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Techfest - where technology lives and breathes


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A platform showcasing all things tech. How tech permeates into mainstream lifestyle. Smart technology that used to be a dream now fully realized. All happening here at Techfest.

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Techfest - where technology lives and breathes

  1. 1. Tech Fest Where Technology lives and breathes
  2. 2. Mission • Create an iconic tech platform for the region to engage and for people who want to engage with the region • Biggest and boldest initiative in this region • Asia - where tech lifestyle lives and breathes
  3. 3. What is Tech Fest • 5-day event showcasing all- things tech • Develop long-lasting relationships • Lay foundations for future possibilities • Develop and nurture future trends, discover the NEXT BIG THING
  4. 4. What will Tech Fest do? • Local Content • Develop Vietnam to be the center of innovation in East Asia • Anchor for satellite pitch events • Match startups with relevant investors at pitch sessions • Showcase of various incubation and acceleration programs • Engage local entrepreneurs with each other
  5. 5. What will Tech Fest do? • Regional Content • Promote engagement of regional tech startup entrepreneurs • Promoting East Asia as a common marketplace • One-stop-shop showcase of Vietnam’s tech community
  6. 6. What will Tech Fest do? • Create growth through collaboration • Create high value and sustained business networking platform • Create a directory for the region • “Collaborative Platform” concept • Competitive advantage of innovating in Vietnam • Make Vietnam the prototyping ground Population >90 Mil
  7. 7. What to expect? • Showcasing tech lifestyle • Tech entrepreneurship • Mini music festival • Wearable tech and hardware • Digital media platform • Awards platform
  8. 8. What to expect? • Techfest Forum • Keynote Presentations & speeches by industry leaders • Panel sessions and workshops • Close door sessions for leaders and enablers
  9. 9. What to expect? • Investment • Pitch session for pre-series • Pitch session for series • Reverse pitch session - investors pitching to startups • “Meet the investors" matching sessions
  10. 10. What to expect? • Integration • Demos & Testing sessions • Actual use of applications at venues • Product Launches, new model or update • Selection of startups for awards on Awards Night
  11. 11. Sponsors • Engage your audience • Let your voice be heard • See the trends, be the trends • Tap the potential of Asia early • Front row of the next wave in tech
  12. 12. Partners • Music organizers • Events venue • Magazines • Media • Student bodies • Advertising agencies
  13. 13. Population > 2 Bil