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How Not For Profits Earn Media Attention


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The media can be the not for profit's best friend. This workshop explores how to win media coverage and was delivered to eight leading not for profits in Canberra on 15 Nov 2012

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How Not For Profits Earn Media Attention

  1. 1. not for profits and the media
  2. 2. Scope why work with the media? opportunities know the media be newsworthy prepare media tools pitch the media measure and follow-up
  3. 3. Communications plan communications goals Audiences messages delivery systems media timeframe budget track
  4. 4. Why work with media?promote servicesattract clientsincrease credibilityinternal recognitionit’s free!
  5. 5. Risks and benefitsBenefits• cost• credibility• reach• reputation• crisis preparationRisks• no control over outcomes• manage expectations• mixed messages
  6. 6. media opportunities
  7. 7. Advertising• cost• control• reach• frequency• credibility
  8. 8. Editorialstoriesfeaturesopinion piecesletters to the editorcredibility
  9. 9. Advertorial• advertising + story• supplements• smaller outlets• credibility
  10. 10. get to know the media
  11. 11. Newspapersmedium of recordpublish regularlydrives the news cyclemost likely to follow through
  12. 12. Newspaper opportunitiesgeneral newsspecial sectionscolumnsletters to the editoropinion-editorialwhat’s on diariessocial pages
  13. 13. Magazines and supplements
  14. 14. Radio24/7 operationsinformation hungrylocalconvenient
  15. 15. Radio OpportunitiesNewsevery half-hoursix to eight stories @ 30-40 secondsMorning/drive time showspopular with commutersmore detail than a news bulletinTalkbackentertainment and informationneed guests with informationSpecialist programs
  16. 16. Televisiondramatic mediasight, sound, action, colour to convey emotionboils down complex storiesdeadlines rulecelebrities attract coveragerealistic
  17. 17. TV opportunitiesnewscurrent affairs• ABC Stateline• Sunday morning programsthemed programs
  18. 18. Know who to approach“Maggie Gees”deadlinesspecial needs
  19. 19. which media works for you?
  20. 20. Be newsworthy
  21. 21. What attracts the media Newsworthy Calendar Dates Topical Issues
  22. 22. Newsworthiness different first time local trending impact IDNKT IDNKT = I did not know that credible
  23. 23. New or variations
  24. 24. Use Canberra’s calendarJanuary February March AprilNew Year resolutions Return to school Internl Women’s Day April FoolsAustralia Day Valentines Day Clean up Australia Arthritis AwarenessSummer holidays Seniors Week ANZAC DayChildren with special needs Canberra Day Road safetyYoung people starting work EasterMay June July AugustMay Day Environment Day Christmas in July Vietnam Veterans DayMother’s Day Tax time Small Business Awards Missing Persons WeekLaw Week Ski season Diabetes Week Hearing Awareness MonthHeart Week Literacy and Numeracy WeekVolunteer WeekSeptember October November DecemberStart of spring Mental Health Week Remembrance Day Internl Volunteer DayFloriade Water Week Melbourne Cup School year endsCitizenship Day Mental Health Week End of university year ChristmasFather’s Day Breast Cancer Day
  25. 25. Trends
  26. 26. Celebrities
  27. 27. How newsworthy are you?
  28. 28. media tools
  29. 29. Story bankgather newsworthy storiesdivide into genresrefresh and recycle
  30. 30. Start a story bank accountstories from staff and volunteersslice and dicequalify the story Women Older Australianspackage and store the story Young Australians Culture Sport Arts Religion Business Area-specific
  31. 31. Supporting your storyinfo-graphics (charts, graphs, diagrams)published news storyImagesvideoaudiotip sheetsonline links
  32. 32. Imagesimagesfile footagelogostech specs (hi-res)
  33. 33. A little bit fancycompetitionsite visitdemonstrationimmersion
  34. 34. Media documents media release media alert media backgrounder media kit
  35. 35. media releasespersonalitieseventsissues
  36. 36. pitch the media
  37. 37. Face to face works best 20 minutes appointment who attends brief explain issues overview stories identify media needs agree way ahead + deadlines leave something continuous contact
  38. 38. Phone Pitch call a specific journalist say something interesting why it is relevant to readers, listeners or viewers where the story fits shape the story d s! on sec way ahead – 60 30 ave follow-up uh Yo
  39. 39. Pitch by letter
  40. 40. Email pitch Subject line subject line One screen one screen call to action
  41. 41. measure and follow-up Tidying up
  42. 42. Say thanks
  43. 43. Summary know the media be newsworthy use media tools pitch the media measure and follow-up