Content marketing in sports


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This season use use content marketing to drive your sport's traditional and social media promotional efforts

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Content marketing in sports

  1. 1. Content Marketing in Sport
  2. 2. sport makes people passionate athletes shine in the eyes of their fans as heroes whether it’s a winning team or an individualthe connotations of sporting success are invaluable
  3. 3. a very tough communications landscape: we are overwhelmed with messages it’s harder than ever to reach us media attention is at premium media is fragmented
  4. 4. today we cover: content marketing to drive your outreach working with an ever changing media enriching your social media
  5. 5. Content Marketingproviding information of value, that entertains or both and which allows them to interact and be involved
  6. 6. players/participantsfansvolunteersparentsofficialsmediasponsors
  7. 7. provide details of: fixtures & scores team & personal achievements lists of players and their memorable moments
  8. 8. provide details of: insights bios training tips equipment updates
  9. 9. other sources of content: link to issues in the media fan feelings guest posts team histories quirky stories
  10. 10. 1. Discover what your fans want 2. Match their needs to your information3. Assemble content in different forms
  11. 11. 4. Share content across all platforms 5. Market your content6 Share the load and have fun
  12. 12. Traditional media mainstream media remains a fast, effectiveand affordable way to engage your community
  13. 13. competition for attentionfewer journalistsnews is now on multiple platformsspeed rulessocial media
  14. 14. be newsworthyoffer imageryact fastbe accurate
  15. 15. being differentoffering new informationlinking to trendsimpacting on othershaving a wow factorbeing uniqueacting credibly
  16. 16. Social Medianew media lets you connect directly with fans and followers it can build on traditional media efforts be a stand alone operation but preferably both
  17. 17. communicate fixtures & announce resultspromote eventsprovide live updatespost training tipsincrease loyaltypersonalise your peopleget fan feedback
  18. 18. post regularlyshare admin and information responsibilitiesuse photos & videosask questions & involve fansreply to commentstry different content
  19. 19. report newsbroadcast scoopsannounce scoresdetail eventslink to Facebook & webengage journalists
  20. 20. follow relevant peoplejoin in & share conversationsencourage tweetingre-tweet fan commentsregularly updatelive tweet resultsdon’t spam
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