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Week 6 update

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  1. 1. It is a huge World! What does your student want to be when they grow up?
  2. 2. A Doctor? Teacher? Veterinarian ? Maybe they are interested in a career field jobs such as: working as Mechanic, Plummer or Electrician? Maybe they want a noble and hard job of protecting our great country? A calling in the Armed forces. No matter what path in life your child finds appealing, they need to have some amount of technology skills.
  3. 3. According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals, “A dramatic shift is sweeping through our schools. The signs are all around us. Third graders texting on their cell phones. Kindergarteners who can navigate an iPod Touch better than we can(adults)…” There is no escaping the fact that online learning is becoming more and more popular. More colleges, locally and around the world offer either hybrid classes or full online classes. When we start giving hybrid classes , at a young age even in Kindergarten, we are preparing them for the future.
  4. 4. Benefits of a Hybrid Class •Building skills for full online •Transition into a more technology world. •According to Mr.Currie of Northeastern University Online. Hybrid Classes offer the following benefits: • “You get professor and classmate face time. • Everyone's equal in online discussions. • The learning doesn't stop when you leave the classroom”(Currie,2015). •According to Qiuyun Lin a assistant professor at the Childhood Education Department of Plattsburgh State University of New York, “…online component provided them with easy access to course documents and resources available 24 hours a day”
  5. 5. How to Incorporate Technology in the Classroom? We need teachers to be “pioneers”! ◦ Discover new Apps and website to share with teachers, parents and the students. ◦ Teachers need to be comfortable with using technology in their rooms. ◦ Teachers need to be willing to try and fail with new technology. It is just a matter of educating and changing peoples’ minds about technology that is more than halve the battle, but we are working hard to make sure the transition is smooth and not painful.
  6. 6. Hybrid in My Room I have already started taking steps to incorporate hybrid learning in my classroom. ◦ Kidblog I have 5 students who do not have internet. ◦ I provide them with paper copies. ◦ During my computer time, they have a chance of completing the work there. I post assignments once a month that relate to the topic we are learning in class. At home, students are watching lessons, reading text, participating in assignments and interacting with classmates.
  7. 7. Hybrid in My Room My students are very inexperienced with computers and technology. ◦ I had to teach them the basics and that was time consuming! I have seen many good benefits: ◦ Writing is improving in the classroom. ◦ The student who never does homework is doing all these assignments . ◦ Higher turn in rate for homework. ◦ Students are doing extra assignments. ◦ I am hoping this will help prepare them for M-Step. Next year, I plan to start earlier in the year with hybrid learning.
  8. 8. Importance of Incorporating Online/ Hybrid learning “The number of students taking at least one online course increased by over 570,000 to a new total of 6.7 million”(Allen and Seaman, 2013, p.5). “ In 2006 Michigan became the first state to mandate virtual learning, and that each student should have a virtual learning experience prior to high school graduation”( (Black, DiPietro , Ferdig & Preston, 2008, p.1). High schools are starting to use online learning to make the online learning transition from high school to college easier. “The Common Core standards make frequent references to technology skills, stating that students in every grade should be able to use the Internet for research and use digital tools in their schoolwork to incorporate video, sound and images with writing”(Lyndsey Layton,2013).
  9. 9. My PowerPoint will explain the importance of incorporating a hybrid type of learning in our students’ lives. “ In 2006 Michigan became the first state to mandate virtual learning, and that each student should have a virtual learning experience prior to high school graduation”( (Black, DiPietro , Ferdig & Preston, 2008, p.1). Since we have a law that is encourage us as educators to incorporate online learning to our students lives we need to form a focus team. Which I will describe more into detail later on in this paper. Technology is all around us and we need to prepare our students for this technology world.
  10. 10. Our District •Currently, our school district is inching toward becoming more technology advance. • Thanks to the technology team! • Hard work because we are changing peoples’ minds and ideas. •According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals, “Developing a progressive technology-infused campus is not about money; it’s about mindset”( Blair,2012). •As we can see this year more than sixty percent of the teachers at my school are using Class Dojo and Weebly as their technology in their classroom. • That is a huge growth compared to last year!
  11. 11. Concerns Many parents have concerns about their students success in a hybrid learning environment. First concern is the support the parent will provide to their student at home.  Many of our parents are lacking the technology skills to help their child be successful at home. Second concern is motivation for their student to do the work and turn the work in.  I have already address turn in the work, it will be done by using the games. Third is concern is social interaction, will their child have time to talk to other students. I will be addressing all these concerns with solutions in my paper.
  12. 12. Vision Team We need to form a team, to join together and make a vision. Team will be made up of the following people: ◦ Teachers( technology experience and no technology experience) ◦ Staff ◦ Administrators ◦ Parents ◦ (If for high school, maybe students, but they need to be mature and serious.) The purpose of this team is to create a vision for how and why the online learning will be implemented in the classroom. According to National Association of Elementary School Principals, “Once you have crafted a common vision, this team can perform a needs assessment. Do you need to reallocate or obtain more hardware resources for classrooms? Do your teachers need training in transforming 21st century technology integration? Do you need to explore the array of web 2.0 resources to determine which are best suited for your educational environment?”(Blair,2012).
