SEO Trends in 2013


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Presentation from Free webinar on SEO Trends in 2013 from Instant E-Training.

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SEO Trends in 2013

  1. 1. SEO Trends in 2013 Eric Enge Bob Tripathi
  2. 2. About Instant E-Training"Give a man a fish to eat and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish andyou feed him for lifetime.” - Lao Tzu, 6th Century Chinese PhilospherFounded in late 2010, Instant E-Training is creating an online learning environmentimparting interactive marketing training using highly engaging e-learning tutorials bybringing the best instructors together and using streaming video as the primary methodof delivering marketing training.Training provided by some of Search & Social industry leaders including…. Clara Shih Eric Enge Christine Churchill Bob Tripathi Hollis Thomases Dan Zarrella Dave Kerpen
  3. 3. Online Training Video Library Videos on Social Media, SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Content Marketing and more. Strategy Videos pricing-plans How-to Videos
  4. 4. Live WebConference & CertificationTraining “Got my certificate of achievement for social media certification project today! Yay! Frankly, it rivals my college diploma for looks. Thanks, Instant E- Training!” - Sheri Booms Holm
  5. 5. SEO Trends Eric Enge
  6. 6. Meet Eric Enge • Founder of Stone Temple Consulting – a 25+ person interactive marketing company. • Co-Author of “The Art of SEO” • Frequent speaker at conferences such as PubCon, SMX Advanced, SES, and others. • Prolific writer for industry publications like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and others. • Trainer for Instant E-Training
  7. 7. Increasing Mobile TrafficMany sites reporting 20% to 30% of visitsare from mobile devicesYelp, July 2012: “roughly 40% of all Yelpsearches come from our mobile apps.”Groupon, April 2012, reported that 30% of theirtransactions come from mobile devices. Up from 25%in December 2011.
  8. 8. Ah, But What is a Mobile Device?
  9. 9. Smartphone Numbers
  10. 10. Responsive Web DesignDiversity in device sizes in process of scalingwithout limit iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad min,…Scale your site to any size device:HTML5 CSS3Also manage page size for faster load times
  11. 11. Desktop or Mobile SiteNot everyone can take onResponsive Web DesignAlternative: One site for Smartphone type devices One site for tablets and PCsMake sure you serve the mobile site onthe same URLs as the desktop site
  12. 12. Other Smartphone Design FactorsSingle column layoutSimplified navigation Focus on the basics Collapsible navigation for more complex structuresMake it “tappable” not “clickable
  13. 13. Consider a Mobile App
  14. 14. Voice Search?
  15. 15. Phoenix Telephony Suite "The Phoenix Telephony Suites interface design enables users to immediately begin working with the software upon unpacking their new PC," stated Eric Enge, general manager, OEM Consumer Software Group at Phoenix. "Now that we have added support for Windows 95, Phoenix has once again established a benchmark for telephony products."
  16. 16. Shipped in 1996 Phoenix Telephony Suite v2.0 is designed to support voice recognition using Phoenix Secretary, also announced today. Both will be available April, 1996 for OEM bundling worldwide.
  17. 17. All We Need is a Bit More Processing Power …
  18. 18. Are We There Yet?
  19. 19. Even Low Error Rates are Frustrating
  20. 20. There are limitations … “One thing you need to think about when you get into voice dictation is speaking in word clumps. You have to think about what you want to have Dragon type for you then you have to say those sentences in chunks (I hope that makes sense) most people who complain about voice dictation dont take the time to realize this.”
  21. 21. Social Media and SEO @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  22. 22. Correlations With Rankings Source: Searchmetrics Facebook Shares 0.35 Facebook Total 0.34 # Backlinks 0.34 Facebook Comments 0.31 Facebook Likes 0.28 Tweets 0.24 % Backlinks With Keyword 0.16 % Backlinks with NoFollow 0.16 Keyword in Domain Name 0.11 @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  23. 23. Be Careful With Correlations! @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  24. 24. What Do the Search Engines See? Signal Bing Google Facebook Like Yes Crawl Based? Facebook Share, Personal Yes No? Page Facebook Share, Brand Page Yes Crawl Based Facebook Comments Yes Yes (Crawl Based) Twitter Share Yes Crawl Based Twitter Retweet Yes Crawl Based Twitter Mentions Yes Crawl Based +1 Crawl Based Yes Google+ Share Crawl Based Yes Google+ Mention Crawl Based Yes @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  25. 25. +1s as a Ranking Factor? “In the short term, we’re still going to have to study and see how good the signal is, so right now, there’s not really a direct effect where if you have a lot of +1s, you’ll rank higher.” (October 2012) @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  26. 