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APEX GIS platform


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APFUTURA GIS platform allows to manage fiber optics outside plant easily and efficiently at a very competitive price. Check complete set of features at

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APEX GIS platform

  1. 1. apfuturaapexnext generation outside p g plant management ghttp://apex.apfutura.nethttp://apex apfutura net in commercial confidence
  2. 2. apfuturaIntroduction and motivation• Outside plant management is key to have updated information of the outside plant and optimize next generation access netwok i i i k deployments• At present, existent outside plant management tools are non-specific for NGA, very costly and require complex IT systems• apex aims t offer powerful outside plant i to ff f l t id l t management using the latest web technologies in a simplified and easy to operate way so technicians, both in field and at the NOC, can manage the outside plant in real time in commercial confidence
  3. 3. apfuturaapex at a glance• Graphical outside plant management• P Passive network elements inventory i t k l t i t g• Powerful search element engine• Logical connection map• Northboud interface to integrate with OSS/BSS systems• Access profiles and logs• F ll customizable and extendable Fully t i bl d t d bl • provision database, FTTH open access module p , p in commercial confidence
  4. 4. apfuturaGraphical outside plant management Element search Selectable S l t bl elements Control menu
  5. 5. apfuturaActive map Click on a splice box in commercial confidence
  6. 6. apfuturaAdvanced features• Routes between elements and provisioning suggestions in commercial confidence
  7. 7. apfuturaElements detail Info Cable in/out Logical map to CO
  8. 8. apfuturaSearch engine Powerful search engine
  9. 9. apfuturaService management• Per port service management operator identifier, start and end point, … in commercial confidence
  10. 10. apfuturaTotally customizable workflow• Menus and fields can be totally adapted to match the end user workflow• Fields can be added on demand depending on the end user in commercial confidence
  11. 11. apfuturaNorthbound interface• Web service• Developed to integrate with OSS/BSS• Write/Read access or read-only• Fully customizable interface Northbound interface in commercial confidence
  12. 12. apfuturaProfiles and logs• Profiles different roles with limited access administrator, operator, editor• Complete log of events with filters• List export for further processing in commercial confidence
  13. 13. apfuturaFully customizable• The GUI is totally customizable Logos, colours, interface• Extensions to enpower the platform • Provisioning customer i i i identification and tickets sent to installers with interconnection information • FTTH availability to incorporate splitters information, connections, … • Certification uploading pictures with georeference data, the system certifies that the outside plant is installed as designed • Open access availability to incorporate different operators to the network so they can manage it independently in commercial confidence
  14. 14. apfuturaThe technical side• Web based interface • Works with Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Safari and Chrome are the Certified browsers• Different database configurations • From stand alone to fully resilient• Carrier-class robustness i• Customizable Cartography • Gmaps, OSM, AutoCAD rasters, … in commercial confidence
  15. 15. apfuturaapexnext generation outside p g plant management ghttp://apex.apfutura.nethttp://apex apfutura net in commercial confidence