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Awesome Banking


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Wir alle sind für die Zukunft der Welt und damit auch für die Gestaltung der Finanzwelt zuständing. Machen wir die Welt Awesome und machen wir Banking Awesome. Aber was ist Awesome Banking. Hier meine Idee von Awesomeness.

Some thoughts about the future of finance industry. May this future will be awesome. Let us make this future awesome. But what ist awesome banking? Here is my definition

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Awesome Banking

  1. 1. Awesome banking! You can find many more free PowerPoint templates on the Presentation Helper website
  2. 2. Awesome banking It´s about people – not money
  3. 3. It`s about passIon and love not just doing a job Awesome banking
  4. 4. It`s about ethIcs not Excess Awesome banking
  5. 5. It`s about producIng real meanIngful value and not just useless and polluting stuff Awesome banking
  6. 6. It`s about carIng not selling Awesome banking Source: Clean Water for All
  7. 7. It`s about frIendshIp and not A, B, or C customers Awesome banking TANDAS
  8. 8. It`s about sImplIfIcatIon and clarIty instead of complexity, misunderstanding and asymmetry Awesome banking
  9. 9. Awesome banking It`s about transparency and control instead of channels and frictions
  10. 10. It´s about personalIty not mass Awesome banking
  11. 11. It`s about stakeholder not shareholder Awesome banking
  12. 12. It`s about polIte data not Big Data Awesome banking
  13. 13. Awesome banking It`s about better fInance not better banks
  14. 14. It`s about real change not Repair Awesome banking
  15. 15. 30.06.2014 17.45 Uhr/Frankfurt Interaktive Keynote Jam Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung „Retail Banking – neue Geschäftsmodelle im digitalen Zeitalter Franz Sebastian Welter André Marsaille Bajorat Boris Janek Awesome Banking Jam – die digitale Transformation als Killer- Herausforderung – hot or not Awesome banking JAM
  16. 16. Awesome banking Thanks to Umair Haque cause he wrotes this awesome Manifesto You can find many more free PowerPoint templates on the Presentation Helper website