still intact.

File copied from an old Slideshare account.

Published in: Technology
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Drones can haz dance

  1. 1. Drones can haz Dance!
  2. 2. Dogs do it
  3. 3. Bots do it
  4. 4. Even geeks who want to pull do it
  5. 5. So why don't ARDrones dance?
  6. 6. How ● Move to the beat ● beat detection (EchoNest API, numpy.fft, pylab.specgram) ● preprogrammed dance moves ● Mirror human movement ● video (image processing) ● Kinect (Open Kinect, Kinect) ● Respond to signals ● Yawn ● Cheat ● Vocabulary of 'dance moves'
  7. 7. Cheat! ● First library ● Waltz ● Boogie ● Dad dancing at wedding
  8. 8. Represent!