Bee Cave Tx Sculpture Park


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The Bee Cave Arts Foundation is working hard to help bring a new Sculpture Park to Bee Cave, TX. This presentation will be made to The Economic Development Board as well as The City Council to help garner support.

What do you think? Should the City invest in this idea? How has art impacted your life? Why else should the City consider making this a priority? We want to hear from you whether you live in Central Texas or abroad. Let your voice be heard!

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Bee Cave Tx Sculpture Park

  1. 1. Bee Cave Arts Foundation Update & Discussion Bee Cave Sculpture Park Chad Bockius 2012
  2. 2. Bee Cave Arts Foundation: History• Organization – Founded in Summer 2009, Achieved 501(c)3 status September 2010 – Currently 12 active members• Mission – Improve the quality of life in our community and enhance the experience of visitors by bringing awareness, education and integration of a wide range of art throughout public spaces.• Community Impact – Annual Fall & Spring student art shows • 2009 – over 800 patrons in attendance • 2010 – over 1,600 patrons in attendance – Artist Reception at Lake Travis Winery, November 2010 • 80-100 attendees • Raised over $600 – Summer Youth Art Camps • 52 Students participated in 2011, 54 in 2012 • Raised over $7,500 collectively
  3. 3. Feedback from our art camp families “My kids have been talking about this camp all year” “My granddaughter said that she would like to come here every day for the rest of the summer” “My child has learned so many different thingsthis week. She wants to have a long conversation each night to tell me everything she has learned each day in camp.”
  4. 4. The Benches of Bee Cave• The Vision – Improve the aesthetic quality of our public spaces, to introduce art through everyday interactions and to help build a greater sense of community with functional and impressionable works of art.• Results to Date – 6 one-of-a-kind benches installed – Over $15,000 contributed by donors – 7th bench from the Lake Travis Fire Department under construction – Featured in the Austin American Statesman, highlighting Bee Cave in the process• What’s next – More benches, more locations, more promotion and more awareness for the arts and Bee Cave
  5. 5. The Bee Cave Arts FoundationThe Bee Cave Rotary Dorsett Swift, LLP
  6. 6. The Hill Country GalleriaThe Whole Foods Market Bee Cave Arts Foundation, Summer Art Camp
  7. 7. Latest submissions for the program
  8. 8. Where do we go from here? Umlauf Sculpture Park, Austin, TXNasher Sculpture Garden,Dallas, TX Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis MO
  9. 9. Next Step – Sculpture Park
  10. 10. Overview of the park• Natural setting, integrate to what is there, minimal construction and minimal disturbance• Rotating sculptural displays donated by artists, combined with permanent pieces acquired over time• Integrate education, physical activities and deeper community engagement to open up more grant opportunities and create a unique experience for kids and adults alike – Ideas: Rubbings, Community Garden, Interactive elements (Whisper bench), Community Built Art
  11. 11. Educational & interactive trail markers
  12. 12. Involving the community in the development Create functional art for the park with local artist, Suzan Germond and children throughout the community
  13. 13. Support for the Sculpture Park"I love Bee Cave Arts Foundationsmission of placing art in public spacesand making it accessible to anyone,”…"I hope they continue to bring art toour community and highlight thetalented and budding artists of ourcommunity.”- Rachel Malish, marketing team leaderfor Whole Foods Market in Bee Cave
  14. 14. Why bring a sculpture park to Bee Cave?“As Chairman of the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, I visitedalmost every city and town in the state. There is a visibledifference in places with an active cultural community. I seepeople looking for places to park, stores staying open late, andrestaurants packed with customers. The business day isextended and the cash registers are ringing.” Ken Fergeson Chairman and CEO, NBanC Past President, American Bankers Association *Arts & Economic Prosperity III: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts,
  15. 15. Why bring a sculpture park to Bee Cave?A new study finds key linkages between arts and a healthycommunity: – Arts participants volunteer 20% more – Arts fans are 2x as likely to be sports fans & support the local community – Arts participants are twice as likely to enjoy the outdoors and exercise – Unfortunately, young adults (18-34) show a declining rate of arts participation & civic activities and an increasing rate of obesity “Healthy communities depend on active and involved citizens. The arts play an irreplaceable role inproducing both these citizens and those communities.” Survey of Public Arts and Civic Engagement
  16. 16. Why bring a sculpture park to Bee Cave? Cultural tourism is the leading reason cited by travelers for visiting a community.Nonprofit Arts & Culture Attendees Event-Related Spending Local vs. Nonlocal Local vs. Nonlocal Audiences Local Nonlocal *Arts & Economic Prosperity III: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts,
  17. 17. Why bring a sculpture park to Bee Cave?Community impact – Improved quality of life – Strengthen community involvement, health and recreation – Create new social bonds – Beautification of our community – Increase property values “The arts are the best insurance policy a city can take on itself.” Woody Dumas, former Mayor of Baton Rouge
  18. 18. Sculpture Park – Creating the Plan1. Participation of the City – Driven by Economic Development Board, City Council, Other?2. Site Selection / Possible Locations – Park land behind the Shops at the Galleria – Portion of the Bee Cave Central Park3. Feasibility Study – Flood plain concerns, parking, land ownership, expansion possibilities, community feedback4. Scope & Timing – Develop plan, timing and budget5. Funding
  19. 19. Sculpture Park – Funding Possibilities• City of Bee Cave – Hotel/Motel tax – Beautification fund – EDB funds – Grants – Other?• Bee Cave Arts Foundation – Donations and grants – Citizen-sponsored pavers – Fundraising efforts
  20. 20. Sculpture Park – Discussion– How do we move forward from here?– Will the City participate?– Other questions? Thank you. We appreciate your time & consideration