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Save additional expenses with outsourced medical transcription services


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Outsourced medical transcription services ensure a range of benefits. Professional services help avoid additional expenses required to maintain extra staff and infrastructure in-house.

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Save additional expenses with outsourced medical transcription services

  1. 1. MTS Transcription Services Call: (800) 670 2809Save Additional Expenses with Outsourced Medical Transcription ServicesMany healthcare facilities now prefer to outsource their medical transcriptionjobs to external service providers with a view to reducing the operational costsand enhancing productivity. With medicaltranscription services from reliable medicaltranscription companies, healthcare providerscan save on the additional expenses requiredto maintain innovative infrastructure, softwaretools, advanced technology and dictationequipment, and skilled professionals tocomplete the transcription jobs within thefacility.Outsourced Transcription Services Ensure Considerable Cost SavingsIn the present day economy, healthcare facilities are finding it hard to meet theexpenses involved in maintaining in-house medical transcription systems. Theyare constantly on the search for solutions to problems related to shortage ofskilled manpower, increase in operating costs, continuing staff training expensesand so on. Medical transcription outsourcing has proven to be an effectivesolution to resolve the regular medical record documentation tasks in a budget-friendly manner. Focusing on the documentation requirements of hospitals,clinical facilities, individual physicians, group practices and other medicalgroups, leading U.S based medical transcription companies are providingaffordable transcription services.Organized medical transcription services would help medical practices eliminatethe hassles involved in recruiting and training medical transcription Medical Transcription Services
  2. 2. MTS Transcription Services Call: (800) 670 2809professionals and other supporting staff to perform in-house transcription. Theseservices help healthcare providers save at least 30% to 40% of their operationalcosts, and also eliminate the bulk expenses needed to provide additionalemployee benefits such as bonuses and other allowances, sick and vacation paybenefits, payroll taxes, insurance benefits and more. The services of aprofessional medical transcription company ensure the following supplementarybenefits: • Reduced documentation workload • Helps to store error-free and updated medical records in easy-to-use file formats • Streamlined documentation workflow • No transcription backlogs • Enhanced staff efficiency and productivity • Avoid expenses required to set up innovative infrastructure and technology • Avoid volume paperwork • Free up resourcesHigh-tech Technology for Quality SolutionsMost leading medical transcription companies are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, modern dictation equipment, innovative softwarepackages, and experienced transcription experts to provide reliable and accuratetranscription for all medical specialities. These firms are capable of handlingtranscription tasks of any volume. The transcription professionals in these firmsensure error-free transcripts for all types of medical records including historyand physical examination reports, clinic notes, progress notes, procedure notes, Medical Transcription Services
  3. 3. MTS Transcription Services Call: (800) 670 2809laboratory reports, discharge summaries, operative reports, follow-up notes,narratives, and letters. Moreover, to ensure 99% accuracy, the transcribedreports are carefully cross-checked and verified by experienced proofreadersand quality controllers before the transcripts are delivered to the clients.Ensures Stringent Data PrivacySystematic medical transcription services offer greater security andconfidentiality for all medical reports and patient health information with strictadherence to HIPAA norms. Other service features include: • Convenient dictation options: digital dictation machines and toll free number • Real-time transcription progress reports • Web-enabled document flow management interface • 24x7 technical support and customer service • Minimum turnaround time • Secure uploading of voice files and retrieval of reports • Competitive pricing with savings up to 30-40% • Secure 256 bit AES encryption • Browser based transfer of files • No obligation free trial facility, and morePartner with a Reputable CompanyIt is obvious that reliable medical transcription services would enable healthcareproviders to concentrate more on core activities and improve the efficiency ofthe practice. However, to get quality outsourcing services that can help avoidadditional expenses and save money, healthcare groups must ensure to partner Medical Transcription Services
  4. 4. MTS Transcription Services Call: (800) 670 2809with a reputable medical transcription company. Such a firm can provide qualitysolutions that best suit your requirements and budget within your specified timeframe. MTS Transcription Services 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 Phone: (800) 670 2809Article Source: Medical Transcription Services