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Myprofile Jobs & Careers


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Learn the best career choices based on your personality and enjoy your career.

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Myprofile Jobs & Careers

  2. 2. Hiring the right people is the key to your business success
  3. 3.  The most important job for any manager or business owner is to employ the right people.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a multi-national global empire or a small start up family business.  To be successful and achieve your business goals you need to have the right people working for you.
  4. 4. What are the consequences of hiring the wrong people
  5. 5.  The most common cause of business failure is not hiring the right people.  The consequences of a bad hiring decision can be catastrophic – causing you lost income and unhappy employees.  Whilst no employment is 100% guaranteed Myprofile’s pre-employment assessments give you a greater chance of making the right hiring decisions.
  6. 6. Is Myprofile right for you
  7. 7. Myprofile offers you a fast, low cost pre-employment system that helps you find the right person for the job
  8. 8. Why use Myprofile
  9. 9. Selecting the right person for the job is more than just matching skills, qualifications or experience. It’s about matching a candidate’s personal style to that required by the job. Employees who are well matched to the job are more productive, add profits, stay longer and cost less to train. Myprofile is an opportunity for employers and recruiters to find out how the candidate will act and behave before employing them. It’s well known that we hire based on skills and qualifications, but we fire based on behaviour. Myprofile helps you minimise hiring mistakes by understanding the candidates behavioural profile.
  10. 10. Don’t put a square peg in a round hole
  11. 11. As children we learn to distinguish shapes, and how each shape fits perfectly when matched. As employers and recruitment consultants we must find people who are best matched to the tasks the job requires. Not every applicant who applies for a job is a suitable ‘fit’ or match.
  12. 12. A successful hire will depend on the matching of an individual’s natural talents to the requirements of the position, otherwise known as ‘job match’. Job match is one of the most reliable factors to consider when making a hiring decision. Harvard Business Review confirms in a widely cited study: “It’s not experience that counts or college degrees or other accepted factors; success hinges on a fit with the job”.
  13. 13. How is Myprofile used
  14. 14. Myprofile is used in many different ways Pre-employment job placement Finding the right person for the job. Is the candidate a good match for the company and the job? Training & Development Personalise training programs so that each employee can be developed according to their learning style Management Decision Making Help select future managers and leaders. Discover if the person is suited to the promotion and what training they may need. Conflict Resolution Resolve conflict by understanding personal styles to settle differences.
  15. 15. Benefits of using Myprofile
  16. 16.  Hire the right person for the job  Increase productivity  Reduce employee turnover  Minimise costly hiring mistakes  Reduce training costs  Increase employees sense of well being and commitment  Increase profits through higher productivity and service to customers  Build more effective and compatible teams  Communicate more effectively
  17. 17. Myprofile saves you money and minimizes expensive hiring mistakes that can cost you thousands if you hire the wrong type of person
  18. 18. How Myprofile works
  19. 19. Online internet based profiling service  Online - accessible from anywhere at any time  Assessments take less then 15 minutes to complete  Reports emailed immediately in secure PDF format  Myprofile database has over 600 different reports  Myprofile uses four personality types and people are classified into combinations of these four styles  Each style has its own unique strengths and weaknesses  Each style is better suited to some jobs than others
  20. 20. How do you order
  21. 21.  Myprofile reports are purchased directly from Myprofile or from an authorised Myprofile Reseller.  Purchases are made via the internet from and are paid by credit card at the time of ordering. All payments are in Australian dollars.  Myprofile issues purchasers report coupon codes which are unique codes containing your email address for reports to be delivered.
  22. 22. Candidate Assessment
  23. 23. Candidate Assessment Candidates go to and select Myprofile from the choice of six assessments. Enter here
  24. 24. Candidate Assessment start profile here
  25. 25. Candidate Assessment Enter name and email address then click “Proceed”
  26. 26. Candidate Assessment Check (tick) box that’s most like you and one which is least like you. When section is complete click “next”
  27. 27. Candidate Assessment Enter coupon code here, then click “complete”.
  28. 28. Myprofile reports contain valuable information to help you make the right hiring decision  Behavioural style characteristics  Career choices & job suitability  Preferred working environment  Value to the organisation  Management style  Communication style
  29. 29. Job Profiler A Myprofile service to help you identify the type of person the job requires
  30. 30. Every person has a job that perfectly matches their personal style. Confucius said “if you are in a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Job Profiler helps you to identify what type of person is best suited to the job and benchmark the job style so that you can match candidate profiles and find the “ideal person”. Using Job Profiler you will save time and money by selecting people who are better matched to the job.
  31. 31. Job profiler takes just a few minutes to complete. It’s available free to clients on the Myprofile website You are asked to rate the most and the least important qualities that the job requires. You enter your details and within minutes you will receive an email Job Profiler report. Use this report to match candidates’ profiles. You can also use the copy from the report content in your job advertisement to attract people of a similar style.
  32. 32. Understand what type of person the job requires Profile candidates to find the best match Learn to bring out the best talent in your employees
  33. 33. Other Myprofile products for business & life
  34. 34. Behavioural & Psychometric Assessments Myprofile Mycoach Jobs & Careers People Management Mychild MyNetworkSuccess Discover Potential Direct Selling for Self Employed MyCareerMatch MySalesSuccess Choosing a career Sales Behaviour & Training
  35. 35. Myprofile's core belief is the better we understand people the better our relationships, the better our business, the better our personal lives and the better our contribution to our community
  36. 36. Our solutions are limitless We help match the right person for the job We provide businesses with people management solutions We guide young people on the right career path We help parents build great relationships with their children We help coaches and managers mentor and train effectively We help sales people achieve greater success
  37. 37. Choose the product to suit your needs Sales Career Network Myprofile Mycoach Mychild Success Match Success Recruitment, Job Profiling Pre employment assessments Employee Relationships Workforce Planning & Promotion Management Improvement Staff Training & Team Building Life Coaches, Mentors, Counsellors Sales Development & Training Parent - Child Relationships Family Counsellors Career Choices Direct Selling, Sponsoring Managing Teams & Motivation
  38. 38. Order your profile reports now. Become a Myprofile client today.