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Social community-webinar


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Social community-webinar

  1. 1. Building Social Media Community In 2012 & Hashtag: #IETraining Hashtag: #IETraining
  2. 2. About Instant E-Training"Give a man a fish to eat and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish andyou feed him for lifetime.” - Lao Tzu, 6th Century Chinese PhilospherInstant E-Training delivers critical skills in Social Media, Search and other onlinemarketing topics to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. We bring togetherindustry leading experts as our trainers for a variety of on-demand training videos, livetraining certification programs and free webinar training programs.Training provided by some of Search & Social industry leaders including…. Krista Neher Eric Enge Christine Churchill Brian Carter Hollis Thomases Dan Zarrella Dave Kerpen Hashtag: #IETraining
  3. 3. Online Training Video Library Videos on Social Media, SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Content Marketing and more. Strategy Videos pricing-plans How-to Videos Hashtag: #IETraining
  4. 4. Live Online Training WorkshopsOn-Demand Recordings Available Hashtag: #IETraining
  5. 5. Free Book Giveaway – Stick Around! Simply go to our Facebook wall: Tell Us what you liked about today’s webinar. We’ll announce winner at the end! Hashtag: #IETraining
  6. 6. Building Your Krista NeherBusiness with CEO – Boot Camp Digital krista@bootcampdigital.comSocial Media @kristaneher 2
  7. 7. About Me 3
  8. 8. Just how bigis this socialmedia thing? 8
  9. 9. Consider: Only 14% of people trust ads, but over 80% trust people (even people they don’t know) Facebook has over 800 million users 70% of consumers do a Google search before making a decision 44% of small business decision makers use social media 9
  10. 10. 6
  11. 11. 65
  12. 12. Social Drives Decisions 7
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. Fish Where the Fish Are 15
  16. 16. Small TacticalExecutions can have BIG Results 16
  17. 17. What is social media? 4
  18. 18. A Little Overwhelming 25
  19. 19. 26
  20. 20. Field Guide To Social Media 27
  21. 21. 14
  22. 22. Show. Don’t Tell. 12
  23. 23. Today consumers want it when, where and how they want it. 17
  24. 24. Take the time to build a strategy. 24
  25. 25. Create aBluePrint for your social media 25
  26. 26. It is hard work.There is noeasy solution. 26
  27. 27. Start Small Not Bigo a few things wellot a lot of things poorly 27
  28. 28. Professional Social Media Speaker Bestselling AuthorCEO & Entrepreneur Krista Neher @kristaneher Krista@bootcampdigital 513-702-7929 112
  29. 29. Learn ins and outs of Social Media….. #IETraining
  30. 30. 16+ Leading Social Media Authors… Erik Qualman Lee Odden Krista Neher Brian Carter Hollis Thomases Chris Barger Author Social Media Author “Social Author “Facebook Author ”Twitter Author “Social Media “Socialnomics” Influencer Media Field Guide” Like Economy” Marketing” Strategist” Mark W. Schaefer Eric Enge Lisa Buyer Marshall Sponder Megan Berry Neal Schaffer Author Author “The Art Social Media & Author “Social Media Klout Author of “Return on of SEO” PR Analytics” “LinkedIn Influence” Networking” #IETraining
  31. 31. Training YOU Starting March 9th…23 Live Online Sessions covering… Social Media Strategy Google+ Optimization strategies Building Social Media Team PR and Social Media Facebook Marketing Social Media for Non-Profits Twitter Marketing for Business Small Business Social Media Content Strategies for Social Web Social Media ROI LinkedIn Strategies Listening for Social Intelligence Social Video & YouTube Marketing Measuring Social Influence #IETraining
  32. 32. Interactive WebConference EnvironmentAsk questions after sessions – Network with fellow attendees in Private Q&A for all attendee Our private community #IETraining
  33. 33. Our attendees love us…. "Instant-E-Training and Bob Tripathi provided the best seminar/workshop/webinar series I have attended online. The topic was "Social Media for Business" and the content and speakers presented an incredible wealth of information. They knew their stuff and were Julie Snow willing to share it. I would highly recommend Minnesota, USA this for other professionals looking for Badiyan,Inc. current, relevant social media information." #IETraining
  34. 34. #IETraining
  35. 35. Hands-on Social Media Certification (Limited Seats)Hands-on Social Weekly Assignments & Weekly ProgressMedia Project Quizzes Mentoring Calls Final Project Dissertation Social Media Certification #IETraining
  36. 36. Free Training Videos – Worth $400 Free Bonus #1 10+ Training videos on Facebook, Twitter, SEO, and more. Fast Tracks your learning with additional resources. #IETraining
  37. 37. Free Workshop Videos worth $140 Free Bonus #2&3 Two Hour long Videos by Dan Zarrella of HubSpot and Ramon DeLeon of Domino’s Pizza created for Instant E-Training. #IETraining
  38. 38. Free Social Media Audit eBook FreeWorth $79 Bonus #4 A step-by-step social media auditing checklist that will serve as your must-have social media guide. #IETraining
  39. 39. 3 Bonuses for Webinar Attendees Only #IETraining
  40. 40. Free 1 Month Membership – FreeWorth $79 Bonus #5 75+ Training videos on Facebook, Twitter, SEO, and more. Free 1 Month membership worth $79! #IETraining
  41. 41. FREE Phone Consultation Free– Worth $250 Bonus #6 Free 30 Minutes of Phone consult – Ask any Social Media questions. It’s Your Time! #IETraining
  42. 42. Free Book – Social Media Field Guide Free BonusWorth $20 #7 Krista Neher’s popular book that has powered many social media minds. Free book to all webinar attendees! #IETraining
  43. 43. Attendee Testimonial “Instant E-Training is by far the most effective way to learn for anyone getting into social media for business. They cover every topic you need to know, and expose you to some of the best in the field. The Ryan Maas resources they provide are invaluable Indiana, and I give them my highest USA recommendation.” #IETraining
  44. 44. 100% Attendee Satisfaction Social Media for Business 2011 Survey Facebook Intensive Program Survey #IETraining
  45. 45. Here’s What You Get 1. 23 Live Online Sessions – Value $1000 2. Q&A access, private community, and 6 months access – Value $497 3. 10+ Free Training Videos - Value $400 4. Two Hour long training videos – Value $140 5. Free Social Media Audit ebook – Value $79 6. Free 1 Month Membership to library – Value $79 7. Free Phone Consultation (30 mins) – Value $250 8. Free Book (Social Media Field Guide) – Value $20 $2,465 $597 $398 Original Full Rate Webinar Attendee Rate #IETraining
  46. 46. Reserve Your Seat today! $597 $398 $398 / 2 payment plans : Payment 1 - $199 - today $199 today to get started. Payment 2 - $199 – After 30 #IETraining