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Narrative poetry black board course


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Published in: Education
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Narrative poetry black board course

  1. 1. Narrative Poetry
  2. 2. PlotO Narrative poems have a plotO The simple definition of a plot is a beginning, a middle, and an end.O To decide whether or not a poem has a plot look for: the start of the “story,” the middle (or the main part) of the “story,” and some type of ending or conclusion.
  3. 3. CharactersO Narrative poems have at least one character.O To decide if a poem has a character ask yourself:O Who is this poem about?O Can I describe who the poem is about by what they look like or what they’re name is?O Remember a character can be a person, an animal, or an inanimate object as long as they take on “human” characteristics.
  4. 4. SettingO Narrative poems have setting.O Setting is where and when the “story” takes place.O To decide if a poem has a setting ask yourself the questions:O Where is this poem taking place?O What time period or time of day is this poem taking place.
  5. 5. ConflictO All narrative poems have a conflict.O There are three types of conflicts: O 1. person vs. person O 2. person vs. self O 3. person vs. societyO To decide if a poem has a conflict ask yourself:O What is this character up against?