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Willis human capital practice


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Overview of services, tools, and resources, offered by the Willis Human Capital Practice

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Willis human capital practice

  2. 2. An organization’s success dependson its human capital. The task ofrecruiting, retaining and motivatingemployees is more important now thanever and represents a substantialinvestment in time and money. Wisedecisions are critical in these areasto effectively drive and supportorganizational goals.The Willis Human Capital Practiceoffers a comprehensive suite ofbrokerage and consulting services toproactively work with yourorganization to design and deploykey Human Resources initiatives.
  3. 3. EMPLOYER CHALLENGESWillis has decades of experience working with companies like yours. Eachorganization is different with its own unique challenges. Below are just a few of thechallenges we help employers with: Employee communications Compliance Employee engagement Managing the rising cost of health care Engaging employees in healthy behavior Recruitment and retention Vendor management Benefits administration Reducing absenteeism/presenteeism Increasing productivity Adjusting to changing workforce demographicsWILLIS SOLUTIONSOur approach is unique: Willis has combined the best qualities of a true broker with the toolsand resources of a pure consulting firm to offer our clients the full array of services theyneed at competitive prices.START WITH A STRATEGYAt Willis, we work with you to establish a strategy for your benefits program. Once a strategyis determined, we provide you with options to meet your goals and develop a detailed actionplan to facilitate a successful approach to meet your needs. Finally, we continually reviewperformance to ensure your organization’s goals are met.You can expect Willis to also support your organization with: Plan marketing Open enrollments Benefits administration solutions Day-to-day account management Consulting services Benchmarking Willis 1
  4. 4. OUR INDUSTRY EXPERTS WORK FOR YOU In addition to your local team, we have a national practice comprised of industry experts. These specialists are frequently asked to speak at national and local industry events. Our subject matter experts are published in industry journals and are recognized as industry leaders in their fields. Our industry expertise includes: Health care cost management Health care and pension actuarial services ERISA attorneys Employment law attorneys Human resources Auditing services Employee communications Carrier/vendor management Retirement plans Multinational benefits Executive and Specialty Benefits Underwriting Voluntary benefits Willis develops publications written specifically for our clients. We keep you updated on legislative activity and trends impacting human capital management. You also benefit from our numerous educational webcasts and local seminars. THE WILLIS SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS COMMUNICATION PRACTICE Your plan is only as valuable as it is perceived by your employees. Willis assists with employee communication and education through: A comprehensive set of customized communication campaign options: open enrollment, new hire benefits guides, wellness initiatives and everything in between Full service print, fulfillment and distribution solutions Innovative communication technologies, such as text messaging, email campaigns and video presentations A web portal for managing forms, communicating information and providing answers2 Willis
  5. 5. NATIONAL LEGAL AND RESEARCH GROUP (NLRG) NLRG is a team of ERISA attorneys and legal professionals with expertise in state and federal regulations affecting your employee benefits programs. As a Willis Human Capital Practice, you have access to their expertise, as well as our web-based Compliance Manual. In addition, we have a dedicated team to assist clients with Form 5500 filings. HR PARTNER To help clients face the competing demands placed on today’s human resources department,Willis created HR Partner. Our team stays abreast of human resources trends and bestpractices in all areas of human capital management. Some of our expertise includes, HRstrategic planning, total rewards, policies and procedures, performance management, leavesof absence, training and development, and much more. The HR Partner consultants cansupport your human resource initiatives by answering questions, providing hands-onsupport or supplying you with best practice forms, policies and procedures checklists, andother sample tools. In addition, you will benefit from a number of our strategic partnershipsproviding you access to technology and resources at a discounted rate for our clients.WILLIS TRAINING SOLUTIONSAn online training system with over 100 courses provides an easy, cost-effective way toassign and track training of managers and employees on a variety of compliance and HRrelated topics.WILLIS ONLINEA secure web portal designed for you and your Willis Client Advocate® to share documents,track action items and reduce paperwork related directly to the management of your benefitplans and HR practices. You can access the Willis Client Toolkit, stocked with thecustomizable documents needed to run a successful HR Department.SEARCH WILLISSearch Willis gives you 24/7 access to a comprehensive library of plain-English HRcompliance help. You’ve found the place for fast, reliable employment and labor law answers— so you can do your job better and faster. Willis 3
