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Treatment for our music video


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Treatment for our music video

  1. 1. Treatment for our music video (Therapy, by Corinne Vielle)<br />The narrative of our video is that of a childhood romance and requited love. The girl “Zara” is in love with her childhood friend “Jordan”. They have known each other for a while and she “Intensely adores” him, though the feeling is apparently not mutual between the two. While reminiscing about past times with Jordan, after having an argument with him, she realises how much she cares about him and realises that if he went away she would “Probably go insane”.<br />Zara throughout the day of thinking back to past times, such as playing at school, going to the cinema with him and taking long intimate walks in the park, she eventually comes to the conclusion that her feelings for Jordan run deeper, and that she loves him.<br />Having arranged a meeting at Jordan’s house to make up from their argument, Zara finds it an opportune time to confess her feelings to him, however unable to tell it to his face she decides to write him a letter, slipping it under his door and awaiting the either romantic or crushing outcome. The contents of the letter will be the chorus of our chosen song “Therapy” Also the starting line of her letter will be adapted from a text that Jordan sent to her in an attempt to apologize for the earlier argument. This will highlight the importance of their feelings towards one another, as well as how much Zara values Jordan’s words, and takes them to heart.<br />The sound of the letter being pushed through the box means Jordan hears it and opens it instantly, reading the letter and giving the camera a big smile(Close up) He realises Zara could not have gone far and runs after her, he soon finds her and gives her a hug from behind confirming his feelings to Zara and he audience of the video.<br /> <br />