Watch out for the MLMBeachbody MLMPosted by Bob Sharpe in Coach Opportunity | 0 commentsThanks for visiting!...
Join my MLM and you will be a millionaire by Friday!Common Misconceptions of the MLM Structure –Beachbody MLMSo let’s take...
How to get in on the Beachbody MLM?Not so fast! The Beachbody MLM is not for everyone. Like I mentioned in my infoabove, t...
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Beachbody MLM - The Shocking Details


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Many know about Beachbody as it is a very popular company. Less people know about Beachbody MLM (also known as Team Beachbody MLM). Check out the details here

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Beachbody MLM - The Shocking Details

  1. 1. Watch out for the MLMBeachbody MLMPosted by Bob Sharpe in Coach Opportunity | 0 commentsThanks for visiting! Grab Your FREE Team Beachbodyaccount today to get personalized support, access, and motivation tostay on track with your fitness and health goals from Coach Bob Sharpe(P90X, P90X2, INSANITY, Asylum Grad). Sign-Up Now for your free account today.RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! BeachbodyMLM is coming to get you! That’sright folks, Beachbody MLM!! I hopeI’m not the first to break this toanyone, but P90X and Beachbody isan MLM!! Anyone who has heard ofMulti-level marketing, Direct Sales, orNetwork Marketing may agree thatthis is a scary thing! MLM companieshave received a lot of bad rap in thepast for shady consultants/IBOs, andbeing associated with the almightyPYRAMID SCHEME that “MLM” hasalmost become a curse word!But Beachbody is a very reputablecompany, right? Why would theychoose MLM/Network Marketing fortheir company? In this post I’m goingto reveal the BAD Things about Beachbody MLM and the GOOD Things aboutBeachbody MLM.First, watch this video. I will share my own experience as someone who is, yes,associated with Beachbody MLM. I will also share a scary thing that happened to me ata Circuit City back in the day!Scary Stuff, isn’t it!? So when I lost 70 pounds with the popular P90X program, I wentto GOOGLE. I did a search just to check out a few things on the program. It was thenthat I discovered the opportunity of becoming a Beachbody Coach and helping otherpeople with P90X (share my secrets to success with the “X” and how I lost weight). Itwas all interested and then I got worried when I realized it was a Beachbody MLM (Ihad flash backs of that time in Circuit City as I mention in the video). So what I will dois share some of the common misconceptions and issues with MLM, and how if you finda LEGITIMATE MLM company, you could (keyword is “could”) earn an fitness coursewho is this guy?Welcome to Myname is Bob Sharpe, and about 2 years agoI said ENOUGH to being out of shape, fat,and tired! I started this website to documentmy journey while helping others achievetheir results as well. Read more about Bobconnect with me on facebook!recent postsP90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps –ReviewFood Industry IssuesCoach BeachbodyStart Here! Fitness » Motivation Eating Right » My Journey Make Money Success StoriesHome All About Bob » Work with Bob Supplements » Challenge Groups Contact Shopconverted by
  2. 2. Join my MLM and you will be a millionaire by Friday!Common Misconceptions of the MLM Structure –Beachbody MLMSo let’s take a look at the MLM(Multi-level marketing) structure.There have been manymisconceptions of what an MLM cando for you. A lot of sleazy, no-goodpeople out there selling a “falsedream”. Let’s expose this once andfor all. Afterwards, I explain why theBeachbody MLM structure isdifferent, but only for those who areinterested and capable.#1 – You can Make MoneyOVERNIGHT with a Click of theMouse! (Nope, it takes hard work,that some people do not realize – do not be fooled!)#2 – Only the People at the Top make the Money (I know many other people,including myself, who are making big money. We are no where near the top).#3 – MLM is a Pyramid Scheme (Run! Just kidding. If there is no products orservices being distributed, then yes, your MLM is a pyramid scheme and youshould be skeptical).So this is all fine and dandy, right? But then why are so many people cautious aboutthe MLM Structure? Possibly because they have seen others fail? Or maybe because itcosts money to start? Let me take a moment to explain why people are SCARED ofMLM, and how it relates to the Beachbody MLM afterwards.They see their friends start up, and then quit. Quitting in network marketing isn’tthe key to success. Stick with it, get involved with someone who has hadsuccess, and learn everything they are doing.It costs too much money. Yes, this is a business. You