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Increasing Memorial Donations


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Making memorial gifts easy for everyone: donor and non-profit

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Increasing Memorial Donations

  1. 1. INCREASE DONATIONS AND REDUCE COST Donor must: Find a check Find a stamp & envelope Look up organization's address Taketomailbox Donor will: Find deceased URL on mobile device Make a donation THE CURRENT WAY� MY MEMORIAL GIFT WAY How much time and money will you save? How many more donations will you receive? Hospice has to: Wait 3-5 business days for donation to arrive Locate or create a donor profile Linktohonoree'sprofile Processthedonation Mail out a donor acknowledgements Update family on donations received Curious? Call us to find out, 330.929.1353 ext. 255 My Memory Gift does everything else (inafractionofthetime&cost) Hospice will: Reconcile bank deposit with donation report