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Innotech '09 JB - Bob Chua Pulse Group Plc


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Powering and Funding your Start-up

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Innotech '09 JB - Bob Chua Pulse Group Plc

  1. 1. Powering your start-up Raising funds In today’s Economy Presented by Bob Chua – CEO Pulse Group PLC (Ticker: PGRP)
  2. 2. “Money Makes Money”
  3. 3. Sources of funding • Powering growth Fund’s Solid to Business Idea Grow Starting-up Strong IP Protection Management
  4. 4. Sources of funding • Stages of funding $ Second round $Xm IPO $40m-$500m Mezzanine/Pre-IPO $10m-$20m Series-B $5m-$15m Series-A $1m-$10m Seed $150K-$500K Pre-Seed Year’s $25K-$50K
  5. 5. Sources of funding • Sources of funds – Pre-seed (3F’s Family, friends and fool’s) – Seed (Grant’s, Seed-fund’s, Angel’s) – Series-A, B, C, D (VC’s) – Mezzanine/Pre-IPO – PE’s, Private Investors, or Institutions – IPO – Financial Institutions and Public – Secondary round’s – PE’s, Hedge Funds, Public etc.
  6. 6. “Nothing is FREE in this World”
  7. 7. Sources of funding • Selecting Investors – What they’re looking for from you Brand Energizers Clients Track Record Brand Clean Accounts Clean Structure Profitability Revenue Scalability Financial Modeling Clear Vision Solid Product’s/ IP Protection Services Board Strong Management Seat Clear Exit Strategy
  8. 8. Sources of funding • Selecting Investors – What you should be looking for from them Value-Add Good and Fair Track-record Valuation Domain Expertise Synergistic Synergistic Team Investee’s Strong Board Member/s Deep-pockets Good reputation
  9. 9. “What now?”
  10. 10. Post funding • Responsibility – Spend Proceeds Wisely – Invest for the future – Be conscious of the investment tenure, terms, and exit strategy – Deliver on your promises
  11. 11. The Economy Today
  12. 12. The realities of 2009 and beyond • 2009 is going to be a tough year • Investors are sitting on piles of cash, there IS money out there • Exit Strategies are unclear • Valuation’s will be brutal • Shareholder value will be critical • Cost of capital will be high • There will be as many opportunities as there are challenges • Survival of the fittest
  13. 13. Closing Thoughts 1. Put your money where your mouth is 3. It’s about the fast eating the slow, not the large eating the small 5. Tread carefully with external funding, but raise funds nonetheless 7. Timing is everything 9. Scale your business quickly 11.Create and illustrate profits 13.Continue to aim for the next big thing 15.Deliver shareholder value
  14. 14. Words of Wisdom “ A Pessimist finds problems in an opportunity. An Optimist finds Opportunity in a problem” – Winston Churchill
  15. 15. Thank You