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SPAM: Wordup Pompey! Dec-2011


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SPAM and how to reduce the amount you get on your WordPress website using Akismet, captcha and other choices
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SPAM: Wordup Pompey! Dec-2011

  1. 1. WordUp Pompey! Dec 2011SPAM - A - LOT…too much if you ask me.● What is spam?● Some numbers● How to control● Plugins● Setting up Akismet
  2. 2. What is spam? acronym for Sales Promotion and Marketing Backronym: stupid pointless annoying messagesMonty Python sketch A new comment on the post "Course closed" is waiting for your approval Author : DrZoibergLo (IP: , ec2-107-20-163- E-mail : URL : Whois : Comment: togqc2
  3. 3. Numbers Bobbing wide web design blog protected with Akismet since July Total spam: 20,996 Total ham: 46 – legitimate comments Missed spam: 52 False positives: 0Elsewhere – NON WordPress Perspective: wanted emails133 spam emails – SEO & web marketing 280 LinkedIn - new discussion, comment91 spam registrations (Drupal) 100 LinkedIn – join my network80 spam contact us forms (static php) 430 fb - Enjoy Discovering Networking 87 RC grapevine
  4. 4. How to control in WordPress?Registration Comment formsMailto: linkContact forms Pingbacks and trackbacks
  5. 5. Some PluginsSpam checker service CAPTCHA plugins● Akismet ● captcha● Disqus comment system ● reCAPTCHA● Spam free wordpress ● SI CAPTCHA Anti-spam● Spammer blocker ● NUCaptcha● BbPress Antispam ● Conditional CAPTCHA● Gravity forms honeypot ● Super CAPCHA ● Obstcha ● Animal captcha 250 to choose from!
  6. 6. Setting up Akismet
  7. 7. Herb