Content marketing Trends for Social Media and SEO


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Content Marketing is the driving force in both Social Media and SEO and an increasing number of companies are allocating huge amount of marketing dollars to create content.

As part of Instant E-Training's Webinar series, Content Marketing expert and Author of Accelerate!, Arnie Kuenn will talk about the top Content Marketing Trends that will affect both Social Media and SEO and what businesses can do to stay ahead of the curve.

In this Webinar presentation, you will learn...

> What is Content Marketing
> Latest stats into Content Marketing Industry
> Types of Content companies in both B2C and B2B can create
> Content Marketing and Social Media
> How to drive SEO through Content Marketing

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Content marketing Trends for Social Media and SEO

  1. 1. @Arniek #IETrainingArnie KuennPresident, Vertical MeasuresContent MarketingTrends in 2013
  2. 2. @Arniek #IETrainingAbout Instant E-Training"Give a man a fish to eat and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish andyou feed him for lifetime.” - Lao Tzu, 6th Century Chinese PhilospherFounded in late 2010, Instant E-Training is creating an online learning environmentimparting interactive marketing training using highly engaging e-learning tutorials bybringing the best instructors together and using streaming video as the primary methodof delivering marketing training.Training provided by some of Search & Social industry leaders including….Dave KerpenEric Enge Hollis ThomasesBob TripathiClara Shih Dan ZarrellaChristine Churchill
  3. 3. @Arniek #IETrainingTraining attended by
  4. 4. @Arniek #IETrainingArnie KuennPresident, Vertical MeasuresContent MarketingTrends in 2013
  5. 5. @Arniek #IETrainingABOUT YOUR PRESENTER…• President of Vertical Measures –A Search, Social & Content Marketing Agency• Instructor for the Content Marketing Institute &Instant E-Training• Been an Internet marketer longer than Google hasexisted.
  6. 6. @Arniek #IETraining
  7. 7. @Arniek #IETraining“Content Marketing”
  8. 8. @Arniek #IETrainingContent Marketing - The Top Priority
  9. 9. @Arniek #IETrainingWhat is content marketing?• Content marketing is the art of providing relevant, valuable contentto your customers without selling or interrupting them.• Instead of pitching your products or services, you are deliveringinformation that makes your prospects more informed before theybuy.• If you deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to yourprospects, they ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty.
  10. 10. @Arniek #IETrainingResearch conducted by the Custom ContentCouncil• 90% of consumers find custom content useful• 78% of people believe that organizations providing custom contentare interested in building good relationships with them• 77% of people understand that an organization’s goal for customcontent is to sell them something, but are OK with it as long as itprovides value• 73% of people prefer to get information about an organization in acollection of articles rather than in a traditional advertisement• 61% of people feel better about a company that delivers customcontent and are more likely to buy from that company
  11. 11. @Arniek #IETraining
  12. 12. @Arniek #IETrainingThis is not a 30 day R.O.I.BUT THE LONG-TERM PAYOFFS CANBE HUGE
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  17. 17. @Arniek #IETraining
  19. 19. @Arniek #IETrainingTHINK LIKE A PUBLISHER!
  20. 20. @Arniek #IETrainingDEVELOP YOUR STRATEGY• Strategy will evolve through the whole process• Why are you creating the content you are creating?• Who is your audience?• Who are you? – Determine your “voice”• What types of content will you create?• How will you develop your content?• When will you develop your content?• What does success look like?• What is different a year from now?
  21. 21. @Arniek #IETraining
  22. 22. @Arniek #IETrainingSOME FACTSSource: GroupMof all consumers use searchprior to making a purchaseof searchers conduct non-branded queriesof buyers click on organiclinks vs the sponsored ads
  23. 23. @Arniek #IETrainingWHAT ARE WE SEARCHING FOR?
  24. 24. @Arniek #IETrainingYou are becoming a better searcher• The general trend is that people who are searching for 2 or 3 wordphrases is decreasing, while people who are searching for 4, 5, oreven 8 word phrases is increasing.– 4-word searches = 14.89% (previously was 12.83%)– 5-word searches = 8.68% (previously was 5.64%)– 6-word searches = 4.65% (previously was 2.32%)– 7-word searches = 2.49% (previously was 0.98%)– 8-word searches = 3.43% (no one did 8-word searches in 2004!)
  25. 25. @Arniek #IETrainingLong Tail is the Key!
  28. 28. @Arniek #IETraining
  29. 29. @Arniek #IETraining
  30. 30. @Arniek #IETrainingLists – People Still Love Them
  31. 31. @Arniek #IETrainingInterviews – Help Make You the Expert
  32. 32. @Arniek #IETrainingVIDEOS! – They Are Not That HardUser GeneratedFunInterviewsBehind the scenes
  34. 34. @Arniek #IETrainingFREE GUIDES TO BUILD YOUR LIST- Lead generator- Link attractor- Long life span
  35. 35. @Arniek #IETraining
  36. 36. @Arniek #IETrainingALL DIFFERENT – BUT CORE ELEMENTSWeb pages, News, Local, Images & Videos1. Links pointing to your content2. Titles & title tags (viewed in results)3. Description meta tag (viewed in results)4. Image alt text tags5. H1 Tag (headline tag – only one!)6. Page load times7. Freshness of content8. AuthorRank
  37. 37. @Arniek #IETraining
  38. 38. @Arniek #IETrainingPROMOTE YOUR CONTENT
  40. 40. @Arniek #IETraining
  41. 41. @Arniek #IETrainingMeasure!• Measure for successes…and failures• Check your rankings,traffic, conversions andother key metrics• Focus on the strategiesthat are providing the bestROI and keep rolling outthe content
  42. 42. @Arniek #IETrainingIn summary…Buyers need information that helpsthem make an informed decision.Businesses that provide thatcontent will win.
  43. 43. @Arniek #IETrainingHow about a recap?
  44. 44. @Arniek #IETrainingTHANK YOU VERY MUCH!Contact: 888-476-1881www.VerticalMeasures.comMore Traffic. More Leads. More Business.
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  46. 46. @Arniek #IETrainingTop Content Marketing Experts….Brian ClarkCopyBloggerMarcus Sheridan Tim Ash Arnie Kuenn Heidi Cohen Mike CorakBrian Carter Michael Weiss” Ardath Albee Jonah Berger Matt Siltala Kaila Strong
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  48. 48. @Arniek #IETrainingInteractive Environment
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