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Content marketing delivers high quality information, void of any promotion. As marketers we are all aware of the noise and clutter we have to fight through on a daily basis. It is easy to get shouted down, but content marketing offers something of use to our target audience and as such breaks through the chaos to attract attention. Instant E-Training is proud to present a webinar about an upcoming book launch on Content Marketing.

Whether you have already created excellent content but are yet to embrace it as a marketing tool or are looking to get up to speed with this key trend, this is the webinar for you!

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Instant Content Marketing Success Presentation

  1. 1. #IETraining@bobtripathi to digest, content marketing How-To. Tripathi has a special way of n complex concepts into bite size tangible pieces that are ready-to- dy implemented several concepts in to my marketing initiatives. er VLinksMedia kes for a straightforward read and it helped our entire team to e process of content generation. A must read for every startup!" a EO, SymbiosisHealth Praise for the book Bob Tripathi 10 Tips from Leading Content Marketing Experts Instant Content Marketing Success Content Marketing n and honest individual, with an extremely bright mindset. He truly ontent marketing. Instant Content Marketing Success is a book that appropriate avenues one needs to succeed in the content marketing ee, Founder at Opternative, Inc. Bob Tripathi is the founder of Instant E-Training. Bob has 12+ years of Digital Marketing experi- ence. Bob is also the founder of local Chicago chapters of SEMPO and The Digital Marketing Group. @bobtripathi st complete and comprehensive playbook on content marketing re. It offers a perfect balance between the fundamental knowledge ceptualizer content marketing strategies and a practical toolkit full plement ideas. nekar BenchPrep
  2. 2. #IETraining@bobtripathi Our New Book pecial way of re ready-to- tiatives. eam to startup!" Bob Tripathi 10 Tips from Leading Content Marketing Experts Instant Content Marketing Success Content Marketing set. He truly s a book that ent marketing marketing knowledge toolkit full Authored by Bob Tripathi Chapter Contribution by •  Heidi Cohen •  Arnie Kuenn •  Brian Carter •  Matt Siltala •  Michael Weiss •  Ardath Albee •  Kaila Strong
  3. 3. #IETraining@bobtripathi Content growth is exponential!
  4. 4. #IETraining@bobtripathi 1.  Is trusted by customers 2.  Supports purchase process 3.  Feeds social media 4.  Delivers your message multiple times so customers believe it 5.  Is relatively less expensive (though NOT free!) Why do you need Content Marketing? Source: Chapter 1 – Heidi Cohen
  5. 5. #IETraining@bobtripathi Content Marketing Process
  6. 6. #IETraining@bobtripathi Creating Persona To get started with buyer persona, you should develop and understand a collective of your customer segments. 1.  Demographics 2.  Behavior 3.  Motivations 4.  Challenges & Pain Points 5.  Concerns
  7. 7. #IETraining@bobtripathi Create a Buyer Persona Source: Chapter 2- Shade Wilson
  8. 8. #IETraining@bobtripathi Identify Types of Content to be Created Your Site Vlogs Podcasts Webinars Press Releases DirectoriesCase Studies Tutorials White Papers Blogs
  9. 9. #IETraining@bobtripathi Still Focus on Search? – YES! •  93% of all buyers online or in stores use search prior to making a purchase •  86% of searchers conduct non- branded queries. •  94% of buyers click on organic links versus 6% on paid links for branded queries. Source: Chapter 4 - Arnie Kuenn
  10. 10. #IETraining@bobtripathi Keyword   Research   Content   Creation   Customer   Keyword  Data   Keyword   Re5inement   Source: Chapter 4 - Arnie Kuenn
  11. 11. #IETraining@bobtripathi Keyword Suggestions
  12. 12. #IETraining@bobtripathi
  13. 13. #IETraining@bobtripathi Anatomy of On-Page SEO Title URL Optimization ALT tag Breadcrumbs H1 tags Internal Linking Keyword Rich Content
  14. 14. #IETraining@bobtripathi Content Optimization
  15. 15. #IETraining@bobtripathi Content Calendar
  16. 16. #IETraining@bobtripathi Content Calendar
  17. 17. #IETraining@bobtripathi B2C vs B2B Content
  18. 18. #IETraining@bobtripathi Social Media Content Funnel Source: Chapter 5 – Brian Carter
  19. 19. #IETraining@bobtripathi Social Media Audience Source: Chapter 5 – Brian Carter
  20. 20. #IETraining@bobtripathi Instagram & Visual Content •  Images get 50% more interaction than other content. •  Photos get 7x more likes on Facebook and 10 times more shares. •  80% of pins on Pinterest are repins.
  21. 21. #IETraining@bobtripathi Sales should be the outcome Source: Chapter 7 – Ardath Albee
  22. 22. #IETraining@bobtripathi Who Owns Content Marketing?
  23. 23. #IETraining@bobtripathi IDENTIFY internal skills Create the team “on paper” Outsource to FILL GAPS Develop your content machine PROCESS Subject Matter Experts are the KEY Building Content Marketing Team
  24. 24. #IETraining@bobtripathi Content Marketing Team Source: Chapter 8– Michael Weiss
  25. 25. #IETraining@bobtripathi Source: Chapter 8– Michael Weiss
  26. 26. #IETraining@bobtripathi Data Driven Content Marketing Demographic Data Traffic Data Social Metrics Search & Keyword Data Conversion Data
  27. 27. #IETraining@bobtripathi Key Takeaways: Content Marketing Checklist !  Establish content marketing goals !  Know your target audience !  Determine information needs !  Select content formats !  Tell your story !  Brand your content !  Create editorial calendar !  Optimize content for search !  Distribute & promote content !  Track content marketing results
  28. 28. #IETraining@bobtripathi @bobtripathial way of ady-to- ves. to rtup!" Bob Tripathi 10 Tips from Leading Content Marketing Experts Instant Content Marketing Success Content Marketing He truly book that marketing eting wledge lkit full
  29. 29. #IETraining@bobtripathi Take Your Skills to the next level