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UXD – What is User Experience Design?


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UXD - A Vogue or Necessity? It further give insights into 5 types of web browsing experience, UXD's expected evolution in near future, and also highlights UXD's process as well as technique involved. The presentation also sahres the views on User Experience Design Advantages and about the 5 significant features of UXD Web Design. Also know how UXD balance out 'RWD, Uniqueness, User Friendly, Organized and Rationality in Web Layout.

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UXD – What is User Experience Design?

  2. 2. UXD is Mainly Fragmented into 5 Web Design Features: Usability Design Graphic Design Interface Design Information Design Logic Design Thus, Users Can Have 5 Types of Web Browsing Experience...
  3. 3. Is UXD a Vogue or a Necessity?  UXD is necessity of technology advancement  UXD determines browsing experience  UXD will boost Mobile First Design Requirements UXD serves User Satisfaction Agenda Conclusion: UXD is a necessity of ‘Future Web Demand’
  4. 4. How Can UXD Evolve in Near Future? Few Years Back Who Knows Web Design Will Change!
  5. 5. Process Involved in UXD? UXD Produced Next – Gen Web Designers…
  6. 6. Web Design Process Outlay as per UXD Technique: ‘UXD = Research + Audit + Visual + Prototypes + Testing’
  7. 7. Is UXD a Branch of Web Design?  UXD is not a branch of web design  UXD is an individual process or interface that balance product and user needs / sometimes determines satisfaction level  UXD has been adapted by Web Design Experts to make design more research oriented, industry specified, user oriented, and a platform that creates loyalty, craze or demand  Web Design Company in India use UXD as a process to evaluate client needs, audit target market expectations, analyze design requirements, and plan out mobile market demand Queries for UXD can be inquired @ ‘Technosiss’… (24/7)
  8. 8. Advantages of UXD in Web Design?
  9. 9. Let’s Once Again Talk About 5 Features OF UXD? UXD a great platform to bring Business Interact with Users
  10. 10. What are its major Components? UXD Focus on Responsive Web Design (RWD)… Functionality RWD Accessibility
  11. 11. What are its major Components? UXD Gives an Unique Identity & Brand Behavior… Style Behavior Branding
  12. 12. What are its major Components? Page Layouts Navigations Functions UXD Ensure User Friendly Design Accessibility…
  13. 13. What are its major Components? UXD Present Organized Data & Information… Structure Order Combined Resources
  14. 14. What are its major Components? Search & Retrieval Manipulation Performance UXD Ensures Rational Website Performance…
  15. 15. Can Responsive Web Design Company Benefit with UXD Formula? Thus, UXD is only hope that can make audit, analysis, & planning possible for Responsive Design in such scenario… Yes… How & Why?  Everyday Device Innovation  New Device Means New Screen Size  Hence, Greater Mobile Adaptability Required  Mobile will become primary source of internet  Research for complex market is essential
  16. 16. Conclusion:  UXD is new level of innovation and interface attainment in Web Design  UXD will give greater accessibility to understand Mobile Market for Responsive Web Design  UXD ensures ‘RWD, Uniqueness, User Friendly, Organized, & Rationality’ in Web Layout…  UXD ascertains Web Design Structure with components of ‘Valuable, Usable, Useful, Desirable, Accessible, Credible, & Findable’ Want to Know more! For UXD Responsive Design Consult ~ Technosiss Responsive Design Company Contact @; Call @ 41060181