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Persp pres


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Persp pres

  1. 1. Searching For PerspectiveHemingway and American Writers in Paris
  2. 2. The Great War DEAD10 million combatants 7 million civilians
  3. 3. At Home Racism African AmericansChinese/Japanese Americans Native Americans Jews Censorship Literature Art Cinema Political Discourse
  4. 4. The Result?Anomie Something gone wrong with the Enlightenment Reason seemed in doubt Cultural norms were being challenged in EuropeThe Arts Patronage restricted Showings/publication/readings limited Limited ability to learn the various artistic skills Inability to subsist while learning
  5. 5. The Solution? Expatriatism - moving to another country Paris – 1920s, 1950s to 1960s London – early 20th century Prague – 1980s to today Vienna – today
  6. 6. What Was NeededCommunity of other writersMentorsLibraries/ book storesPlaces to meetInexpensive, available foodCheap living space
  7. 7. American Writers Living in ParisEzra Pound Kay BoyleScott Fitzgerald H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)John Dos PassosGertrude SteinSherwood AndersonHenry MillerDjuna BarnesArchibald MacLeish
  8. 8. Others in the Paris CommunitySamuel BeckettAnais NinGerald and Sara MurphyLawrence DurellFord Madox FordPablo Picasso
  9. 9. Ernest Hemingway Volunteered for the army in 1917 Served in Italy – handled maimed bodies Wounded in 1918 – heroically saved a man’s life Returned to the U.S. (age 19), bored with “normal life.” Married, took wife and son to Paris in 1921 Blurred lines between fiction/nonfiction/journalism
  10. 10. John Dos Passos Harvard Graduate Volunteered for the ambulance corps in 1917 Remained in Paris after the war, studied at the Sorbonne Became a “social revolutionary.” Manhattan Transfer/ USA/stream of consciousness
  11. 11. H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) Poet, novelist, memoirist Moved to London in 1911 – Imagist movement Mentored by Ezra Pound WWI - lost brother and marriage Bisexual – championed gay rights/feminism Magna Graeca novels influenced by Freud
  12. 12. Djuna Barnes Born in log cabin in NY Grandmother Zadel Barnes Women’s suffragist activist Bohemian community in Greenwich Village Journalist influenced by James Joyce Went to Paris in 1920 Ryder- novel of a polygamous household
  13. 13. Scott Fitzgerald First published story at age 13 Graduated from Princeton The Great Gatsby/1925 Made excursions to Paris with Zelda Trouble writing (alcoholism) Hemingway befriended him
  14. 14. The Lost Generation Hemingway the chronicler/voice of the “Lost Generation.” The Sun Also Rises A Moveable Feast The “Pilot Fish” analogy “Never any ending to Paris.”