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Your king is coming


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Powerpoint to accompany a Palm Sunday sermon given by Pastor Bob Brown at Plymouth Meeting E.C. Church on March 29, 2015.

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Your king is coming

  1. 1. YOUR KING ISYOUR KING IS COMING!COMING! (Matt. 21:1-(Matt. 21:1- 17)17) 
  2. 2. What do we learnWhat do we learn from thefrom the Palm SundayPalm Sunday story?story? Jesus came as aJesus came as a KINGKING!!
  3. 3. King Jesus was notKing Jesus was not youryour ORDINARYORDINARY kingking or ruler. (vs. 5, 7)or ruler. (vs. 5, 7)
  4. 4. Most kings enjoy an auraMost kings enjoy an aura ofof POWERPOWER, despite, despite obvious weaknesses;obvious weaknesses; they seek tothey seek to PRESERVEPRESERVE power.power.
  5. 5. King Jesus rides aKing Jesus rides a DONKEYDONKEY, to signify his, to signify his HUMILITYHUMILITY and style ofand style of leadership and rejectionleadership and rejection of earthly kingship orof earthly kingship or power.power.
  6. 6. King JesusKing Jesus KNEWKNEW who he was and whywho he was and why he was there. (vs. 9,he was there. (vs. 9, 10)10)
  7. 7. Most kings aren’tMost kings aren’t that certain aboutthat certain about themselves or arethemselves or are PROUDPROUD..
  8. 8. Jesus knew He was theJesus knew He was the MESSIAHMESSIAH, foretold by, foretold by the prophets. He actedthe prophets. He acted the part on Palm Sundaythe part on Palm Sunday toto PROVOKEPROVOKE thethe leaders in Jerusalem.leaders in Jerusalem.
  9. 9. King Jesus cared aboutKing Jesus cared about thethe HURTINGHURTING poorpoor andand LOSTLOST.. (Matt.(Matt. 23:37)23:37)
  10. 10. Worldly leadersWorldly leaders are expected toare expected to bebe STRONGSTRONG and manlyand manly..
  11. 11. Jesus was a King whoJesus was a King who CAREDCARED for peoplefor people andand WEPTWEPT forfor Jerusalem. (Matt.Jerusalem. (Matt. 23:37)23:37)
  12. 12. King Jesus wants toKing Jesus wants to TRANSFORMTRANSFORM youryour life. (Isa. 53:3-7)life. (Isa. 53:3-7)
  13. 13. King Jesus warns ofKing Jesus warns of JUDGMENTJUDGMENT to come. (Matt. 24:1-13, 44-51)(Matt. 24:1-13, 44-51)
  14. 14. HisHis compassion iscompassion is not self-not self- serving orserving or gratuitous.gratuitous.
  15. 15. He says the wages ofHe says the wages of sin issin is DEATHDEATH
  16. 16. He says you will standHe says you will stand accountable beforeaccountable before GODGOD..
  17. 17. He predicts domesticHe predicts domestic breakdown,breakdown, catastrophes, andcatastrophes, and WARWAR..
  18. 18. King Jesus demands aKing Jesus demands a RESPONSERESPONSE.. -- HosannahHosannah (21:9) =(21:9) = SAVESAVE us now!us now! -- Will you welcome HimWill you welcome Him as your King?as your King?