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Heritage fair presentation for students


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Published in: Education
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Heritage fair presentation for students

  1. 1. The Heritage Fair Journey
  2. 2. The Heritage Fair Journey
  3. 3. What is Heritage Fair? A grand celebration of Canada’s heritage and history An engaging multi-media project based learning experience Involves students from Grades 4 to 9 who create and exhibit projects about Canadian people, events, places and stories
  4. 4. Focus of Heritage Fair The objective of the Fair is not to win but to gain knowledge of a particular aspect of Canadian history and to share it with our fellow Canadians.
  5. 5. Heritage Fair Journey
  6. 6. Project Format & Guidelines Individual Project Have a Canadian Theme Format: Research Notes (Bilingual) 3-Dimensional Presentation (Bilingual) Written Report (English) Oral Presentation (French) Q & A for Judges – (Bilingual)