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First in math


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First in math

  1. 1. FIRST IN MATH Samhita Basuthakur
  2. 2. WHAT IS FIRST IN MATH?  The Norristown area School District is one of the many school districts in the nation that uses the First in Math website.  Created by Suntex International, this online resource is a credible math toolkit for use in elementary and middle schools.  It is a supplement to the mathematics curriculum and a skill-booster for standardized test scores.
  3. 3. ANOTHER FIRST IN MATH FACT…  Someday in the near future, in my own classroom, I would love for my students to be able to access this resource on a daily basis. What is most wonderful is that First in Math can be accessed both from and away from the school building!
  4. 4. ABOUT THE RESOURCE…  The 24 game, which has been an American classroom staple for many years, is the backbone of this valuable website.  The site and the embedded skill-sets adhere to all state math standards.  There are eight main skill-sets, divided into four groups progressively matched to different grade levels.
  5. 5. EMBEDDDED SKILL SETS  The first two skill-sets are designed so that students can add and subtract with accuracy and speed.  The following two skill-sets help students’ master multiplication and division in the same way and introduce pattern-sensing and pre-algebra problems.  The next two skill-sets push for algebra readiness and promote proficiency in fractions and decimals.
  6. 6. MORE EMBEDDED SKILL SETS  The final two skill-sets focus on higher-level algebra and allow students ample practice with integers, exponents as well as evaluation and simplification of algebraic expressions.  Therefore, each activity within the website is designed to improve numeric fluency and to strengthen problem-solving, reasoning and communication skills.
  7. 7. AS A RESULT…  Case studies of assessment data have shown marked improvement in student achievement with help from the First in Math site.  Students learn key math concepts as they “play” interactive math games.The handy teacher home page allows teachers to keep track of student progress and identify problems immediately.  Unlike standardized test data, the First in Math assessment reports gives the teacher an opportunity to take action before the student has moved on to the next level.
  8. 8. MORE GOOD RESULTS  The First in Math website is also helpful to ESL students. Mathematics is truly a “universal language,” and limited English proficiency students find it easier to capture its concrete concepts through this visual interface.  First in Math programs allow for a unique family participation. Each family member can become an engaged participant in their child’s education. Armed with an user ID and password, family members can log on and play along with their students, boost their scores as well as refresh their own math skills.
  9. 9. LEARN TO BE FIRST IN MATH!  In conclusion, I recommend this proven, fun web-site to teachers, parents and students. It is a great program to spur student interest, challenge their existing content knowledge and accelerate them to the next level. As educators, we know that when students are involved in their learning, wonderful things start to happen.
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