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The Secret of Digital Marketing success in 2014


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An increasing number of companies are realizing the benefits of a holistic digital marketing strategy that includes Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Media.

In this free Inbound Marketing webinar you will learn:

Integrating Social Media, Blogging, SEO, Email
Digital Marketing Marketing Blueprint for B2B & B2C
Top Inbound marketing tactics marketers utilize
Tools and Platforms marketers use
Inbound Marketing tactics for 2014
Many more key Inbound Marketing key takeaways

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The Secret of Digital Marketing success in 2014

  1. 1. The Digital Marketing Success in 2014 Bob Tripathi @bobtripathi @bobtripathi #IETraining
  2. 2. Agenda: • Introduction • Digital Marketing in 2014 • Attendee Q&A @bobtripathi #IETraining
  3. 3. About Instant E-Training "Give a man a fish to eat and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for lifetime.” - Lao Tzu, 6th Century Chinese Philospher Founded in mid-2011, Instant E-Training is creating an online learning environment imparting interactive marketing training using highly engaging e-learning tutorials by bringing the best instructors together and using streaming video as the primary method of delivering marketing training. Training provided by some of Search & Social industry leaders including…. Clara Shih Author of The Facebook Era Eric Enge Hollis Thomases Author of The Art of SEO Author of Twitter Marketing Dan Zarrella Hubspot & Author of The Social Media Marketing @bobtripathi Dave Kerpen Tim Ash CEO & Author of Likeable Social Media Author of The Landing Page Optimization #IETraining
  4. 4. Training attended by @bobtripathi #IETraining
  5. 5. Digital Marketing Success in 2014 Bob Tripathi @bobtripathi @bobtripathi #IETraining
  6. 6. ABOUT YOUR PRESENTER… • Over 11 Years of “in-the-trenches” SEO experience • Built & Championed In-House SEO Practice at, Discover Financial Services, and Sears. • Speaker at leading conferences like SES, SMX, SMX Advanced, Ad-Tech, among others. • Monthly columnist for • Passion for training led to Instant E-Training @bobtripathi #IETraining
  7. 7. Digital Marketing Landscape – Marketing Spend Data • Digital Marketing as an industry ill grow to about $76B in total spend by 2016. • Digital as a channel is expected to double in terms of total ad spend so lot of dollars are shifting from traditional to digital. @bobtripathi #IETraining
  8. 8. Digital Marketing – Hub & Spoke Model There are many moving pieces in Digital Marketing but Social Media, SeO, Content, PPC, eb Analytics are the pillars of Digital Marketing. @bobtripathi #IETraining
  9. 9. Digital Marketing Tactics Breakdown Paid Earned (PPC & Display) (SEO & Social) Owned (Email lists) Web Infrastructure Mobile Access & User Interface @bobtripathi #IETraining
  10. 10. Comparison of Outbound vs Inbound – Cost Efficient Model @bobtripathi #IETraining
  11. 11. Outbound Vs Inbound Marketing In-House Email lists TV, Print, Radio WOM / Viral Marketing Press Releases Outdoor Advertising Trade Shows Influencer Marketing Display Ads Outbound Blogging Vs Inbound Content Marketing Pop-up Ads Outbound Sales Call SEO Earned Media Community Building Paid Search ads Rented Email Lists @bobtripathi #IETraining
  12. 12. Let’s compare Digital Marketing tactics 1 SEO 2 Social Media 3 Content Marketing 4 Email Marketing 5 Video Marketing @bobtripathi #IETraining
  13. 13. 1 @bobtripathi #IETraining
  14. 14. SEO Timeline @bobtripathi #IETraining
  15. 15. Building Blocks of SEO @bobtripathi #IETraining
  16. 16. Anatomy of on-page SEO Title URL Optimization ALT tag Breadcrumbs H1 tags Internal Linking Keyword Rich Content @bobtripathi #IETraining
  17. 17. SEO 1 Site Structure 2 Title Tags 3 Descriptions 4 Page copy that is focused & Contextually relevant 5 Build natural links @bobtripathi #IETraining
  18. 18. Google Brand Update “The internet is fast becoming a "cesspool" where false information thrives. Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool. Brand affinity is clearly hard wired, It is so fundamental to human existence that it's not going away. It must have a genetic component. SEO Secret for 2014: Look to build your company brand. @bobtripathi #IETraining
  19. 19. 2 Social Media @bobtripathi #IETraining
  20. 20. Social Media • Social Media spend is forecasted to grow at 26% CAGR by 2016. • Spend in social media is mainly in Display ads, tools, and people. @bobtripathi #IETraining
  21. 21. Show Social Media Growth @bobtripathi #IETraining
  22. 22. Top Social Media Platforms @bobtripathi #IETraining
  23. 23. Chose Your Tactics Wisely Great for service, offers Great to build a loyal community Great for broadcasting Great for ecommerce stores, product displays Great for business leads. @bobtripathi #IETraining
  24. 24. Social Initiatives “Effort – Impact” Analysis High Impact Low Low Effort @bobtripathi High #IETraining
