Facebook Strategy & Ads Optimization


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Facebook Strategy & Ads Optimization

  1. Facebook Marketing & Ads Optimization Strategies Brian Carter @BrianCarter @IETraining www.instantetraining.com
  2. About Instant E-Training"Give a man a fish to eat and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish andyou feed him for lifetime.” - Lao Tzu, 6th Century Chinese PhilospherFounded in late 2010, Instant E-Training has created an online learning environmentwith the goal of imparting top notch marketing training by bringing leading industryexperts together in an interactive & collaborative online environment.Speakers include Social Media’s best & brightest…Erik Qualman Dan Zarrella Brian Carter Dave Kerpen Hollis Thomases Clara Shih Lee Odden @IETraining www.instantetraining.com
  3. Online Training Video Library Videos on Social Media, SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Content Marketing and more. Strategy Videos http://www.instantetraining.com/ pricing-plans How-to Videos @IETraining www.instantetraining.com
  4. Live Online Training Workshops @IETraining www.instantetraining.com
  5. Training Courses Recognized by SEMPOSEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) is a global non-profitassociation with members across the globe. @IETraining www.instantetraining.com
  6. Meet Bob Tripathi• 10+ years of “in-the-trenches” online marketing experience for companies of all sizes• Top rated speaker at industry conferences on SEO,Social Media, Paid Search topics• Worked with large US brands like Discover Card, SearsHoldings championing online initiatives• Passion for training led to founding of Instant E-Training @IETraining www.instantetraining.com
  7. Meet Brian Carter • Recognized authority with 12+ years of Google & Facebook marketing • CEO of FanReach.net, Facebook Program • Author of two Facebook Marketing books • Speaks globally & cited by all major publications @IETraining www.instantetraining.com
  8. Facebook Ad Optimization: Strategies & Tactics Brian Carter @BrianCarter www.instantetraining.com
  10. Facebook is Huge • 750 Million Users • More than 150 Million in the U.S. alone • Only India and China have larger populations than Facebook • All age groups are well represented@briancarter www.likeonomics.or
  11. Facebook gets morepage views than Google
  12. Businesses areexpected to spendmore than $2 - $4 billion dollars on Facebook Ads in 2011.
  13. The Gold Rush For Fans Some companies are paying to acquire 100,000’s of fans.@briancarter www.likeonomics.or
  14. Paying For Likes They pay up to $2.00 per fan.@briancarter www.likeonomics.or
  15. Paying For Likes More viral than email, fans may be worth 2-3x the value of an email subscriber.@briancarter www.likeonomics.or
  16. The Most Powerful Prospect-Targeting Opportunity in History • Never before in history has the average business had the power to target this many people this specifically • 730+ Million Users • Target by demographic, location and likes@briancarter www.likeonomics.or
  17. Likes Decrease Costs When more people Like your ads, the cost of these ads decreases@briancarter www.likeonomics.org
  18. Likes Capture Prospects “Ad Likes” capture prospects@briancarter www.likeonomics.org
  20. Facebook Profits: FanReach Case Studies Baseball Roses • 473% ROI • 4.35% Conversion Rate Note: we do not have enough data to know if these results are typical.
  21. Facebook Profits: FanReach Case Studies Rosehall Kennel • 6500% ROI • Started getting sales with less than 500 fans after spending less than $100 Note: we do not have enough data to know if these results are typical.
  22. Facebook Conversion Rates with FanReach Facebook conversion rates are good Note: we do not have enough data to know if these results are typical.
  24. Prospect Path Fan  PurchaseFan  Blog/AdSense Fan  Affiliate Ad  Email Ad  Purchase
  25. Fan -> Purchase Path
  26. Fan -> AdSense Path
  27. Fan -> Affiliate Paths Click Affiliate Link
  28. Ad ->Email Monetization Path
  29. Ad -> Purchase Monetization Path
  31. An average of 7% - 16% of fans seedaily posts from a page they’ve likedHOW MANY ARE VISIBLE TO 50%OR MORE OF THEIR FANS?
