Analysis of Opening Film Techniques Employed in Terminator 2: Judgment day (1991)<br />Film TechniquesExamples of typical...
Analysis+Of+Opening+Techniques Terminator
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Analysis+Of+Opening+Techniques Terminator


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Analysis+Of+Opening+Techniques Terminator

  1. 1. Analysis of Opening Film Techniques Employed in Terminator 2: Judgment day (1991)<br />Film TechniquesExamples of typical film techniques used and why– Illustrate your findings with references to actual onscreen moments. Titling – colour, font style, over image or black, timing, credits presentation etc Titles done over post/pre apocalypse background to give a sense of the future. Lightstorm entertainment. Some credits done over playground, city and some done in same place only ruptured in flames. A James Cameron film (director)- his name before others, shows him to be more respected and accomplished than others. The font is given a cold, machine like look.Terminator 2: Judgment day written in steel plating after war scene ends.Camera Movement (panning, tracking, crane shot and crabbing etc)Pan shot used to follow girls movement on swing- showing innocence of youth.Tracking shot used with movement of soldiers during the war sequence- quite rapid and fast, like it is hard for the audience to keep up with them.Framing of Shot (CU, MLS, ELS etc)Long shot used to show busy motorway, lots of people.Medium close up of terminator so we can get a clear image of what it looks like.Close up of “John Connor” character so we can see what leader of human looks like- probably main character of film.Camera Angles (high and low angles etcHigh angle used on first appearance of terminator showing it to have the upper hand in the battle as it cracks a human skull showing humans to be insignificant and the terminators being the superior ones.Selection of mise-en-scène including colour, figure, pops, lighting, objects, location and setting;Location is set in busy parts of a city- motorway, children’s playground and then switching to war setting. Lighting is used to signify the beginning of the war – point where girl is on swing, also special effects lighting is used in the war scene when the guns are being fired.Editing directions(Match cuts, jump cut, reverse shots etc)Jump cuts used to show various areas of the world which could potentially be affected by what’s about to come. The jump is made from the girl on the swing to the “inevitable” war which jumps again later on to more credits though with a different background.Sound techniques(diegetic, non diegetic, silence, dialogue Non diegetic music creating sound bridge throughout entire opening. Silence used in beginning of war sequence (also in this scene both sonic exaggeration through the use of guns and dialogue of woman playing “Sarah Connor” can be heard, soon followed by music again even into further titles.Actor’s positioning and movementActors movement during war sequence seems quite erratic and desperate while the terminators move as typical machines, very robotic and fixed, they seem to always be moving in the frame usually right to left.<br /> <br /> <br />