P90X vs INSANITY - Which one Gets Best Results?


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If you are trying to find the best ways to get ripped, make sure you figure out if you want to get results with P90X or INSANITY.

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P90X vs INSANITY - Which one Gets Best Results?

  1. 1. P90X vs INSANITYPosted by Bob Sharpe in Workout Reviews, Workouts | 0 commentsThe big war on P90X vs INSANITY is righthere at SharpeFIT.com. As someone who hastried BOTH P90X and INSANITY, I will give myopinions on both. I’ll also share some facts forthose of you who may be looking for somebasic information on what each program is allabout. I get a lot of questions from my teammembers on what would work better for them,P90X or INSANITY. When I’m asked tocompare the two, they really are two differentmachines. The true answer behind whetherP90X or INSANITY is better for you is basedon what you want out of the program. So readon and let’s dig into which one WINS the WARfor you!P90X vs INSANITY – the Basic FactsHere is a quick comparison that you may have seen, but as you will see there are some differencesalready. If you check it out, INSANITY is shorter as far as time. P90X usually lasts about 60 minutes,with the exception of Yoga which is about 1 1/2 hours.P90X vs INSANITY P90X INSANITYCelebrity Trainer Tony Horton Shaun T.Length of Program 90 Days 60 DaysPrimary Game plan Muscle Confusion Max Interval TrainingNumber of WorkoutDVDs12 DVDs 10 DVDsWorkout Schedule 6 days per week / 1 rest/stretch day6 Days per week / 1rest dayEquipment Needed(Minimum)Pull Up BarWeights (Dumbbells orResistance bands)NoneRecommendedEquipmentYoga MatYoga Blocks (2)Heart Rate MonitorPush up BarsHeart RateMonitorYoga Matfree fitness coursewho is this guy?Welcome to SharpeFIT.com. Myname is Bob Sharpe, and about 2 years agoI said ENOUGH to being out of shape, fat,and tired! I started this website to documentmy journey while helping others achievetheir results as well. Read more about Bobconnect with me on facebook!recent postsP90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps –ReviewFood Industry IssuesCoach BeachbodyStart Here! Fitness » Motivation Eating Right » My Journey Make Money Success StoriesHome All About Bob » Work with Bob Supplements » Challenge Groups Contact Shopconverted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. Push up BarsRecommendedSupplementsShakeology NutritionP90X Results and RecoveryFormulaE&E Energy and Endurance(Pre-Workout)See P90XDifficulty Extreme, But Easy to ModifyVery Extreme, cardio-basedGuarantee? 30 Days Money Back 30 Days Money BackPrice $119.95 $119.95P90X vs INSANITY – My Experiences and OpinionWhen I originally was desperate and trying to lose weight, P90X was my first program (and yes Iwas wondering the difference of P90X vs INSANITY). It was the first program that I did that helpedme lose 70 pounds and look much better. However, when I say this to people, the question comes up:“Well, what if you started with INSANITY?” And, I will be quite honest with you: I don’t know if I wouldhave gotten the same results. The reason being is that I was overweight and never worked out ever(who would have thought that some day I would be a fitness geek HAHA). Regardless, INSANITY ishighly cardio-based. It makes the P90X Cardio look like a stroll in the park.With this in mind, I feel that if I would have started with INSANITY, as larger as I was, I would havegot short-breathed too quickly and gave up. With P90X, it is still difficult, but it is targeted to gettingyou modifying the moves and helping you get awesome results. Once I achieved results with P90Xand lost the weight, I picked up INSANITY (it was still a big challenge) and was able to maximize thatprogram much better. But this is my own personal opinion – you may have a different experiencebased on what you like. If you like cardio and running, pick up INSANITY. If you like overall musclebuilding and weight loss, P90X may be your best shot. Either way P90X vs INSANITY, it is differentdepending on who you are. So, let’s check out the Pros and Cons of Each:Pros of P90X – P90X vs INSANITYCons of P90X – P90X vs INSANITYPros of INSANITY – P90X vs INSANITYCons of INSANITY – P90X vs INSANITYSo, you might say, “Hey Coach Bob – what is your favorite then knowing all that we know now??”To give my honest opinion, my favorite and preferred starting program is…P90X. It is the one thatgives the most results that I’ve seen in people. It is also easy to follow, good for starters, and hasless cardio. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I hate cardio. I used to be that person that justdespised running (in fact, I still do hate running). The cardio in INSANITY will remind you of running a1 mile race. If you love that stuff, INSANITY is for you, if not…P90X is your medicine!It’s now up to YOU – Is it P90X or INSANITY?Click the button you want. You will also get a free account with Coach Bob Sharpe (me). I will helpCoach you through P90X and INSANITY giving you my free secret tips and tricks for getting theMOST out of the program.P90X TV OfferP90X INSANITY HybridThree Different P90X Workout Schedules you can choose from (Classic, Lean, Doubles)Good Resistance Training (muscles burn fat faster!). And for my ladies out there, no, it will notmake you look like She-Hulk – it will slim you down.Muscle Confusion. This is the secret behind why the program works. You can get some awesomeweight loss because the program consistently changes (it also helps you stay committed andless bored)The workouts are longer than INSANITY, about 60-75 minutesThere are different P90X equipment needs, such as Pull-Up Bar and Weights/Resistance BandsIntense workouts to burn body fat (for those able to keep up with the intensity)No Equipment needed at allWorkouts are only about 45 minutes (shorter than P90X)Not the program for beginners. If you haven’t worked out for a while, try P90X on modificationsMore cardio to help you burn fat. Might not be the best workout for building muscleconverted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  3. 3. First name Email addressShare thisnow:Like 6 TweetTweet 45 0Leave a ReplyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *Name *Click here to buy P90XClick here to buy P90XClick here to buy INSANITYClick here to buy INSANITYI hope you enjoyed this post on P90X vs INSANITY. Please make sure you comment below and letme know what other questions you have. You can also Sign-Up for a Free Account before you buyand connect with me to discuss more options.I look forward to hearing about your success with P90X or INSANITY once you are finished with theprogram!Bob SharpeP.S. – If you want to hear the secrets of how you can maximize your fitness results in a shortamount of time, fill in the boxes below for your Fitness Blueprint today!Four Ways to DOMINATE Your FitnessFour Ways to DOMINATE Your FitnessSimply enter your information into the form below for FREEaccessSimply enter your information into the form below for FREEaccessYour Privacy is SAFE - I hate spam with a passion!!Incoming search terms:p90x vs insanityget insanity workout reviews vs p90xp90x equipmentP90x if you havent worked out for a whilep90x vs insanity for weight lossOther posts that may interest you:1. New INSANITY Workout Exercises NEW INSANITY Workout Exercises are here, and I’m [...]...2. INSANITY Review – Core Cardio and Balance Welcome to my INSANITY Review of Core Cardio andBalanc...3. INSANITY Cardio Abs Review Today was my final day of Week 2 in my...In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight andstruggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, hededicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is tohelp others do the same through his Beachbody coachingand assistance here on SharpeFIT.com. Bob Sharpe onGoogle + | Leaders Only – Click Here1converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
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