Cool Tools for Successful Collaboration


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A presentation to high school teachers on April 21, 2011 by Erik Van Dusen and Joanna Sanders Bobiash

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  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Jolene Sentes (Knoll) Used a Google Form as mechanism to refer students to the homework room. The form is linked to the website where both parents and teachers can enter info about outstanding assignments.  Guy Kerbrat and Frank Macera; Darcy Olynyk (Thom) Using Pearson's math XL for schools. The entire Foundations and Pre-Calc course is online and ready to go. Question banks, quizes, and exams for every lesson along with built in tools to help all learners. It self corrects and then assigns study plans based on performance.  Ian Mitchell (Thom) Used Google to Earth and had students create trips (amazing race style) to learn about French Heritage. Bev Zizzy (Knoll) Created a classroom blog for her media studies class. Students author the blogs and comment on each other's work. Cathy Hunchuck and Tammy Patterson (Knoll) Looking at innovative ways to support struggling readers using iPads and Kindles Erin Harlos and Catrina Hunter (Balfour) Transformed their rooms into a magazine publishing company and produced copies of a student authored magazine. They sold. Carmen Holota (Thom) Using Twitter to communicate info on assignments and events. Students follow her and receive her tweets by text message.
  • We are all well aware of the benefits of sharing and collaborating. We know there is great value in having access to other people's resources and expertise. We understand that many hands make light work and that working together often produces better decisions and a better decision-making process. When we share and collaborate, we become a community- a group working towards a common goal. We are currently being asked to increase our levels of collaboration with other teachers. Co-planning, co-teaching, co-problem solving around students, participation in PLCs. In fact, teacher collaboration is one of the four pillars of SI.  The problem, however, is that the conditions under which we operate are not conducive to sharing and collaboration. This is where technology can harnessed to help.
  • Regina Public Schools own Google Apps domain.  All free and accounts are available for both teachers and students.   Show: Calendar, Mail, Docs, Groups, Form Demo a doc-how to share-
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  • Cool Tools for Successful Collaboration

    1. 1. Erik Van Dusen ( @evandusen ) Joanna Sanders-Bobiash ( @bobiashj ) Regina Public Schools Cool Tools for Successful Collaboration Presentation Link:
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