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Social Financein Germany


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Eine kurze Übesicht über die Nutzung von Social Media und Social Banking in Deutschland
A short abstract about Social Finance and Social Banking in Gemany

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Social Financein Germany

  1. 1. V. 2009 electrOUncle
  2. 2. What have to be said first: Nothing will change without reconceiving finance Please read: “The Finance2.0 Manifesto” written by Umair Haque electrOUncle 2
  3. 3. Humans are social beings To say it in the words of Max Weber: In action is included all human behaviour when and in so far as the acting individual attaches a subjective meaning to it. Action in this sense may be either overt or purely inward or subjective; it may consist of positive intervention in a situation, or off deliberately refraining from such intervention or passively acquies in the situation. Action is social in so far as, by virtue of the subjective meaning attached to it by the acting individual (or individuals), it takes account of the behaviour of others and is thereby orientated in its course. electrOUncle 3
  4. 4. Humans are social beings  They need and like to help each user  They like to learn and to teach  They like to talk about people, things, events, products, services and so on  They like to share knowledge, opinions, things etc  They like people and organizations who respects them electrOUncle 4
  5. 5. Humans are social beings  Today they can use media to talk, communicate, interact, cooperate or to share  The internet enables new forms of multi directional and real time interaction  So the Internet allows new forms of real social action  People use Social Media to do that electrOUncle 5
  6. 6. Remember the cluetrain manifest  Conversations among human beings sounds human. They are conducted in a human voice.  The Internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply not possible in the era of mass media.  In both internetworked markets and among intranetworked employees, people are speaking to each other in a powerful new way electrOUncle 6
  7. 7. electrOUncle What is Social Media?  Based on internet technology and culture, especially the read/write web  Permits consumer publishing  Establish a user driven web Users can easily participate and contribute Creates transparent, open, equal ,and honest conversations electrOUncle 7
  8. 8. electrOUncle What Social Media (may) will change  Communication  Advertising  Work and Business  Participation  People  Economy  Society and Culture electrOUncle 8
  9. 9. electr OU ncle What is social finance?  Using Social Media to carry out finance related actions  More transparency, justice and fairness  Developing and establishing new products, services and business models in finance industry  And in a more ethical understanding: bringing finance back to real human, social and ecological needs. Producing real value instead of profit electrOUncle 9
  10. 10. electr OUncle Why Finance industry could/should use Social Media I  to know more about their customers  to learn from their customers  to involve their customers  to get new customers and maybe fans  to create trust and credibility  to spread the word about their products electrOUncle 10
  11. 11. electr OUncle Why Finance industry could/should use Social Media II  to establish their brand  to give faith and get faith  to have a future and give a future  they haven´t a choice  and again in a more ethical understanding to constitute a constructive and sustainable economic growth electrOUncle 11
  12. 12. electr OUncle Interstitial You talk to people not to customers electrOUncle 12
  13. 13. electrOUncle Social Media in german finance industry  Just a few german finance companies are using social media  Some new companies, which are no banks, establish new financal services  Most of them copies or refine foreign ideas and business models  Preparedness for change , Culture and laws are still constraints Next: Examples electrOUncle 13
  14. 14. electrOUncle Banking 2.0 company electrOUncle 14
  15. 15. Price comparison and UGC review platform fidor ag electrOUncle 15
  16. 16. Real Finance Community fidor ag electrOUncle 16
  17. 17. electrOUncle Social lending: P2p Credit electrOUncle 17
  18. 18. electrOUncle Social Lending: P2p Credit electrOUncle 18
  19. 19. Social Lending P2p credit: electrOUncle 19 19
  20. 20. electrOUncle Private Banking electrOUncle 20
  21. 21. electrOUncle Stock Exchange Community electrOUncle 21
  22. 22. electrOUncle Rating and UGC Review Platform electrOUncle 22
  23. 23. electrOUncle Economic Community electrOUncle 23
  24. 24. electrOUncle Stock exchange game and community fidor ag electrOUncle 24
