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Call Sheet


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By Bob Mackenzie

Published in: Education
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Call Sheet

  1. 1. Call Sheet Actor: Fran Summers Role: Female Protagonist (Lead Role) Release Form Signed: Yes Shooting Between: Dec 15 – March 16 Shoot Time: Varied Producer: Bob Mackenzie Director: Bob Mackenzie Fran Summers will be both my ‘scary’ character and the victim character at the same time. The opening titles will show how any ordinary person can become possessed and horrified. She will be an ordinary human during some scenes, however a scary character (using special FX make-up) in other scenes. I have chosen Fran as my actor because from working with her in the past, I have seen how brilliant she is at playing different roles. As she is currently studying drama, Fran is actively working in the world of acting. I wanted somebody who is good at acting scared, which I know Fran is good at. She is a great spirit, and will be committed with helping me with my film.