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Project Tracking Tools to Make Your Team Move Faster


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Project Tracking is important in ensuring the success of your projects.

This presentation gives a basic overview of tools you can use to make your team more efficient and accountable. It also provides insights into how existing tools can be used more efficiently.

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Project Tracking Tools to Make Your Team Move Faster

  1. 1. Project Tracking Tools To Make Your Team Move Faster Akinbobola Akinola
  2. 2. My Profile Project Manager at INITS Limited in Lagos Experience in Technology Project Management, Program Management and Business Analysis
  3. 3. Table of Contents Paper Notepad To-Do Lists Email Calls / SMS / OTT Services Kanban Boards Issue Trackers
  4. 4. Project Tracking Tools Tool / Phase Conception Initiation Delivery Support Paper Notepad Yes No Yes No To-Do Lists Yes No Yes Yes Calls / SMS / OTT Yes Yes Yes Yes
  5. 5. Project Tracking Tools Tool / Phase Conception Initiation Delivery Support Email Yes Yes Yes Yes Kanban Boards No No Yes Yes Issue Tracker No No Yes Yes
  6. 6. Paper Notepad Very useful for requirements gathering. Can always be referred to without having to charge a device or access the internet. Deeply personal Also useful for meeting notes during the course of project delivery.
  7. 7. To-Do Lists Useful for tracking individual tasks and Subtasks Helps Measure Level of Completeness for Tasks. Can be physical or software (Web app / Mobile App) Examples:, Google Tasks (embedded in Gmail), Google Keep, Wunderlist
  8. 8. Calls / SMS / OTT Services Useful to provide general updates and to communicate urgent details to client. In order of reliability 1. Calls 2. SMS 3. OTT OTT most flexible
  9. 9. Kanban Boards Kanban - japanese word meaning “visual signal / card” Kanban Technique first used by Toyota in the 1950s Used to communicate and track project status, progress and issues Ensures everyone sees the entire project at a glance
  10. 10. What Kanban Boards do for Teams Kanban Boards help teams to Visualize and optimize workflow. identify Blockers and Dependencies Provides transparency to all stakeholders
  11. 11. Kanban Boards Types Physical Board Physical sticky notes with different colors used to denote category or segment or type of task. Color strips used to denote status
  12. 12. Kanban Boards Types Software Board Modern version Mobile Apps available Flexibility Innovative Features
  13. 13. Example Kanban Board (Physical) Image © m
  14. 14. Example Kanban Board (Software) Image © The Firehose Project
  15. 15. Email Useful for tracking conversations around issues Email trail can be used to keep either party in a project accountable Not very good at tracking tasks An Examples of task based email service - Google Inbox
  16. 16. Issue Trackers Used to collate and monitor problems that are reported by customers Has different names in different industries Some examples of Issue Trackers: Sifter, Jira Bug Tracker, FogBugz, Remedy, Bugzilla
  17. 17. Conclusion Project Tracking helps teams to Become more efficient Track costs Complete projects on time Identify issues early and fix them
  18. 18. Questions? Email me: