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Save The Date Magnets - What Are They


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Save The Date Magnets - What Are They

  1. 1. ==== ====For more articles on Setting Your Wedding Date GO HERE!!!www.setyourweddingdate.com==== ====If you have an event coming up in the near future, then you may wish to send something quiteunique to the people you would like to invite. These are called save the date magnets. They aresimply a thick piece of glossy photographic paper with a message printed upon them, as well as apiece of flexible magnetic material on the rear. When your friends receive these magnets, therewill absolutely love the fact that they are unique and something different from the normal invitesyou tend to receive.If you are having a party or a wedding or trying to organize an event for a club, then you can havesome magnets made up, reminding people when the date of the event is. When they receive yourmagnets, they can then place them on to their refrigerators and will have a permanent reminderwhen the date gets closer.Save the date magnets often come in a number of different ways. They tend to be typically square,however a number of innovative companies are developing other shapes in order to capture theattention of the people who have them in their home.You can have magnets made up which look like a calendar, with a circle drawn around a certaindate on the calendar. Or you could simply go for one of these magnets with the date of the eventwritten onto it, along with a little bit of generic information to go with it.You can even get save the date magnets which are personalized. These could include personalphotographs which relate to the event. This could be a photograph of a happy couple who areplanning to tie the knot, a young childs birthday or even a picture of horse racing if you areplanning a day out at the races in the future.So, if you want to send a friendly reminder to friends or guests or club members about anupcoming event then make sure you have some of these special magnets created and have themsent in the mail or at your next meeting. The next time you need to get the message out about animportant date, consider using some of these fantastic save the date magnets and ensure thatmore people turn up than ever before, as statistically only 50% of invited people will turn up to anevent. Youll be glad you did!Save The Date MagnetsA great way to get your message out so that your friends and guests will remember the date andcome to the event.
  2. 2. www.weddingsavethedatemagnets.netArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kirstin_Haworth==== ====For more articles on Setting Your Wedding Date GO HERE!!!www.setyourweddingdate.com==== ====