  32. Many pages average 0.1% to 0.6%HOW MANY HAVE AN AVERAGEFEEDBACK RATE OVER 1.0%
  34. AdWords vs Facebookfinds people via finds people via Keywords Likes (Interests)
  35. AdWords vs FacebookDemographic Demographic Targeting is Targeting is Limited Accurate
  36. How Different Are Facebook Ads? Facebook AdwordsInterests (Likes) Yes NoIntent (Searches) No YesLocation Yes YesAge & Gender Yes NoMarital Status Yes NoWorkplace Yes NoEducation Yes No
  37. Facebook AdWords vs Facebook Search
  38. Search vs.Facebook Facebook can help you reach more prospects and change the minds of prospects higher up in the funnel
  39. Search vs.Facebook Low Hanging Fruit
  40. Search vs.Facebook Owning & Influencing Your Audience
  41. You canown your audience on Facebook
  42. 3 Marketing Methods Biggest Profits!!! Increasing ROI
  43. The Facebook Fan Opportunity
  44. F1000 (NDA)• Outdoor Industry Ecommerce• 260,000 fans in 3 months• 62% of fans were from word of mouth• 99,122 fans directly from paid ads• Total ad cost of $13,758.22• Cost per paid fan = $0.14• Cost per fan all fans = $0.053
  45. Some of Our Case StudiesNiche Cost Per Fan Fans Grown Feedback %Vacation Rental $0.25 5,500 2.0%Boxing $0.003 13,300 1.5%Pet Supplies $0.10 9,000 1.5%E-tail Outdoors $0.09 2,400 1.1%Automotive $0.07 1,900 0.75%Parenting $0.05 95,000 0.5%*Civic/Political $0.03 6,100 2.0%The goal here was to get clicks to the site more than likes or comments.
  47. The Best Fans Are… CTR ROI CPC CR
  48. Facebook Ad Targeting Methods
  49. 1. Demographic Targeting
  50. 2. Psychographic Targeting
  51. 3. Geographic Targeting
  52. Facebook Advertising Process
  53. DEMOGRAPHICSnot just for traditional marketing anymore
  54. DEMOGRAPHICS clues.yahoo.com alexa.com “audience” quantcast.com compete.com (paid)
  55. REAL?
  56. This is better. Get 3-5 of these.
  57. Meet Customers = Real People
  58. Spy On TheirProfiles!
  59. Some Facebook Niche Sizes
  60. Interests: Most Unique Thing
  61. Education & Workplace
  62. Even Sexual Orientation
  63. Low cost per click comes from High click through rate and Low to moderatebidding competition in target
  64. Facebook Ad Metrics Research • Social impression % does not necessarily correlate to higher action rates • Don’t be wooed away from other factors in creating ads
  65. CREATE: Consistency --> CTR
  66. Consistent = No-Brainer
  67. Consistent = No-Brainer
  68. 90% of Cheap Fans Come From… This here little LAHK button
  70. No-Brainer Ad Copy FORMULAS Click Like if you love <interest>!
  71. No-Brainer Ad Copy FORMULAS Do you love<interest>? ThenClick Like below now!
  72. Brick Could Do Facebook Ads
  73. Pricing/Bidding
  74. Faces Because…
  75. Happy Because…
  77. QUICK which baby is BEST?
  78. Upward chart depicting the increasing number of upward charts used in Facebook ads. LOTS
  79. Headline/Page Name Problems?
  81. Advertising Process: Optimize CPF
  82. Advertising Process: Optimize CPF Cost Per Fan = Spent / Connections
  83. Advertising Process: Optimize OPTIMIZE Use the responder demographic report to find the groups with the highest CTR (click on the CTR column twice so that the highest CTR groups are at the top)
  84. Facebook Ad CTR4% 3%3%3%2%2%1%1% 0.30% 0.10% 0.05%0% Awesome Great Good Amateur
  85. Facebook Ad CPC$1.20$1.00$0.80$0.60$0.40$0.20 $- Amateur Good Great
  86. Facebook Ad CPF$2.50$2.00$1.50$1.00$0.50 $- Great Good Amateur
  87. Webtrends Says The Average Company Gets Fans For $1.07 EachComments: Go back to my slide about amateur performance vs. best practice
  88. Facebook Ad Burnout• Over time, the same ad will be less interesting to an audience• CTR decreases and CPC increases
  89. How To Fight “Ad Burnout”Change up the imageRewrite the copyCreate a promotion or somethingnewsy to tell them aboutPause the ad for a few weeks and thenrun it again
  90. Not Granular Enough: $4.15 per fanComments: This is one of my first Facebook ad campaigns ever, and a great example ofhow not to do it. Notice how different the targets are from one another and how thead copy doesn’t mention them at all. This ad makes the mistake of assuming you careabout what I’m promoting, and has no call to action at all, thus the low CTR and highCPC.
  91. 3,599 fans for $76.09 … 2 cents per fanComments: Slightly more than 2 cents per fan. Check out the clever use of “loooove”to grab attention and emphasize the passion. Keep in mind, though, this ad may be aviolation of trademark, so watch out for that and don’t use other people’s trademarksor you’ll be at legal risk and Facebook can even shut your account down.
  92. 1,118 fans for $36.13… 3 cents per fanComments: A little over 3 cents per fan. Part of the key to high CTR is the right image.With horses, it’s not easy to get the whole horse into a 110x80 image and still seemuch. For viewers to connect emotionally with the image, they have to be able to seeit, so only the head is shown here, and this is a nice, friendly looking horse.
  93. 753 fans for $12.23 … 1.6 cents per fanComments: Another ad questionable in terms of using someone else’s likeness. Thetwo advertising guidelines that apply are:• 4b. Ads must clearly represent the company, product, or brand that is being advertised.• 5a. Ads must not be false, misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive.• 12a. Ads cannot include any content that infringes upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary right.
  94. 30 cents per fanComments: Here’s an ad that doesn’t violate the guidelines but manages to get 30cent fans. For an odd target like this, that’s actually pretty good.
  95. 25 cents per fan
  96. More ads from Corey McNeilComments: Corey is an expert SEOand a FanReach student who hasstudied the heck out of ourmaterial, and we talk about hisresults in a lot of our videos andcourses.He only shows CPC here but you canestimate cost per fan from theaction:click ratio here… respectively6 cents, 20 cents, 75 cents and 90cents.See how the cheapest cost per fan isthe simplest ad? NO BRAINERmarketing, buddy!
  97. 458 Fans for $24.34 = 4.5 Cents Per FanMark’s business works great on Facebook and poorly with AdWords. This is becausehis product is a hybrid of two or three interests… people who love baseball or softballand the people who want to give roses to them. Baseball plus romance. AdWords isbuilt to harvest people with specific popular interests- only a fraction of those who likethose sports ALSO want to give roses. Only a fraction of those who want to give roseslike those sports. That leads to a bad CTR and low quality score in AdWords and a highCPC. But in Facebook, Mark can cheaply gather people who like all of those things andthen market to them repeatedly on the fan page, and it works - he gets a 473% ROI onhis fan acqusition ad spend.
  98. B2B Facebook Fan AcquisitionIf you slicing and dicing doesn’t get you cheap fans, goextremely general. Less competition there.
  99. B2B Facebook Fan AcquisitionYou still need to think about your B2B peopleand what their goals and dreams are. Pumpthese up in the image and ad copy to increaseCTR.
  100. 25 Cents Per Group Member
  101. If we have time…
  102. PART dos: Post LIKE Tips from bears
  103. The PROBLEM?
  104. Increase Feedback Rate GOAL: 1.0% or higher Feedback rate per post
  105. Ask for More Likes and Comments Ha Ha… Duh!
  106. Post Formulas"Click Like if…" and keep the secondpart simple, make sure it’s somethingmost of your fans will like.
  107. Post FormulasTo get Comments, ask a question orsay, "Tell me in the Commentsbelow…" followed by whatever youwant to know
  108. Posts Based on Demos/InterestsPonies (photo of pony): "Click Like if you love ponies!Whats your favorite thing about them?"
  109. B2B Question"What’s your biggest goal this year in internet marketing? Comment below!”
  110. How To Have It All“CLICK LIKE if you think the Heat can SWEEPDallas or COMMENT as to why the Mavericks willmake this a series.”- SportscenterThe formula is:“Click Like if you think [one thing] or Comment asto why you think [the opposite]”
  111. Sell The Dream
  112. How To Figure Out Your Customer’s DreamWhat kind of ideal lifeor business situationdo these benefits leadthe customer toward?
  113. Selling The Dream
  114. Selling The Dream
  115. Selling The Dream
  116. Selling The Dream
  118. How To Figure Out Your Customer’s DreamWhich of the 9 things people dream about do you help people with?
  119. LUXURY
  120. AWE
  121. OPTIONS
  123. FREEDOM
  125. FUN
  126. LOVE
  128. How To Figure Out Your Customer’s DreamHow are these dreams different for each of your 3-5 customer types?
  129. Write Lots of WordsDescribe in as much detail as possible what thefulfillment of these dreams looks like for people.
  130. Image Brainstorming
  131. Sell That DreamNow talk toyour fansabout thosedreamswhile askingfor likes andcomments!
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