  13. 13. Vision Team  Team needs to made up of digital natives and digital immigrants. Digital natives: Our students who grew up with technology in their hand. Digital Immigrants: People who have adapted to using technology in their everyday life.  This way we can have a fair perspective from both sides that will be using the learning.  According to Prensky, author of digital wisdom, it is important to have digital wisdom in an online learning class.  After reading the article on digital wisdom, Prensky is saying to find the wisdom for teaching in a digital world is to talk to our students and the parents.  Many students do feel that their voice is not heard, and it is their education after all!
  14. 14. Why Should we Prepare our Elementary Students for a Hybrid Type of Learning Style? The National Center for Education Statistics reported that 36% of public school districts had students enrolled in distance education courses during the 2002-2003 school year”(Black, DiPietro , Ferdig & Preston, 2008, p.1).” According to Angeles, of Business News daily “With technology quickly and constantly changing, employers everywhere are looking for tech-savvy job candidates for non tech related positions. This means that administrative, creative, sales, marketing and other non-IT job seekers are required to have relatively strong tech backgrounds and skill sets to stay competitive”(Angeles, 2014).  Digital Immigrants who did not have any pervious technology skills or training are finding it hard to find jobs.  We do not want to do that to our students!
  15. 15. Supporting the Parents Many parents are lacking technology skills, how can they help their student learn when the material is using technology? Teaching as a hybrid class offer the best of both worlds online learning and face- to- face learning in the classroom. The best way, to make a hybrid successful, since some of the work has to be done at home is making sure we are combining the digital native skills with skills of the immigrants. “… Make a blend of legacy which is old school reading writing, and future which is now using websites, email is to a large extent, not surprisingly, digital and technological. But while it includes software, hardware, robotics, nanotechnology, genomics, etc. it also includes the ethics, politics, sociology, languages and other things that go with them”(Prensky,2011).
  16. 16. Supporting the Parents Since a hybrid has a face-to- face part, teachers will be teaching their students how to use the LMS (Learning Management System), materials and tools in class. Teachers will provide training days for the parents to come to school and learn. Teachers will be willing to make appointments or answers emails and phone calls during school hours to help support the learning at home.
  17. 17. A Learning Management System to Incorporate Hybrids in Our Classrooms Learning Management System(LMS) is like a Blackbaord, it is a software application that a teacher uses to teach their online/ hybrid course. To make sure my digital natives are engaged, socialized, challenged and successful, I am going to use the Learning Management System (LMS) Edmodo. My top five most important elements of online/ hybrid learning are for the instructor to provide timely feedback, encourage student-student interaction, student’s technology access , course design, clear to the learner what is expected of them and how they can be successful. Edmodo does a great job creating a nurturing and successful digital classroom environment.
  18. 18. Edmodo I would design my Edmodo by using digital wisdom, meaning I would allow my students and parents have say about the class. According to Dr. William Glasser and his choice theory “Encouraging students to self-evaluate promotes responsibility and helps students pursue goals and become skilled decision-makers because they are more actively involved in their education” (Funderstanding,2011). Meaning if we allow our students to take an active role in their learning then they will take more responsibility in their learning and it will motivate them to do better. I would design a distance learning experience that promotes digital wisdom by allowing my students to have a choice, input and feedback into the class. When creating an online experience, even though our experience is just a hybrid, it is still important to have the following elements in the digital classroom.
  19. 19. Ten Important Elements in a Digital Classroom. These are the ten Elements of Importance for a Third Graders’ digital learning experience: navigation, learning objectives, learners support, accessibility, grading/ rubric, course Introduction, communication and support, integration of technology and digital citizenship and responsibility.  I feel most are self explanatory Digital Responsibility and Citizenship : This course will teach students safe and proper manners of online interaction and use.  This is so important for third graders to have some type of introduction and responsibility taught to them in their young life. My students told me they go home at night and talk to adults online , that is really creepy to me. Using technology in the classroom or in life comes with big responsibility and the students need to be taught manners and how to behave in this new world. Learning Objectives: All learning objectives will be clearly stated at the top of each lesson in pink, and will be written for parents and students to understand. If there is any question as to the relation of Common Core, I will hyperlink the standard I wrote to the Common Core Standard.   Explain: The importance of learning objective is so the parents and the students know what is expected for them for each lesson. I want my objective to be in “human language”, I use a lot of I can statements in my classroom, and I feel, I can statements are more human friendly
  20. 20. Motivation The second common concern parents have with hybrid learning is will my student be motivated enough to do the work.  Many people choose face- to- face learning because online learning style is too free to them and they do not do the work.  I plan on using games in my class as a motivator, engager, positive consequence and as an assessment tool. In order for the student to see the next assignment for the week or following week they must turn in their assignments when they are due. If a student does not turn their work in on the due date, they are not going to get the next assignment or test. If a student does not master a test or a skill they also will not be able to move on to the next lesson.
  21. 21. Motivation Last week, I asked the question how do we give consequence in a hybrid or an online classroom to students who do not do the work?  I can not take their computer because it is not my computer to take and the student needs the computer to do their work.  Here is the solution, instead of a negative consequence of sitting in detention, the students consequence for not doing their work are not going to win their game, and gain the most points.  They will not receive the next lesson in the unit.  In order to go on to the next grade the student must complete all the lessons and units for each grade.  I will award badge for mastering skills and test.  Mastering a skill before a test will earn students special items to help them in the class or on the test.  A leader board will be displayed weekly, to show who has the most points.
  22. 22. Seven Things to Know… There are several new ways of thinking about teaching and learning that have emerged in the online learning arena. Microlectures:"A microlecture is a short recorded audio or video presentation on a single, tightly defined topic”(EDUCASE,2012). Badges: Virtual stickers to show a student mastered a skill or subject. Video communication: Skype type setting for the teacher and the student, great for students on the move or out of the country Challenge-based learning: “Through a process of discussion and research, students identify a selection of questions that might be workable for their project” (EDUCASE, 2012). Students work together to solve a problem in their school or area. These are example of badges I can give my students on Edmodo(LMS website).
  23. 23. Seven Things to Know About Gaming in Learning Gaming in learning is “Efforts to use such activities to improve learning include overlaying gaming elements onto a course, creating gaming activities that deliver content, and, in some cases, structuring an entire course as a game”( EDUCAUSE .2014). Teachers use games for long and short term use. Short term use: “Where a single class session is involved, game elements might be minimal, as when points are awarded for correct answers given during class discussion”( EDUCAUSE ,2014). A teacher in this school does this with Kahoots. The long term, “In a broader application, the syllabus might be divided into “levels” where students begin at the lowest level and work through a series of challenges with an eye to progressing through the highest before the course ends”( EDUCAUSE ,2014). *Star means I am doing now. Heart is where I would like to go in the future.
  24. 24. GradeCraft Long term use for gaming in learning. ◦ Made at the University of Michigan in the class of Videogames and Learning ◦ By: Barry Fishman 2014 EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Horizon Report Video Competition. Whole class is done using GradeCraft ◦ Class worth 1,000,000 points! ◦ The students mostly do the work online and if they master or turn in assignments they earn badges and it unlocks the next set of work.
  25. 25. GradeCraft This can be done in a hybrid setting. Notice this video is showing it done as a hybrid class for college students. With manipulation it can be done for elementary students.
  26. 26. Gaming •One of the most promising technology for our school is gaming in education. •According to EDCAUSE games in learning has more potential them just keeping the students quite. •Students become more metacognitive because they start to understand what they know and do not know . • Games can motivate students to learn and want to learn. • Encourages students to turn in their work because it will unlock the next set of work. • Since teachers have been using games in their classroom there has been increases in students work, engagement and self-discovery.
  27. 27. Social Presence What is a social presence? According to Bentley,she defines social presence in an online class room as , “performance , that it is conveyed by visible activities such as posting, commenting, responding, and participation in group and community activities…” (Bentley, n.d.). I found Edmodo has the potential to promote social presence most effectively with the students I teach.  Edmodo also has the ability to promote a teaching and cognitive presence in the online classroom as well.
  28. 28. Social Presence with Edmodo Edmodo will do the better job of promoting social presence because it is more user friendly  The teachers from different schools can collaborate to build the teacher presence. Students can post comments like a Facebook wall for the whole class to read. When students are submitting a question, Edmodo’s screen to submit a question looks more a like a text message box.  Students can use a drop down screen to find my name or whoever they are asking a question to, and then they just fill in the box with their question. Students can work in groups, and I can make a private group chat time for them to talk with their group.  I will have an area for groups to submit their work and they can comment and provide feedback to each other.  I will monitor everything, I have high security settings where I have approve anything before anyone can see it.
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  32. 32. Stop here end of week 6!
  33. 33. State of Michigan “ In 2006 Michigan became the first state to mandate virtual learning, and that each student should have a virtual learning experience prior to high school graduation”( (Black, DiPietro , Ferdig & Preston, 2008, p.1). When Michigan implemented this type of learning style of course the concerns were about the teachers experience with online learning and the instructional skills taught to their students. “In online environments this concept is complicated by the unique skills required of virtual school teachers” (Black, DiPietro , Ferdig & Preston, 2008,p.11).
  34. 34. Technology is here in our children’s faces every day. There is no denying that our children are more technology advance than most adults, and that is because some of them are exposed to this technology as newborns. I saw a woman at Disney World give her newborn a cell phone to listen to music! Our children are craving technology, and they want to learn more about the technology because it will be used in their educational and professional lives forever. Technology is not going away in fact it is only going to become more dominant in our lives. If we want our children to be successful we need to give them the skills to make that happen