Why outsource deposition summaries to a reliable provider


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Outsourcing deposition summaries brings concrete benefits primarily in terms of cost and time savings. You also get to work with a firm that provides customized services.

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Why outsource deposition summaries to a reliable provider

  1. 1. MOS Medical Reviews Phone: (800) 670 2809 Why Outsource Deposition Summaries to a Reliable ProviderDeposition summaries should contain only the most important data, they shouldbe easy to read and the information must be presented in such a way that it iseasy to access. They are of great importance to an insurance company or attorneywhen it comes to litigation. If thepreparation of deposition summariesis done in your office, your staff orparalegals will have to be assigned todo the job. This could turn out to becostly. If deposition summaries areoutsourced to a reliable provider,benefits are assured primarily in termsof cost and time savings as well asreduced effort.Why Outsource Deposition Summary?Outsourcing is definitely a more economic option for most businesses as it hasbeen proven time and again. Outsourcing deposition summary also comes withits fair share of tangible benefits. Here is a look at them one by one. • A seasoned medical review company will have qualified and experienced professionals who can provide deposition summaries quickly and cost- effectively. More importantly, the summarization will be done flawlessly. Deposition Summaries
  2. 2. MOS Medical Reviews Phone: (800) 670 2809 • Usually billing is by the page rather than by the hour. This ensures that your costs remain fixed irrespective of the time. Outsourcing saves you valuable dollars in benefits, salary and overhead besides freeing up your in-house staff to deal with other important aspects of the case. • A reputable medical review firm goes all out to provide concise and accurate deposition summaries. The QA process the company follows will be impeccable since it has a reputation to maintain and lays emphasis on client satisfaction. The quality assurance team would undertake a meticulous check for precision, consistency of format, typographical errors and length of summary. • Outsourcing firms are uncompromising when it comes to efficiency. That is what makes outsourcing a great option. Your partnering firm will give you the deposition summaries within your desired turnaround time, with many leading providers specializing in completing the task on a rush basis. • As the client of a recognized medical review company, you will be assured absolute confidentiality and security for the data you entrust to them. Besides, they will have foolproof measures in place to avoid conflicts of interest. The computers used will be secure and password-protected. • You can ask for deposition summaries in your preferred format: page by page or topical summary or any other format you may want. The medical record review company will provide you easy-to-read and understand, concise summaries that are usually ten percent of the original transcript. Deposition Summaries
  3. 3. MOS Medical Reviews Phone: (800) 670 2809It’s Easy to Evaluate Deposition Summary ServicesChoosing a service provider is easy if you go for the free trial option manyreputable medical review firms offer. You can see for yourself how well they dothe deposition summary, check out the TAT, and most importantly their customerservice standards. Based on your evaluation, select an outsourcing partner youfeel comfortable and confident associating with.Contact DetailsMOS Medical Reviews8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Phone: (800) 670 2809Article Source: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/288087 Deposition Summaries