probably have heard thisbefore, but I shall share it here: when you build a business, will it requireinvestment? Yes. Even an online business costs for website maintenance/etc.This separates those who are rich from those who work in a wage (hourly/salary)structure. Financial investment and risk leads to larger profit over time.They get Impatient! Unfortunately nothing is overnight. If it is, I would beskeptical that it is a scam. MLM takes a while to learn and master. People get tooimpatient and frustrated and quit. Those who stick it out. Well, those are theones perceived to be “on the top” making the “millions”. I wonder why?So how is the Beachbody MLM different from justany MLM Company?Multi-Level Marketing is a group of distributors who sell products. It’s basically like areferral program, or affiliate program, with better income potential. But what makes theBeachbody MLM different? Let’s check it out:P90X TV OfferP90X INSANITY HybridPeople Helping People. You are helping people lose weight, get healthy, get fit,and earn money. This isn’t just some dispensable product. This is life changing.This is what attracted me to the Beachbody MLM. It helped me commit to STAYINGfit and not letting myself get fat after completing P90X. At the same time, I wasable to help people get fit too. What I found interesting is how much money youcan earn just by helping others.Binary Team Structure. You aren’t in this business alone. Especially myself andthe team here at We build our teams smart, so that you can earnbonuses that can make a full-time income (in time, not overnight!).Residual Incomes. Some people sell a dream that you can make auto-pilotincome sitting on the beach. This CAN be true, but again, not overnight. In timeyou will realize the potential of FREE Customer Leads that Beachbody gives you,along with your own sales, provides residual income. This means, income thatkeeps coming in without you having to talk to anyone. It can even happen whenyou’re on vacation or fast asleep! In this type of system, you can literally STOPworking all together on the Beachbody MLM, and income can still keep coming in.converted by
  3. 3. How to get in on the Beachbody MLM?Not so fast! The Beachbody MLM is not for everyone. Like I mentioned in my infoabove, there are a lot of people that jump on “the dream” and get mad fast. My teamis growing very fast, and it is my distinct vision to take my team to the very top. But Ido NOT work with everyone. If you are interested in joining in on Team SharpeFIT andaccelerating, fill in the information in the blue box below this post. From there you canview my Insider Presentation. From there we can then chat more about your goals andhow you fit in.In the meantime, check out this video from Founder and CEO Carl Daikeler. You’ll seehis vision for Team Beachbody and the Beachbody MLM.I hope you enjoyed this post on Beachbody MLM, and it helped clear up some of theconfusion. If you got any value out of this post, be sure to share on FB, Twitter, andPinterest!Yours,Bob SharpeBeachbody Coach Presentation FREEBeachbody Coach Presentation FREESimply enter your information into the form below:Simply enter your information into the form below:Awesome Leadership Team: Carl Daikeler is the CEO of Beachbody. I had theopportunity to meet him in person. Talk about a down-to-earth CEO. He remembersEVERYONES name and story. In fact, I’ve included his video below so you can seewhy he decided to move Beachbody into an MLM structure. Beachbody originallystarted in 1998 as it’s own fitness company. The MLM structure launched in 2007.Real Business Trips: This next year, in 2014, we are going on a CRUISE to theWestern Caribbean. In most MLM companies, you have to work your tail-end off toeven get half qualified for something this lucrative. For this trip, ANY and allCoaches (Distributors) are invited to board the cruise. The deal works like this: Itcosts $400 per quarter. You have a choice, you can pay it all up front and have acruise of a lifetime, or work your business to earn bonus money towards the cruise.Needless to say, my team is going on this cruise for FREE. But what is moreexciting, is that you don’t have to be the top producer with the Beachbody MLM toget in on these amazing trips.In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight andstruggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape, hededicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, after losing 70pounds and being in the best shape of his life, his goal is tohelp others do the same through his Beachbody coachingand assistance here on Bob Sharpe onGoogle + | Leaders Only – Click Hereconverted by
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