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Industrial farming room 3026


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Industrial farming room 3026

  1. 1. INDUSTRIAL FARMING The DEADLY truth about the cruelty of animal farming
  2. 2. pigs  Pigs that grow in industrial styled farms have to be trapped in a farrowing crate which is too small for it to even turn around  Piglets have to be separated from their mother (sow) when they are 2 weeks old after they are born, just because the mothers can get pregnant again.(If the sow cannot give birth to anymore piglets, it simply gets killed)
  3. 3. Pigs  Most of the pigs had tail docking system which is a system were they cut their tail off when they were piglets.These surgeries happen because other pigs can bite off other pigs tails for fun which can cause diseases, so farmers try to stop the diseases by cutting off their tails.
  4. 4. chickens Chickens are the most tortured of farm animals.There are only a few laws against chicken abuse. Every year more then 9 billion chickens are raised and killed for meat. While chickens are being carried to slaughter houses in open wired cages, 50% of the chickens die from freezing in the cold, or not being able to breath in hot weather.
  5. 5. chickens Many farmers over force feed chickens with medicine and food, in greed for more money. Over fed chickens collapse under their own weight When chickens are trapped in wired cages it can cause them foot injury, or breaking of a wing. 98% of chickens are living in a cage the size of an A4 paper. Farmers cut out or trim the chickens beak because it can hurt other chickens.
  6. 6. Cows o Cows get special medicine such as RPGH and steroids. If the cow gets too many steroids, it can get diseases that can pass on to people when they eat the meat. o Cows are also trapped in cages like pigs where they cannot even turn around. o In some countries, industrial farms cut off the tail of the cow just because it takes space inside the cage.
  7. 7. cows  Before farmers slaughter cows, they shoot a huge amount of electricity on the cows head which crushes the skull completely, but after they get shot, they don’t die.They just get paralyzed since their skull is crushed.
  9. 9. Pigs  In ethical farms, pigs have enough space to perform their natural behavior.  Pigs have rights from hunger, thirst, pain, fear, disease, and stress.  Pregnant sows should not be inside a farrowing crate just because they mite crush their piglets
  10. 10. cows  Cows should have spare time to go out and get fresh air.  Cows should have enough space to turn around or move around.  Cows should have plenty of natural food, or just food that are healthy for them to eat.  If a cow is going to be slaughtered, they shouldn’t be slaughtered so pain fully
  11. 11. Chickens  Chickens should have enough room for them to at least spread their wings or turn around.  Chickens should not have injuries from cages because they were so crowded.  Farmers should not cut out the chickens beak just because it might hurt other chickens. If they are worried about the chickens being hurt because they are crowded, they can give them more space.