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Help Your Reps Reach Their Goals


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Let's face it, not all of your sales reps are going to be all stars. That is why you coach them and help them to meet their goals. See how CRM SmartMap goes beyond traditional coaching to help your reps perform better.

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Help Your Reps Reach Their Goals

  1. 1. Help Your Reps Reach Their Goals A lesson in sales productivity. Car artwork by
  2. 2. Meet Joan  Joan does not micromanage her reps, but as she reviews each rep’s goals in CRM she notices that the 80/20 rule is applying.  Her top reps are hitting and exceeding their goals while the vast majority are not.  What are the top reps doing differently?
  3. 3. Looking for an Answer  Joan digs deeper into the CRM data and finds that her top reps are communicating with more prospects.  They also have more contacts with their customers and prospects.  How can she help the others to do the same?
  4. 4. Time for a Change  Joan realized that for her lower- performing reps there were some sales training issues, but the one quick-fix she needed is a way for them to boost their call productivity.  This led her to a tool called CRM SmartMap.
  5. 5. A Solution  CRM SmartMap is a mapping add-on to Microsoft Dynamics CRM that utilizes Bing Maps.  It is designed to provide sales managers with a greater insight into reps prospecting decisions for better coaching and increased sales success.
  6. 6. What it Offers  Joan will now be able to see what the other 80% of her reps are doing, so she can instill the practices of her top performers upon them.  And when her reps are planning their days, they will have the tools they need to succeed.
  7. 7. A Realization is Made  After attending a demo Joan determined that CRM SmartMap would be exactly the tool that her company needed to help her underperforming reps.  It was very easy to use, with little to no training required.  The cost of the tool was also miniscule in comparison to the benefits it would provide to the company as a whole.
  8. 8. Better Coaching Begins  After CRM SmartMap was installed, Joan began regular coaching meetings with the sales reps to help them see how they could more-effectively plan their days and hit their goals.  Joan was able to help her reps see, on live maps, who to target and how to plan each day.
  9. 9. Well Worth the Investment  Joan began seeing reps consistently hit higher percentages of their sales goals after CRM SmartMap was implemented.  She saw that her reps were using CRM SmartMap on a regular basis and the effects of it were showing.  The tool not only helped her underperforming reps reach their full potential, but it also further improved the performance of her top reps.
  10. 10. Lesson Learned  Joan, while a great sales manager, needed assistance in helping her underperforming reps hit their sales goals.  Now when Joan is coaching her reps she has all the knowledge she needs at her fingertips in one integrated tool.
  11. 11.  Take Joan’s lead and help your reps to hit their sales goals today.  To discover how CRM SmartMap can help you, watch this video on the solution.
  12. 12. InfoGrow has over 27 successful years helping organizations accelerate sales and achieve sustained growth through strategy, process and business technologies. Our sales and marketing solutions can improve organizational productivity and boost results through better, more-informed decision making. Learn more about InfoGrow and the CRM SmartMap at or call 330-929-1353.