Cross Platform HTML5 Mobile Development


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Cross Platform HTML5 Mobile Development

  1. 1.
  2. 2. What is Mozilla?
  3. 3. Cross PlatformHTML5 Mobile Development Robert DC. Reyes @bobreyes V1.00
  4. 4. About Me …Aviation Professional by day
  5. 5. About Me …Mozilla Representative & Firefox Contributor by night (weekends & when I’m free)
  6. 6. About Me …• Mozilla Representative since 2011• Aviation Professional since 1998• Educator, Pianist, Hobby Photographer, Hobby Blogger, Gadgeteer, & 101% Pinoy• Dad of Robyn Andi Xeon• Official Mozilla Wiki Page: •
  7. 7. Non-profit Global Organization Public benefit
  8. 8. Community
  9. 9. Mozilla project started in 1998 within Netscape• Mozilla Foundation started in 2003• approximately 350 paid staff in 20 countries• ~40% of code contributed by volunteers• Testing community of 60,000+• More than 400 million users• Global browser market share 25~30%
  10. 10. Releases ESR – Extended Support Release
  11. 11. Run it All
  12. 12. Dev Tools
  13. 13. Add-ons Firebug Web Developer Awesome Screenshot Web2Mobile
  14. 14. Personas
  15. 15. Plug in Checker
  16. 16. Mobile Fennec Boot to Gecko (B2G) Mobile Testers
  17. 17. Other Projects/Product Bugzilla Thunderbird Gecko
  18. 18. Mozilla Labs
  19. 19. Join the Team
  20. 20. • represent Mozilla in their country/region• promote the Mozilla Project and our mission• build on and support existing/future local community efforts and programs• inspire, recruit and support new contributors• support and mentor future Mozilla Reps• document clearly all his/her activities
  21. 21. Localization MozCoffee Open Web Day Narro
  22. 22. DeveloperDev Derby DayRevamp MozPH SiteCreate Add-ons
  23. 23. EngagementALAB Firefox mascotSocial Media#FirefoxFridayCreation of Teams
  24. 24. We are here forYOU!
  25. 25. got some Questions?
  26. 26. Get in Touch @mozillaPH IRC #mozilla-ph
  27. 27. We all want to be creators &build a thing that makes it easier for others to code. We don’t even follow up any longer if they are used or not,the concept of having built them makes us already feel great.
  28. 28. HTML5A standard was set & it changed a few things, a richer web for apps, was the promise it brings.
  29. 29. HTML5 Bah, standards! Who needs them? Some flashy ones said, until a phone that was smart, kicked them out of its bed.
  30. 30. HTML5 Things that are fun, should be shiny & cool, thats why the new standards bring many a new tool.
  31. 31. HTML5 (WebGL) 3D graphics are thrilling, as gamers will tell, we now have that on the web & it is called WebGL.
  32. 32. Build a Web that Will Last Be FUTURE FRIENDLY & look forward, & STOP building for the past.
  33. 33. Move the Web Forward …• The web is on phones, tablets, computers, TV’s.• We have to MOVE IT FORWARD … ... Or else our existence will cease.
  34. 34. The Firefox Mobile OS
  35. 35. What is Firefox Mobile OS?• Boot to Gecko (B2G) + Gaia + Gonk = Firefox Mobile OS • B2G  HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript | Application Runtime • Gaia  HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript | User Interface • Gonk  Linux Kernel + HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer)• A complete, standalone operating system for the open web. • Mozilla’s open source web-based operating system for mobile devices.
  36. 36. What is Firefox Mobile OS?• The framework for the Open Web Device platform was introduced at the Mobile World Congress last Feb 2012 (in Barcelona, Spain).
  37. 37. What Hardware isSupported?• As of now, B2G has been tested on Samsung Galaxy S II & the Samsung Nexus S. • Why only these devices? • Because these devices are commercially available to Mozilla employees & community members.• Mozilla announced that ZTE & Alcatel will be the lead OEM partners for the commercial shipping of B2G devices.• B2G, as of now, works (tested) on Qualcomm chipset-based hardware.
  38. 38. Why B2G?• Using HTML5, developers everywhere write directly to the web• The source code is open and accessible & the project is based entirely on open standards• Enabling HTML5 devices running on the Open Web which can deliver smartphone capabilities at feature phone prices.• 70% of the apps found in the Google Play store are written in HTML5.
  39. 39. Why B2G?• According to Telefónica: “Boot to Gecko phones will be 10 times cheaper than an iPhone.”• Boot to Gecko architecture eliminates the need for apps to be built on platform-specific native API’s.
  40. 40. Boot to Gecko UI• B2G is the low-level workings of the phone• On top of that, you will be able to have any interface layer you want • Telefónica developed one already • Mozilla has Gaia
  41. 41. What is Gaia?• Mozilla’s user interface for Boot to Gecko which is an extension of that• What makes Gaia extra interesting is that it is all developed in HTML5, CSS, & JavaScript• Gaia is developed completely in the open
  42. 42. The Gaia UX
  43. 43. The Gaia UX
  44. 44. The Gaia UX
  45. 45. The Gaia UX
  46. 46. Get in Touch with MozPH• #mozilla-ph in IRC (Mozilla server)• Twitter @bobreyes | @TagalogFirefox | @MozillaPH• Email• FB Group: Mozilla Philippines Community•