  25. 25. Secret to Social Media Success Get more visual with your Social Media. Use Videos, Pictures, Images as part of your Social Strategy. @bobtripathi #IETraining
  26. 26. 3 @bobtripathi #IETraining
  27. 27. Content Marketing @bobtripathi #IETraining
  28. 28. @bobtripathi #IETraining
  29. 29. Long blog post scores in SEO rankings @bobtripathi #IETraining
  30. 30. PUT TOGETHER AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR @bobtripathi #IETraining
  31. 31. Align Content Marketing Objectives with Business Goals Make them specific & measurable! • • • • • Build brand Drive traffic Generate leads &/or sales Support fans Develop thought leadership @bobtripathi • Establish brand • Attract customers • Increase profits #IETraining
  32. 32. Secret to Content Marketing Success Images Videos Your content Ebooks Site/Blog Repurpose your content into different formats. Make it format agnostic! @bobtripathi #IETraining
  33. 33. 4 Email Marketing @bobtripathi #IETraining
  34. 34. Email Delivers highest ROI According to DMA, Email delivers $40 in revenue that is almost 4000% in ROI @bobtripathi #IETraining
  35. 35. Email Marketing @bobtripathi #IETraining
  36. 36. Email Acquisition from different sources Source: Karen Talavera How much are you willing to spend on a single email acquisition? @bobtripathi #IETraining
  37. 37. Secret to email list building: @bobtripathi #IETraining
  38. 38. 5 Video Marketing @bobtripathi #IETraining
  39. 39. Video Marketing Social Video Benefits 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Measuring Video Video Metrics Content can be syndicated 1. Views 1. Cost savings on Ad spend 2. Shares 2. Media mentions More Video Likes and Shares 3. Embeds 3. Brand Awareness 4. Search Engine Rankings 4. Brand Affinity Video sharing features on players 5. Search traffic 5. New hires 6. Comments 6. Recommend a friend or Advanced Engagement Metrics 7. Blog posts/mentions 8. New Fans Your video has legs! 9. Retweets @bobtripathi NPS #IETraining
  40. 40. Researching Competition Keyword User Date Upload # of comments # of views # of subscribers Promos KW Volume KW Volume on YouTube on Google Video URL maytag repair frielink5 4 months ago 2956 2 2 None NA 90500 dryer repair DIYAPPLIANCEREPAIR 1 year ago 34,447 2 136 Yes 46000 135000 kenmore service Vinylrecordsneverdie 3 months ago 99 6 511 None NA NA kenmore repair DIYAPPLIANCEREPAIR 1 year ago 34,447 2 136 Yes 4100 74000 applianceassistant 1 year ago 121,412 20+ 80 Yes appliancemike 1 year ago 144,633 30+ 225 none NA fix washer washing machine repair appliance repair DIYAPPLIANCEREPAIR kitchen aid repair rcommando1 ge repair MonitechSolutions Take top Keywords 12100 49500 1 year ago 34,447 2 136 yes NA 550000 8 months ago 20,948 6 95 yes na 8100 1 year ago 1,243 3 na 74000 See who’s ranking @bobtripathi Type of Video #IETraining
  41. 41. Digital Marketing Secrets 1 Look to build your company brand. 2 Get more visual with your Social Media. 3 Repurpose your content into different formats. Make it format agnostic! 4 Build your in-house email list. 5 Video is the new text on the web. Make it easy to share. @bobtripathi #IETraining
  42. 42. We're Hiring! Email us at @bobtripathi #IETraining
  43. 43. And before we go into Q&A Introducing…. @bobtripathi #IETraining
  44. 44. 27 Online & On-Demand Sessions covering… The Power of Inbound Marketing Community Building as Inbound Marketing SEO & Inbound Marketing Inbound for B2B & B2C Email Marketing - Building Email Lists Video Marketing as Inbound Marketing Link Building Strategies Content Marketing Blogging Strategy for Generating Leads Social Media & Inbound Marketing SEO Competitive Analysis & SEO Tools SEO + Customer Segmentation Influencer Marketing Wordpress SEO @bobtripathi #IETraining
  45. 45. Inbound & SEO Training Framework @bobtripathi #IETraining
  46. 46. 30% on both training tracks – Coupon Code : INBOUND30 @bobtripathi #IETraining
  47. 47. Our Students Love to Strike a Pose! Got my certificate of achievement for social media certification project today! Yay! Frankly, it rivals my college diploma for looks. Thanks, Instant E-Training! - Sheri Holm @bobtripathi #IETraining
  48. 48. 3 Bonuses for Webinar Attendees Only @bobtripathi #IETraining
  49. 49. Free Membership to Video Library Free Bonus #1 150+ Training videos on Facebook, Twitter, SEO, and more. Free 1 Month membership worth $47! Free 3 Month membership worth $141 for Certification! @bobtripathi #IETraining
  50. 50. Free Book – The Art of SEO! Worth $49.99 Free Bonus #2 Bestseller book by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola, and Rand Fishkin Free book to all attendees (if you register, of course)! @bobtripathi #IETraining
  51. 51. FREE Phone Consultation – Worth $250 Free Bonus #3 Free 30 Minutes of Phone consult – Ask any SEO or Marketing questions. It’s Your Time! @bobtripathi #IETraining
  52. 52. Here’s What You Get 1. 2. 3. 4. 27 Live Online and On-Demand Sessions (6 months access) Free Membership to library Free Phone Consultation (30 mins) Free Book Use Coupon Code : INBOUND30 @bobtripathi #IETraining
  53. 53. Start today! Multiple Payment Options Use Coupon Code : INBOUND30 @bobtripathi #IETraining