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Medical review service benefits for physicians


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A professional medical review company can provide excellent medical review service and thereby ensure many benefits for physicians.

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Medical review service benefits for physicians

  1. 1. Medical Review Service - Benefits for PhysiciansPhysicians are called upon to evaluate medical review for attorneys, law firms,insurance companies and other organizations. As this is a time-consuming andcomplex task, many busy doctors now seek the support of independent medicalreview companies. The medical review service offered by such companies offersphysicians many benefits.Medical Review Service – Gains of OutsourcingMedical review services are necessary in cases relating to personal injury,nursing home litigation, workers compensation, medical malpractice, fraud andabuse, and medical necessity, as well as for dealing with general medico-legalissues.Records needing review aregeneral records, hospital records,assessment records, treatmentrecords, diagnostic records.These, in turn, would includepatient admission and dischargerecords, doctors’ and nurses’treatment and progress notes, laband imaging test reports, ER and operating room records, service provider lists,prescription information, and much more. There could be handwritten notes inaddition to electronic records. All these will have to be checked for completeness,accuracy and authentication. Missing information pertinent to the case will haveto be identified and relevant events highlighted. Insurance, billing and medicalcodes have to be checked.
  2. 2. In fact, busy physicians stand to gain when they outsource these medical recordreview tasks to an efficient service provider. A professional medical reviewcompany would have the technology, infrastructure and manpower necessary tohandle voluminous medical review tasks. They can ensure error-free medicalreview services to meet stringent deadlines.Organized Medical Record ReviewTrained and experienced professionals in medical review companies ensureefficient support for medical record organization. This includes: • Checks to confirm that the medical record is complete • Pagination and tabbing of the records • Organizing and grouping documents according to category • Arranging all information and documents in chronological order • Tabulation and summaries for easy reference • Medical record review transcription to suit client needsSuch efficient medical record review assistance helps physicians easily retrievethe information they need to provide evidence in medical cases involvingcomplex issues.The Right Medical Review Service ProviderMedical review services do offer physicians many benefits, but only if theypartner with the right provider. So if you are planning to outsource the recordreview jobs of your medical practice, make sure you contact the right medicalreview company. Look for an experienced firm that is HIPAA-compliant and can
  3. 3. offer you solutions in the desired format. Going in for a trial service is a goodidea as it can help you evaluate the service as well as ensure you are getting acompetitively priced solution.Contact Details:MOS Medical Reviews 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 Ph: (800) 670 2809 URL: