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  1. 1. Sonalbajpai 1/135-D Vipul Khand Gomati Nagar, Lucknow 226001 Contact No.: +91-9918315393,E-mail: Thanksfor yourinterestinmyProfile. Enclosedismyresume outliningmyqualifications andsome of mykeystrengthsincludes.  Establishingskillsindetectingcritical customerdeficienciesanddevelopingpreventive strategiesandsolutionsforhighendcustomersand channels.  In depthknowledge andinitiatorof process,alongwithexpertin automationof manual processthroughadvance software’s.  Exceptional capacitytoenternew environmentsandbegintoproduce clear cut resultsfrom the start with Well-developedtechnical andcommunicationskillsthatare easilytransportedbetween differentorganizationsandvariable workingenvironments.  Capable of successfullyimplementingalarge scale customerservice/collectionssupport solutionsthatentail innovative designanddevelopmentof broadbasedoperations. A personal interviewtodiscuss the waymyskillsandabilities canhelpyouinachievinggoalswill be mostappreciated.Pleasefeelfree tocontactme anytime.Thankyouforyour consideration. Sincerely Sonalbajpai Enclosed:-Resume -Sonalbajpai.
  2. 2. Sonalbajpai 1/135-D VipulkhandGomti Nagar, Lucknow 226001 Contact No.: +91-9918315393,E-mail: Objective To leverage mystrongoperational andstrategiccapabilitiesthroughmyvastexperienceof 14 years of telecomin managementof variousfunctions,Credit&Collections,BillingOperations&Customer Service forgeneratingahighlevel impacttobringcontinuingsignificantchange andgrowth. Career Profile Diversifiedcustomerservicemanagementexperience withademonstratedrecordof success in administration&solutionconsulting,and“turnaround“ situations resultinginimprovedproductivity and profitability.Trackrecordof providingexcellentcustomersatisfactionand,management workload.Exceptional communication,presentationandpeoplemanagerskillswithdemonstrated abilitiestoanticipate customers’needsandprovidetotal solutions,teambuilding,teambuilding, customersupport& servicesandcustomerrelationshipmanagement. Current Scenario:-Zonal Manager& Trainerat AvonNew York. October15 till now  Target sales (NTA).  Appointments  Activities  Training  Fashionshows & Ramps Working Experience(14 years CSD) Vodafone India ltd 06/014 – September. Sr.Executive-Customer Service—CSG. C&C,Complaintmanagement, Operations management, Training&Audit( Call centre)  Customerlifecycle management  Churn control& retention (introducestoolsto retain above0-60 bucketchurn along with introduced nonpaid collection processin involuntary churn cases.)  Relation calling forall typeof threat base customers.  Paymentprocess managementthroughECS,Creditcards &Paymentgateways,reducedbad- debtsbyemphasizingonthe deactivate base andensuringduesfromthem.  Rural Post-paidbusinessbyBuildingthe bill distribution/verification of the ADVMS locations.
  3. 3.  Responsible forcompliance reportingtoTRAIand qualitymatrix.  Refundco-ordinate foroverallUPEASTcircle,reducedaverage requestforrefundof post- paidsubscriberalongwithintroducedbestprocessinoverall 23circles.  Bill tobill Collections,low baddebtsonaverage collections&Recoveries,QCR.  Outboundcollectioncallings,creditcalling,bill generationanddeliveryprocess, leadgenerations Management Information System:-  Database Management: Data Mining for CS-Department .  Reporting: Analyzing, Managing MIS Reports related to Call Centre.  Call centre Management: Call Centre Revenue , SL Repeat and CSAT Management  Communication: Promotional Offer base management on Request URL for ICC & OCC. URL Development & Management:-.  Vodafone Capsule:Briefingsforagentsof Call Centre andRetail.  Name Tune:Capture Name Tune RequestsandNew RequestforNamesforRevenue Enhancement.  Datapedia: RepeatCallerReductionandICR/ICMtaggingReductionCampaignfor 2G / 3G customers.  Networkpedia:RepeatCallerReductionandICR/ICMtaggingReductionCampaignfor Networkissues.  PlanRecommender:ProvidesBestFitPlanforcustomeraccordingto theirdata usage.  ASKYour Query:ResolutionandSuggestionstoDataexpertteamfromUPE Circle.  CRM Revamp:AdditionandDeletionof LOV’sinCRM  Data Calculator:Calculate exactdatavalue andamountof usage forCustomer.  SafetyTipinVF Capsule:SafetytipstoCall Centre agent.  Rural Paid:Buildingthe billdistributionof the ADVMS locations  Liaisingwiththe agency(Billing/verification)toensure properexecutionof activitiesasper the proposedplan. Employee Development,Cost& Change Management  InductionProgramme forNewJoinee  Ensuringtrainingneedsof teamforperformance enhancementandoverall development  Team Bonding  Ensuringqualityaudits&process  Employee attritionatagencies<10% Ensuring followingcostare within budgetedlevel  Bill deliverycost  0-30 days suspension  Greenbill promotion  SI promotion  AMDOCS & CPOS smoothimplementationwithoutanyimpactonthe business  CRM paymentupdationmanagement  Health, Safety & Wellbeing (HSW)
  4. 4.  Ensure compliance toHealth& safetywellbeingpoliciesof all the staff Key achievements:-  In overallpost-paid tenureC-Satachieved 94.6.% highestever.  Repeatcomplaintcountcame down at3.1% lowest ever in history of post-paid.  Reduced provisioning errorwaiverfrom7 lacs to 33K onoverall Post-paidbase.  Developed a VOCbaseURL “POSTPEDIA,DATA PEDIA & NETWORKPEDIA”forfrontliners.  Initiated plan migration of all 3G non-throttled base to “best fit throttling plan” for reducing data waivers and high exposures with resulting in greater customer satisfaction.  Collection 105% bad debt below 1%.  Acted as NationalSPOCforcorporateprojectsand fastforward corporateprojectsin UPEAST  Reduced cost of billing from 5.9 to 3.5 and initiated GO GREEN in Up-East from 1.7 to 18% on active base  Successfully created the SMS broadcast process on bill delivery for C-sat  Brought down the Undelivered Bill percentage @1%  Selected as” Circle Service Champion” for excellent customer service, (Happy to help)  Achieved 98% bill disbursement in 7 days bill delivery cycle and against the nation target of 95%.  PaymentmigrationactivitysuccessfullymigratedtoVodafone sharedservicesltd (Ahmedabad). Hutchison Telecom(UPEast) . 03/04-06 Executive:-Responsible for managing the overall back office from activations to key accountable for all duessettlement of post-paid customers.  Monitoringandprocessingoverall Post-paidactivationsof pre-actcards.  SuccessfullyinitiatedsmsbasedapplicationRemote customercare andmanaged.  EnsuredweeklyinventoryauditsforSIMcards, refill coupons,handsets,marketingpointsof purchase withmonthlyfollow-upwithshoptoimprove service qualityof hutchshops.  Administeredandcontrolled abackendsupport teamforall collectionsandcustomer services.  Responsible forcircle MISreported tocorporate for CS & Collections.  Activelymanageddifferentvendorsforlogistics &billing.  Ensuredsupportto franchisee fromall departmentsandtimelyclearance of theirdues.  Co-ordinatedactivityflow forall customercontactprogramslike personal sessionswith subscriberstounderstandtheirneeds.  Devisedretentionandsatisfactionplansforexistinghighnetworthindividual(HNI) customersfromthe shops. Key Achievements  Enable a highlyproductive teamenvironmentbysuccessfullymanagingthe entire operationsof HTS anddistributionchannelswhichresultedinreducingchurninkey corporate Accounts.  Customercontactinitiativesachievedfootfallsand conversionsthusincreasingvisibilityand thusprofitabilityof sales&service Centres.  Initiatedasmsbasedquizfor call centre for live feedbackprocess.
  5. 5.  Successful insettingupaprocessto cater to customerneedsbetter.  Team buildingmentoringandmonitoring. Essar Cell phone IndiaLtd 00/04  Inbound Call Centre executive.  HandlingHNIcustomerson121.  MIS Co-ordinate incall centre forcorporate coordination  Remote customercare management.  CoordinatingforComplaintmanagement.  InitiatedDHLdeskincall centre tenure. Key Achievements  Awardedasa star performerregularly.  Executeddifferentmotivational activitiesforcall centre agents.  Performedsurprize testsforagentstobrushup theirknowledge.  400-500 manual activationsina day done forpre-actcards and breakthe records of activation.  Resolvedcomplaintsof subscribersinsingleattemptnorepeat.  Maintainedthe lesscomplaintrecordsoncalls. Other Achievements:-  Active memberof HR-AdminOffbeatTeam.  Organisedvariousfunctioninhouse,employee engagement,worldof difference etc.  Establishedcafeteriacommittee panel andbroughtdifference infoodtaste of employees.  Managed Vodafone cafeteriaformore than5 yrs.  Othersetc….. Education MBA-(Marketing) 2013-SKMU.(Correspondence). PostGraduations(Sociology) 1999-Kanpur University. Graduation(Bachelorof Arts) 1996-Avadh University) SeniorSecondary(Intermediate) 1993-UP Board. OTHER INFORMATION Last Company:- Vodafone India Ltd Date of Birth :-09.12.75 Last CTC:-6.95 Language:-English.Hindi Marital status:- Married Extracurricular & Activities:EventOrganising,Music,Travelling,SkinandHairspecialist (Diplomain cosmetologyfrom VLCC) etc...
  6. 6. .