  25. 25. electrOUncle Mobile Payment electrOUncle 25
  26. 26. Market place to sell and buy insurances electrOUncle 26
  27. 27. electrOUncle Knowledge platform insurance industry electrOUncle 27
  28. 28. electrOUncle Stock Exchange Game and Community electrOUncle 28
  29. 29. electrOUncle Stock exchange game and Community electrOUncle 29
  30. 30. Mobile phone provider bank electrOUncle 30
  31. 31. electrOUncle Personal Finance Management electrOUncle 31
  32. 32. electrOUncle Private Venture capital for small companies electrOUncle 32
  33. 33. Lohas Bank Investing in social an ecological and cultural forward looking Assets established in 1974 credit union electrOUncle 33
  34. 34. electrOUncle Fair Banking German credit union trading with ethical and ecological products Following a strong value codex Human needs in the center Offering a Micro Account to heavily indebted people and ecological building loans electrOUncle 34
  35. 35. electrOUncle Credit union “Was dem Einzelnen nicht möglich ist, das vermögen Viele” “What one people can´t reach, many can” Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1818-1888) one of the founders of the german credit union idea Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken with over 15,7 million members and 30 million customers, is a pillar of the German banking industry and a major force in the German economy. They have the potential to transform their idea in an internet business model and establish a Social Banking Community using the web and social media electrOUncle 35
  36. 36. electrOUncle Credit union: What would Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen do? If Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen would live in this times he would use The Internet model The power of groups, the clout that crowds can exercise to get what they want, is nothing new. What is new, however, is the dizzying ease with which likeminded, action-ready citizens and consumers can now go online and connect, group and ultimately exert influence on a global scale. Call it group power, call it CROWD CLOUT: This is the new way to solve the problems Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen caused to found the credit unions in the nineteenth century electrOUncle 36
  37. 37. Banks using Social Media Blog Twitter electrOUncle 37
  38. 38. Banks using Social Media electrOUncle 38
  39. 39. Banks using Social Media Facebook Group of Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw electrOUncle 39
  40. 40. Finance Companies using Social Media Schwäbisch Hall is a main german building and loan Company using youtube to find new staff electrOUncle 40
  41. 41. Banks using Social Media Image Campaign. Online Plattform allows uploading of pictures and text message to an interactive map electrOUncle 41
  42. 42. List of Banks using Social Media Schwäbisch Hall you tube channel Thüringischen Sparkassen Viral you tube channell der SEB Bank youtube Kanal Deutsche Bank youtube Kanal making of Sparkasse Image Campaign Volsbanken Raiffeisenbanken Blog Sparkasse im Landkreis Schwandorf Blog Sparkasse Nürnberg Blog Sparkasse Pforzheim Blog Sparkasse Augsburg Blog GLS Bank Golf Blog of Deutsche BAnk Twitter Account Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw Twitter Account BNP Paribus Twitter Account GLS Bank Twitter Account SEB Bank electrOUncle 42
  43. 43. List of Banks using Social Media Twitter Account Volksbank Bühl Twitter Account Volksbank Oberberg Twitter Account VRMeinKonto Volksbank Gross Gerau Twitter Account Hannoverschen Volksbank Twitter Account Volksbank Kur- und Rheinpfalz Twitter Account Sparkasse Köln Bonn Twitter Account Berliner Sparkasse Twitter Account Naspa Twitter Account Landessparkasse Oldenburg TwitterAccount Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen Twitter Account Sparkasse Hanau Twitter Account Sparkasse Münsterland Ost Twitter Account LBS OSt Facebook Gruppe der Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw Facebook Gruppe der Landessparkasse Oldenburg Some Finance Companies are using german community studi.vz electrOUncle 43
  44. 44. Resources and credits Why social media may not be right to you Patricia Skinner. Blog Post on Marketing PilgrimNovember 2008 Finance 2.0 Manifesto Umair Haque Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business.Larry Weber electrOUncle 44
  45. 45. Resources and credits Why social media may not be right to you Patricia Skinner. Blog Post on Marketing PilgrimNovember 2008 Finance 2.0 Manifesto Umair Haque Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business Larry Weber electrOUncle 45
  46. 46. Resources and credits electrOUncle 46
  47. 47. electrOUncle Contact web: Mail friendfeed Twitter: www.twitter/electrouncle linkedin electrOUncle 47