  6. 6. With Search Willis you can: Select from an extensive library of prewritten, ready-to-use checklists, policies, forms, letters, documents, etc. that can be customized to create policies and handbooks in minutes. Keep up on all the latest news, white papers, as well as federal and state legislation impacting HR, and access State Comparison Charts, all of which will keep you informed. Access the training library, where you will find audio training presentations, more than 100 PowerPoint® presentations on key HR topics, from FLSA, FMLA and ADA to managing non-English-speaking employees. Slides, speaker notes, quizzes, take-aways...they’re all there and all done. Create job descriptions using Job Description Manager, an online tool with sample job descriptions for more than 2,400 job titles. Research compensation data, benchmark salaries and help your organization remain competitive. Create employee newsletters that can be emailed, printed or linked on your company intranet. Search Willis is “Everything-HR-in-one-place.” FINANCIAL REPORTING How will you know if your plans are performing well, or if you are making effective decisions about changes to your program design, without measurement? Willis offers dashboard reporting to help our clients understand the financial performance of their benefits plans. Reports include an executive summary, month-by-month data analysis and renewal forecasting. In addition, we offer Willis Med to our larger clients, which utilizes medical and prescription claim data to identify clinical incidence rates within the employer population via a sophisticated data warehousing system. Once targeted, specific action plans are created to assess vendors, benefits design or create incentives to better manage critical disease states. Beyond these services, Willis offers underwriting and actuarial services to assist you with better controlling and managing health care cost. WINNING WITH WILLIS Willis helps clients optimize business results by reducing the costs associated with their human capital investment. One way of doing this is to provide your employees with the content, tools, resources and support needed to adopt and sustain individual behavior change. The simple fact is the vast majority of health care events are driven by our lifestyle choices. Lifestyle choices can be changed. They are driven by our own attitudes and behaviors around diet, exercise and healthy living in general. Willis partnered with some of the nation’s most trusted sources to provide Willis members with key resources through a robust consumer engagement portal linking employees on one website.4 Willis
  7. 7. Willis has collaborated with the Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention to present accurate, relevant andactionable health information directly to our clients, theiremployees and family members. Winning With Willis alsoprovides the tools and resources needed to increase onespersonal commitment to their health and well-being. Physical Activity and Nutrition Support - Discounted access to fitness and nutrition programs by Jillian Michaels. Access to the Biggest Loser League online community, a forum to create corporate challenges and get employees engaged by participating in a health and fitness regimen co- branded by the popular NBC television show. Healthy Headlines Articles and current news about health topics and issues to help employees get and stay healthy. Willis Rewards An online reward tracking and delivery platform, which provides employee discounts to best-in-class vendors and access to a virtual health fair 24/7.WELLNESS CONSULTINGOur Wellness consulting services help our clients plan and implement key strategic healthyinitiatives designed to deliver a return on investment. We customize our approach with eachclient to meet each organization’s individual needs and desired outcomes. One such solutionis Willis WellBeing, a turn key wellness program. Willis WellBeing is an online memberwellness site featuring nutrition and exercise tips, as well as lifestyle content to encouragehealthy behavior.DELIVERING ON RESULTSWe provide each service through our Client Advocacy service model using our Glocalresource approach to client delivery. Your local Willis team works in conjunction with ournational and global subject matter experts to provide world class resources seamlessly. Thisis all accomplished under the leadership of your Client Advocate who serves as your singlepoint of contact for recommending, designing and delivering solutions customizedespecially for your organization.GETTING STARTEDContact your local Willis Client Advocate® to learn more about how we partner withcompanies to manage human capital risk…one employee at a time. Willis 5
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