26. Bing Results 2010 (New York Post) @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  27. 27. Bing Results 2011 @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  28. 28. Bing Results 2012 With a Social Sidebar @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  29. 29. Bing’s Paul Yiu In some cases people really engaged in those types of results, so we still show those, and in others they did not, so we stopped showing it in those cases. For example, people tend to like gossipy things, such as who got pregnant or was in a scandal ... ” (January 2012) @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  30. 30. But Since Then … Bing’s Social Sidebar @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  31. 31. On using Likes as votes the way links are used: “…what does a like mean? Some people like the page, some folks might like the content, some folks might just think it’s funny and likeable. As you said, the likes are a good signal, but they’re not a granular signal of what particular thing you’re actually expressing a like about.” (July 2012) Bing’s Stefan Weitz @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  32. 32. Weighting Votes - Relevance What you What They’re want to say Interested in Relevance @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  33. 33. Weighting Votes – Authority How well do you know the topic? Recognized Thought leader? @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  34. 34. Weighting Votes - Trust  Can your opinion be trusted?  What are your Perceived motives?  Do people engage With your brand? @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  35. 35. Weighing Votes – Effort & Commitment @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  36. 36. Balance of Signals?  Think Like a Search Engineer  Consider site with “to die for” link profile  … but no one is talking about it  Do you trust that site? @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  37. 37. Which Site Looks Better to You? @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  38. 38. Which Site Looks Better to You? (Hint) @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  39. 39. Influence of Social Media Likes / Shares / +1s • Your friend +1s it • Your friend shares it on Google Plus • Your friend shares it on another connected network • Your friend Likes it • Your friend shares it on Facebook or Twitter • Other networks with related content @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  40. 40. Rel=Author @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  41. 41. Now There’s a Ranking Factor? “… over time, as we start to learn more about who the high quality authors are, you could imagine that starting to affect rankings.” (October 2012) @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  42. 42. SEO for Social Media Professionals Bob Tripathi @ #IETraining @bobtripathi 42
  43. 43. Who Am I ?• Over 10 Years of “in-the-trenches” online marketing experience• Top rated speaker at industry conferences on SEO,Social Media, Paid Search topics• Worked with large US brands like Discover Card, SearsHoldings championing online initiatives• Passion for training led to founding of Instant E-Training @bobtripathi 43
  44. 44. 1. SEO more data drivenFocus more on conversions and less on rankings @bobtripathi 44
  45. 45. 2. Video SEO to play to play a bigger partas this will ensure new quality content @bobtripathi 45
  46. 46. 3. More Social Search integration fromboth Google and Bing“Search engines are really evolving towards giving you a set of answers… like, I have aspecific question, answer this question for me. And when you think about it from thatperspective, Facebook is pretty uniquely positioned to answer a lot of the questions thatpeople have. That’s one obvious thing that would be interesting for us to do in the future.” –Mark Zuckerberg @bobtripathi 46
  47. 47. 4. Higher spend allocated to contentcreation in 2013 as reliance on originalcontent goes high @bobtripathi 47
  48. 48. 5. Increased integration in PPC + SEO –Companies viewing them as one channel @bobtripathi 48
  49. 49. 6. More human raters influencing Google search quality @bobtripathi 49
  50. 50. 7. SEO is not in a vacuum so thinkholistically – think overall web marketing SEO Content Social Marketing Media YOU Link Usability Building @bobtripathi 50
  51. 51. 8. Google+ will evolve and bring in morefeatures since Social Data is critical @bobtripathi 51
  52. 52. 9. Online PR, SEO, and Social Media willsee a greater integration @bobtripathi 52
  53. 53. 10. Hiring will see an uptick but employerswill look at broader skills beyond just SEO @bobtripathi 53
  54. 54. Introducing…SEO WebConference + Certification 23 Live Online Sessions covering… SEO keyword Research  Web Analytics SEO Link Building  PR and SEO SEO + Social Integration  SEO for Small Biz Content Marketing for SEO  and many other topics Linkbaiting Video SEO In-House SEO @bobtripathi 54
  55. 55. Sign-up for SEO Training @bobtripathi 55